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Success Stories

  1. Multilingual Advertising for the Alvadi Online Auto Parts Store
  2. Voiceovers for the Avatarico and Lostroom escape rooms
  3. Localization of the websites of Aviasales, Jetradar, and Hotellook
  4. Localization of the most popular app for finding concerts
  5. Localization of the Clash of Kings game into English
  6. Localization of the Clue mobile app and updates in nine languages
  7. Configuring Google Analytics for a regional branch office of the Dr. Bormental clinic
  8. Localization into two languages and ongoing language support for DreamCommerce
  9. Series of 18 Video Banners for the Guild of Heroes Advertising Campaign
  10. How does your mobile app video trailer undergo moderation in the App Store
  11. How to save money on preparing your text for voiceover while not skimping on quality: 4 pieces of advice
  12. How to Write a Voiceover Script for a Video Clip: Seven Recommendations
  13. Localization of the Jooble job search service into 16 languages
  14. 62 tutorial videos in English and Russian for Kaspersky Lab
  15. How we created seven trailers for Kaspersky Lab in two months
  16. Voiceovers in 14 languages for the Kerish Doctor software
  17. PPC advertising for KooRaRoo Media
  18. Character voiceovers in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for the RPG Life is Feudal
  19. Localizing updates for the Charm Farm game into eight languages
  20. Promoting the MobiDB Database Designer app using PPC advertising
  21. Multilingual voice responses for Bitrix24
  22. Localization of the Petcube website into six languages
  23. Localizing the Punch Club game into Chinese and Polish
  24. Translation into six languages and localization support for Smarty CRM
  25. A series of trailers about JIRA plugins
  26. Contextual advertising for TradeVoyage travel agency
  27. Localization of Viber messenger into Russian
  28. Audio and video localization, dubbing, and subtitles
  29. Localization of the Klondike game for Vizor Interactive into five languages
  30. Localization of the Xsolla service into 18 languages
  31. Localization of the mobile game Bon Voyage into 8 languages
  32. Localization of Wachanga apps into 52 languages
  33. Localization of Cinta Punto online store into 7 languages
  34. Localization of 2 mobile games for Full HP into 12 languages
  35. Localization of mobile games for Narcade studio
  36. InDriver case study: how to create the perfect ride-sharing app for 31 countries with different languages and cultures?

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