Localization into two languages and ongoing language support for DreamCommerce

DreamCommerce is a developer of software for online shops. It is the largest such developer on the Polish e-commerce market.

DreamCommerce has been able to conquer this niche by offering its customers fully customizable store designs, convenient mobile versions, integration with social networks, and SEO-optimized design.

In order to expand into the markets of Turkey and the Netherlands, DreamCommerce required quality localization into Turkish and Dutch. To do this, DreamCommerce turned to the team here at Alconost. It was not just a one-off project: as DreamCommerce's service continued to develop, there was an ever growing number of new strings that needed to be quickly localized.

There were obvious advantages to working with Alconost in this case:

  • We have a team of tested native speaker translators with experience in e-commerce. Thus, DreamCommerce was not burdened with the task of recruiting and testing its own team of translators.
  • We are responsible for the quality of localization and compliance with deadlines. By the way, in addition to actually performing the translation, we also test the localized product;
  • We are always available. As soon as new strings for translation appear, our experts immediately get down to translating them.

The Crowdin cloud platform helped us achieve our maximum level of productivity and harmony in our work. It saved translators, managers, and the client from many potential headaches:

  • The translators were immediately able to see comments and screenshots from DreamCommerce. This helped us increase the quality and speed of translation. And the customer was able to save time answering translators about the context of a particular string;
  • The client was able to monitor the progress of the project;
  • The localization of updates was streamlined to the maximum degree possible. DreamCommerce was able to simply upload new lines into Crowdin and confirm the cost. We were then able to take care of the rest.

Thus, we have developed a painless process to support the ongoing localization process for our client. We anticipate hearing good news about DreamCommerce's performance on the e-commerce markets in the Netherlands and Turkey!

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