Promoting the MobiDB Database Designer app using PPC advertising

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MobiDB is an app for creating complex relational databases for Android and Windows 10 from one of the leading Russian developers of customized software, Enterra.

Users can use this app to keep track of any type of information, whether it be CD and DVD collections, to-do lists, shopping lists, books, recipes, lists of sales, costs, and any other specific set of data that can benefit from being stored in a flexible and configurable database.


Increasing the number of app installations with the minimum cost per click and minimum cost per conversion. The maximum cost per click was established as $0.40, and the maximum cost per conversion was set as $0.90.

Work performed

  1. Analysis and selection of keywords.
  2. Writing unique ads and creating ads in different formats for different types of devices.
  3. Development of separate campaigns for search and display networks to promote the application. A total of four campaigns were developed. Two of them directed traffic to the download page on Google Play and were targeted at mobile devices and tablets. Two other campaigns directed traffic to landing pages and were targeted at PCs and tablets.
  4. Search engine optimization, including updating the list of keywords to improve CTR and attract more quality traffic; analysis, testing, and updating of ads; and adding extensions.
  5. Optimization for display networks, including creating ad groups targeted to other applications (individual applications and application categories) and targeting keywords, placements, user interests, and so on. Creating video campaigns.
  6. Adjustment of bids on the basis of devices and locations.

Beginning of the advertising campaign: 25.09.2014.
Date when the results were taken: 16.03.2015.

Results of the search network advertising campaign in terms of the number of app installs

Evolution of the number of conversions and cost per conversion:

Evolution of the number of conversions and cost per conversion

Changing the average price per click and the ad position:

Changing the average price per click and the ad position

Search campaign results:

Month Number of clicks CTR Price per click, $ Achieved goals Price per conversion, $ Conversion ratio
September 13 5.24% 0.47 2 3.06 15.38%
October 68 5.23% 0.43 16 1.84 23.53%
November 66 4.50% 0.25 22 0.76 33.33%
December 82 5.12% 0.27 25 0.88 30.49%
January 105 4.45% 0.26 29 0.94 27.62%
February 256 7.77% 0.31 54 1.48 21.09%
March 420 7.62% 0.27 93 1.23 22.14%

We added new keywords (both targeted and broader ones) to increase conversions, and we also increased the bids. This has led to an improvement in the positioning of the ads and an increase in the number of clicks and conversions (i.e., application downloads) with an acceptable increase in the cost per conversion.

Results of the display network advertising campaign in terms of the number of app installs

For the display network we developed an advertising campaign that included various types of targeting (based on interests, other applications, and categories of users) and ads (textual, image, and video ads). Thus, we covered our target audience to the maximum degree possible. The conversion rate for the display network campaign was in the range of 6 to 10%.

Cost per click trends:

Cost per click trends

Trends for the number of conversions and conversion ratio:

Trends for the number of conversions and conversion ratio

Display network campaign results:

Month Number of clicks Price per click, $ Achieved goals Price per conversion, $ Conversion ratio
September 0 0 0 0 0
October 2705 0.03 178 0.52 6.58%
November 1868 0.08 180 0.84 9.64%
December 2023 0.08 210 0.72 10.38%
January 2130 0.07 196 0.77 9.20%
February 2281 0.07 207 0.73 9.07%
March 3001 0.05 214 0.69 7.13%


During the period under analysis the number of app installations rose to 300 per month as a result of the advertising campaigns, and ad CTR grew 1.5 times. In addition, the conversion rate improved and the cost per conversion decreased.

The cost per click for the search campaign declined 1.74 times, but the cost per conversion rose 2.5 times.

The costs per click and conversion declined for the media network campaign, while at the same time the number of conversions increased. We were able to achieve the target indicators for the display network campaign during the initial months of advertising.

Yekaterina Nebogina, Enterra Inc.:

"We were happy to work with Alconost. They performed ongoing work to optimize our ad campaigns (adding new keywords, refining target groups, adding new types of ads, etc.). As a result, the number of clicks increased and CPC decreased. On the other hand, it must be said that mobile app promotions do not always immediately pay off. Given an average price of $0.70 per application installation (and consider that $1.00-1.50 is regarded as a good indicator for the average price paid per application installation for paid promotions) and the number of users that we have been able to convert from the free version of the app to the paid version, we have still not been able to recoup the costs of this type of promotion. When the installation price drops to $0.50, we will be able to say that we are completely happy with the campaign results. In the meantime, we are pleased that there is a downward price trend for cost per installation."

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