Rewriting and voiceover of the "Fairy Tales of Uncle Remus" mobile app

"Uncle Remus" is a series of 185 famous fairy stories by Joel Chandler Harris. These are tales based on African-American folklore that are told from the point of view of one Uncle Remus. The protagonists of the tales are Br'er Fox and Br'er Rabbit.

Trombo Games decided to make an interactive story app for iOS based on the tales. One distinctive feature of the "fairy tales" are their particular dialect and style of narration, which even Mark Twain remarked upon. It was very important to retain these features and at the same time to relate these stories in a language that is understandable to children between the ages of 6 and 8.

Alconost faced a difficult task: it had to rework the text without losing its zest. It needed to preserve the vivid voices of the characters. The rewriting took a week, and it fully lived up to expectations.

It took a total of two days to produce the voiceover. During this time, one narrator voiced three characters: the Narrator, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Rabbit. Here is an example:

We love children, and we were doubly pleased to help bring these wonderful children's tales to "the screen"!

Stanislav Zagny:

I really enjoyed working with the guys from Alconost. They offer quality work with quick turnaround at a good price. The company also has a large selection of professional voice actors. The instant replies from project managers were particularly impressive. We are very pleased that we picked Alconost to localize our fairy tale app.

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