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  • "Alconost had to complete the following task: to quickly translate updates for Maps.me in all of more than 25 requested languages. To do this, the entire localization process had to be reorganized. Company specialists implemented a convenient new algorithm for loading and downloading files for continuous localization through the cloud platform. We are also satisfied with Alconost's work, and we plan to continue to cooperate with them in the future."
    — Natalya Pavlova, MAPS.ME
  • "We are a small IT company that is really passionate about its products, so we were very glad to meet a team that was just as obsessed (in a positive sense) about their work. First of all, I would like to compliment our project manager at Alconost, Natasha. She is truly passionate about what she does, and she is also a positive and considerate person who is willing to really listen to the customer and take into account their comments and suggestions. This was our first experience creating these types of video clips. We had almost no initial idea about what we wanted. It was especially pleasant that the guys at Alconost turned out to be professionals. The resulting videos were really quite delightful. "
    — Oksana Alekseenko, Teamlead
  • "By partnering with Alconost, we were able to get quality voiceovers in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for our game project Life is Feudal. Initially we ordered voiceovers from other studios, but they did not carry out the assignment to our complete satisfaction. When we contacted Alconost, we were pressed for time. In addition to the urgency of the project, it was necessary for the two voice actors to speak in different dialectal variations corresponding to the game's different heroes when recording the lines. As our experience with other companies has shown, this is quite a complex and laborious process. Alconost's specialists were more than a match for the task. I would rate them five out of five. We are grateful to the studio for its work and willingness to fulfill non-standard orders! I would be happy to recommend Alconost to everyone who needs high-quality voice localizations."
    — Alexander Korolkov, BitBox
  • "Many thanks to Natalie, the project manager. She was not only able to constructively respond to all inquiries, but she was always able to maintain the warm tone of the conversation. For certain lines we did five or more takes. We always received a reply to our requests. One thing's for sure: Alconost gets the most out of their voice actors. Whatever your desire may be, they fulfill it :) It's nice that the company is ready to fulfill complex, unusual orders. There are many artists with "advertising-sounding" voices in the marketplace. It's nice to be able to assign a complex voice acting job to a project manager and to make corrections. And all this in several languages!"
    — Anton Zaytsev, Lostroom
  • ""Our product provides voice notifications about the most significant actions completed by the application. The objective was to localize the product for a European audience, including by providing recordings of voice notifications in 14 European languages. We asked Alconost, which offers a full range of localization services, to help us with these tasks. Speakers were selected whose voices had similar timbre and intonation to the Russian original. Several of the most suitable candidates were selected for each of the languages offered. The level of professionalism of the speakers was so high that they found that the word order of certain phrases was not quite correct, and they decided to record several additional variations that they thought sounded better. In the end we decided to go with these suggestions. The result surpassed all our expectations! We would recommend Alconost to anyone who needs professionals in the field of voice acting."
    — Kirill Dorokhov, Kerish Products
  • "Someone who is used to working with Russian translators and then decides to work with Alconost's native speaker translators will probably be shocked by the price. But definitely after the first completed order they will be pleasantly shocked by the quality of the translation, which is simply unattainable when using non-native translators. It was very nice to see how my complex text with all its literary turns of phrase was not just mechanically translated. Rather, the translator read and understood it and then conveyed its nuances to the foreign reader."
    — Vladimir Zadunaiski, In-contri
  • "Alconost helped us create our first video for our product, and I must say that they did an excellent job. It was nice to see the dedication that your team put into the work: they not only made the video itself, but they also contributed their own ideas, making the result much better than it was originally conceived. I would recommend Alconost to anyone who wants to make high-quality videos for their companies or brands."
    — Anand Kansal, PushCrew
  • "We rate Alconost's work a solid 5 out of 5 stars, and we would be happy to continue working with you! Thank you for completing the orders in the shortest possible time and for your high-quality translations."
    — John Tolly, Drinkmate
  • "Your service is simply excellent. I give you 5 out of 5 stars. You always acknowledge receipt of orders, and your translators and editors work very diligently to meet all of the project requirements. When you need to make changes, for example due to exceeding the maximum string length, they will quickly respond and offer you a variety of options. You always keep me up-to-date about the project's status. There is nothing that I can remember that I was not satisfied with."
    — Stefanie Rasmussen, Under Armour
  • "In working with Alconost you can always be sure that the work will be done on time and flawlessly. The quality perfectly justifies the price. Thanks, Alconost!"
    — Victor Larionov, Slemma
  • "We felt that the price could have been lower, but you have to consider the quality, speed, and lack of foul-ups. It's important to know that the result will be excellent and the process is predictable and without surprises. Thus, we intend to work with Alconost for many years to come."
    — Denis Juravlev, Dr. Explain / Tiwri
  • "It was an enormous pleasure for us to work again with Alconost. They completed a gigantic project to create a promo video for our product, Easy Projects. Everything, from the script and animation to the sound track, was completed to the highest professional standards. We would particularly like to thank our project manager Natalya. Thanks to her the entire process was simple and understandable. For many years we worked with Alconost. And of course, we intend to continue our partnership in the future."
    — Vadim Katcherovski, CEO, EasyProjects.net
  • "In the history of 3d2f.com, our team has worked with many journalists writing on software. And we can say with confidence that Pavel Gorenitsyn is the best in his field, writing articles on even the most complex technical software. And we are not just talking about the faultless quality of his work from a grammatical perspective, but also for his knowledge of the language being equal to that of a native speaker. Pavel is also very talented creatively and that, we can assure you, is worth a lot. We are delighted to be collaborating with Alconost."
    — Alexander Nikolaev, 3d2f.com
  • "High quality language services, efficiency and a professional attitude to work – these are the things we like about Alconost. We are regular customers of this agency."
    — Konstantin Kutikov, Agnitum Ltd.
  • "I have used Alconost's services since 2003 and I am very happy with their translation service — some very pleasing results."
    — Igor Pavlov, Kviptech
  • "An individual approach to the client, meticulous attention to detail, fast execution of orders, a large selection of languages, and convenient payment methods – these are the things that I like about Alconost!"
    — Dmitrii Komov, Softinventive Lab
  • "I was impressed by the teamwork of the Alconost team. My order was handled in a matter of minutes. The translator set to work straight away, and as a result I received a high-quality translation of my website. I liked the attention to detail, the professionalism, and speed!"
    — Valerii, ArtCradle
  • "We frequently order translations from Alconost. It's more than just professional translations delivered every time. Alconost also sticks to deadlines. In addition, Alconost pays very close attention to its clients, their requests and wishes."
    — Olga Lapshinova, Softplicity
  • "High quality, efficiency and flexibility: these are the things that I like about Alconost, and it is for these reasons that I regularly use their services."
    — Ruslan Dragunov, Digital Music Software
  • "I like their careful approach to writing and the fact that their employees perform background research about the subject before they start writing. As far as I know, they are the only company that specializes in IT topics. I have used their service multiple times, and I will continue to do so in the future."
    — Stas Dunaev, Osnova Solutions Ltd
  • "I have been using Alconost services for more than a year. I like their comprehensive approach: they can either translate an existing text or write copy from scratch. I have nothing more to say about the quality than the fact that my users have no complaints."
    — Alexei Pavlenko, Movienizer.com
  • "We have been partnering with Alconost since October 2004. Alconost is an old, reliable, and proven partner for translations and written texts in several European languages."
    — Viktor Bobrov, Recovery Toolbox, Inc.
  • "We entrust the translation of lengthy, technically complex texts with Alconost because of the quality and timeliness of their work. Our experience cooperating with this team has completely convinced us that we made the right choice. Although Alconost positions itself as a translator of texts in IT, they were able to complete a large translation project in the area of automation with ease and professionalism. Once again the staff of your agency have demonstrated their high degree of professionalism. We plan to continue our cooperation with the Alconost team in the future."
    — Andrei Bobrovskii, Alutech Group
  • "On the whole, I really like the company's portfolio. Their reaction to my comments has always been very adequate, so I will definitely use them again."
    — Dmitrii Kuzmitskii, djsoft.net
  • "We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Alconost translation agency, and I would like to personally thank Pavel Gorenitsyn for his fruitful cooperation. Over our many years of cooperation with Alconost the agency's project managers and staff have been able to fulfill orders creatively and conscientiously as well as to high quality standards. The efficiency and quality of both the translations and the copywriting for the PADs confirm the excellent reputation of the Alconost translation agency. We wish you continuing professional success!"
    — Konstantin Chigakov, Masters ITC
  • "The professional manner of communication with client made an initial positive impression: everything was completed quickly, clearly and without excesses. I was very pleased by their wide range of translation services and their copywriting services in general. And the most important part, of course, was that I got a quality, accurate translation as soon as possible. The professional attitude of the Alconost team towards their work convinced me that I should assign my next translation project to them. Thank you VERY MUCH!"
    — Roman Repin, MyRealGames.com
  • "I have been using Alconost's services for several years. Alconost translated the interface and documentation of one our applications. Our industry is technical design and preproduction software. The texts are very complex. There are many special terms. Alconost performs good quality work. The proofreader was not able to identify any serious errors."
    — Dmitry Udovitsky, Tekhnos
  • "We have been ordering translations of product descriptions and PAD files as well as website localization services from Alconost since 2006. One big plus of the company is their individual approach. Their discount system, variable rate structure, and large selection of available languages for translation are also noteworthy. Orders are performed to high quality standards and on time."
    — Dmitrii Bulavin, MyPlayCity
  • "Alconost is unique because it is always ready to accept orders and complete projects by the stated deadline. You can always chat with the translator, clarify details, and discuss project details. When we need to translate a text into several European languages, the choice in favor of Alconost is clear: you order, you pay, you receive your work, and then you publish it."
    — Sergei Koshkin, Comfort Software Group
  • "Wide range of services. Quality and rapid translation process. Excellent prices. This is far from being an exhaustive list of reasons why Hetman Software will continue to be a regular customer of Alconost."
    — Mikhail Miroshnichenko, Hetman Software
  • "Alconost employs very good copywriters. The quality of the texts is simply outstanding. Frankly, even I wanted to pay to use my product when I read the PAD file that they wrote for me."
    — Andrei Shkuropii, NetCrate Software
  • "We have worked with the Alconost agency on several major projects in Russian and English. When I worked with Alconost, I was pleased not only by the level of the texts themselves, but also by their approach to the subject area. Their experts are always trying to figure out the nuances of the products and to clarify all the details, so sometimes they are able to offer new ideas and approaches to the presentation of the material. Summary — We will work with the company in the future and also recommend it to friends and partners!"
    — Michael Gunin, Tauruna
  • "It's been several years already since I started using Alconost's services. They are quick, provide quality work, and offer a wide range of services. And the number of languages that are available for translation is simply amazing. In the near future I plan to try the Alconost Nitro and copywriting services. Thank you!"
    — Ivan Gerasimchuk, Pistonsoft.com
  • "If you are tired of dealing with freelance Google Translate abusers, I recommend working with Alconost. They will save your time, which is truly priceless."
    — Max Smirnov, Bolide Software
  • "Alconost is a team of real professionals! They are able to perform any project, from translating texts to creating promo videos, at the highest level. They apply themselves completely to each project to achieve quality results. We would not be able to be successful on the international market without help from Alconost!"
    — Anton Mikhailov, BioLink Solutions
  • "Our request for a quote was processed through the site and quickly assigned to a translator. I had the feeling that the company works around the clock. We were pleasantly surprised! They were able to translate the license agreement from Russian to English to very high quality standards. We are happy that we were able to find a translation professional in IT. We will be in touch again in the future!"
    — Dmitrii, EVA Studio
  • "Your guys really saved the day! We had to localize the application on a tight deadline. This application represented a custom software project that we created for a major transnational company. The application had to be localized into three Asian languages, and the deadline was one month. Our former partners in Belarus were indecisive about whether they could take the project. They eventually said "no" when there were only 10 days left... We contacted Alconost with our urgent order. We no longer had much hope that the project would be completed in time... The guys at Alconost managed to fix the translation in light of our comments, and they got the project done on time (this was in spite of the fact that it was our fault: we did not quite correctly prepare the strings for translation). The communication was beyond exemplary: my impression was that they were always available to respond to comments. The quality of the translation was EXCELLENT: when native speakers proofread the translation they had practically no comments whatsoever! I plan to become a continuing customer."
    — Ekaterina, Softeq
  • "The ability to order services from Alconost on the Crowdin platform allows us to localize strings as major updates for our application are released, because I'm confident of the quality and reliability of the translations. I appreciate how contactable your team is, both in terms of the entire process and the specific solutions for localization."
    — Lisa, Biowink GmbH
  • "We have long and painstakingly worked on adapting our unique and quality content (in our estimation) for the European and American markets. Using Alconost, we managed to complete the project on schedule and present our product to a new audience of consumers. High quality translations and text adaptations, a deep understanding of the goals of the assignment, recruiting of professional staff, and a high level of partnership with us as a customer – these are just some of the things that I can say about Alconost Translations. We are continuing to partner with Alconost today, and we plan to expand the list of services that we order from Alconost in the future."
    — Dmitry Sadeev, Booclick
  • "After a year of collaborating with Alconost we only have positive things to say: they are quick, efficient, and strictly keep to deadline. We look forward to continuing to successfully work together."
    — Valentin Romashko, Vizor Interactive
  • "When we were deciding on how we would localize SSPro, the team here at Golden Plains Software first evaluated several other translation services before we settled on Alconost. We needed a service that could ensure grammatically correct and semantically accurate translation, and the guys at Alconost were able to cope with the task. The translators were able to skillfully cope with various types of source data and materials (string resources, tables, HTML files, etc.). The turnaround was relatively fast. We were easily able to fit the cost of the project into our budget, and the project workflow itself was organized quite professionally. We plan to cooperate with Alconost on all our future translation projects, and we will definitely recommend their service to other companies."
    — Russell Turner, Golden Plains Software
  • "I learned about Alconost from an article that they published on Habrahabr on contextual advertising, and I decided to order their Google AdWords advertising service. I liked the fact that before proceeding with the campaign, the guys first correctly configured Google Analytics and at the same time provided support about the restrictions that apply to advertising in our field. We were then able to rapidly start advertising on Google. Thank you for your work and perseverance!"
    — Vladimir Martsul, Doctor Bormental
  • "The guys at Alconost were really helpful. They produced quick turnarounds. They were pleasant and tactful in their communications, and they offered moderate prices. The number of product installations has multiplied, and I did not even have to change the budget for PPC advertising."
    — Denis Volodomanov, KooRaRoo Media

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  • "We rate Alconost's work a solid 5 out of 5 stars, and we would be happy to continue working with you! Thank you for completing the orders in the shortest possible time and for your high-quality translations."
    — John Tolly, Drinkmate