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Game localization service for game developers and publishers

Game localization service for game developers and publishers Game localization service for mobile, desktop, browser, or console games Game localization service provided by translators who are gamers at heart Game localization service via a dedicated manager or our online self-service Nitro

We localize mobile, browser, desktop, and console games into over 100 languages so players from different countries can love your game

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  • 100+ languages
  • Any file format
  • Localization platforms, glossary, TMs, and APIs
  • Continuous localization for frequently updated games
  • Localization testing (LQA)
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Why localize your game?


Expand your audience


Increase user LTV


Boost gamer retention


Improve your search engine ranking


Get featured in recommended app sections

How can you localize your game with us?

Dedicated manager and seamless process

For large projects or specific file types, a dedicated project manager will help arrange the localization process on a cloud platform. We can also set up continuous localization for frequent updates.

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Self-service platform for quick translation

Get your content translated with Nitro, our online human translation platform. Add links to Google Docs or paste your text, choose languages, add comments, and get the translation back within 24 hours.

Translate via self-service platform

Translation automation with API

We work with professional translation APIs and also have our own human translation API. With our Nitro API, translations are performed by professional linguists within 24 hours.

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6 reasons to localize your game with Alconost


Extensive game localization experience

Since 2004, we've localized over 1,000 projects, including games with millions of installs, and have ISO certifications


Aces at gaming localization

We're localization specialists and gamers at heart, so we play the games we localize to delve into the game's context


Refined localization process

We can set up the right localization process for you from the scratch and seamlessly integrate localization into your existing processes


Game localization into 100+ languages

We help you soar on local markets by localizing your game even into rare languages and recruiting translators for new languages for free


Tech-savvy game localization

We help integrate localization into your development process by working with APIs and designing on-demand localization ntegrations


Extra video game localization services

We localize string sources, voiceovers, video clips, ads, screenshots, and app store descriptions

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Our standard video game
localization process

If you decide to work with our dedicated project manager, he or she helps set up a customized localization process for you and is your single point of contact


We define project parameters

We clarify project goals and cost, and set it up on a localization platform


We create a team

We select translators with a proper game localization experience

We localize the game

Your team can follow the localization process on a cloud platform 24/7


We deliver localized texts

Strings are localized using your requirements and saved in the original format

We test the localization in the game interface

We can fulfill localization quality assurance and check texts in the game interface


We localize updates

We'll continuously localize your updates keeping the game style and terminology

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We define project parameters

We clarify your goal, agree on the cost, and set up your project on a localization platform.


We create a team

We select the right translators for your game that are the best fit for it. We consider your wishes regarding translators' experience and abilities in various fields.


We localize the game

All strings are translated on a cloud platform in real-time. Your team can observe the localization process 24/7.


We deliver localized texts

Each string's translation corresponds to the context, your requirements, and common sense. Localizations are delivered in the original format and structure.


We test the localization in the game interface

This is an optional step, but we recommend doing localization quality assurance (LQA. This is the process that checks translated strings in the game's interface.


We localize updates

Got a hundred strings for a big update or a few strings for a small patch? We'll localize any volume while remaining consistent with the game's style and terminology.

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Is localizing a game worthwhile?

The cost of translation depends on:

  • the volume of text to be localized (number of characters including spaces). Only the text to be translated is billed, exclusive of markup and code.
  • the number of hours spent on localization testing (LQA). We strongly recommend LQA, as it ensures the highest possible quality of localization.

Translation cost varies by language. This is due to different standards of living in the native-speaking translators' countries of residence. You can calculate the approximate cost of localization for your app or game on your own using our price list.

But it's best to submit a pre-order and attach your files. That way we can calculate the cost ourselves, charging for nothing but the text.

Continuous localization workflow

Using online platforms lets us structure the game localization process in such a way that when an app is released it is always fully translated — continuously, at any time. This works approximately as follows:

  1. The developer adds a new string to the game's resources.
  2. The updated resource file is automatically sent to the localization platform (via API or using a command-line utility). The translator immediately sees the new text.
  3. The translator translates the new string.
  4. Before releasing the latest build, the updated translations are collected from the platform - again, automatically.
  5. In this way each time the game is compiled all localizations are 100% ready, and the update is never delayed.

Self-serve platform Nitro for localizing game texts, ads, and updates

If your game contains only a little text or if you plan to localize it yourself, take a look at Nitro - a professional online translation service. You can place an order with Nitro in just a few clicks, any time that's convenient, without involving a manager.

Nitro's service is designed for swift translation of text into multiple languages simultaneously. It is especially convenient for translating sales descriptions for stores, "What's new" texts, and updated strings into several languages at once.

To ensure uniformity of all the translated texts, use a glossary. With Nitro you can create a new glossary or upload an existing one, which is particularly convenient if you are ordering a translation of updates for a previously localized project. To upload your glossary to Nitro, write to us via online chat.

Game localization quality assurance (game localization testing services)

Quality assurance testing takes place as follows:

Once a localized build has been compiled, the translator or native-speaking tester plays the game for the required amount of time and takes screenshots of problem areas (things left untranslated or lines that are too long, improper coding, incorrect text orientation, contextual errors, etc.).

In the developer's project management system (Jira, Trello, Asana) the tester creates a record of all the defects detected and makes the necessary changes to the string resources, either independently or with the help of the developer.

The cost of localization testing is calculated based on the tester's hourly rate and the time required for testing.

We are able to test games created for the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Xbox, PlayStation (PS3, PS4), and Nintendo (3DS).

Translation memory and glossary

A translation memory is a database that stores both the original and the translation of each segment of text. A translation memory can automatically translate repeated words, phrases, and sentences.

Translation memory lets you:

  • streamline translation teamwork;
  • ensure uniformity of terms throughout the text;
  • improve translation quality;
  • replace a translator during a project;
  • save on translating repeated phrases.

This means that if your game is available on both iOS and Android, for example, and 90% of the string resources are identical, the matching strings are translated automatically and cost you nothing.

A glossary is a special dictionary with explanations, translations, and sample uses of terms encountered in the text. This kind of dictionary can be imported to an automated translation program, so as to speed up the work and ensure that specialized terms are translated uniformly throughout the text or in all files for translation.

Having a glossary lets you involve multiple translators in the project and switch them out during the course of the work.

If your game does not have a glossary yet, we can help compile one.

Online platforms for game localization management

The cloud platform CrowdIn lets you manage localization projects in real time. You can:

  • upload string resources in any format (.resx, .po, .strings, etc.), either manually or via API;
  • appoint translators and editors;
  • track the translation or editing process of your project online;
  • communicate with translators and editors in the comments as questions arise;
  • create glossaries;
  • organize translation memory creation and usage;
  • export string resources after translation.

Learn more about Alconost's experience working with CrowdIn.

We also work on other localization platforms, such as GitLocalize, Phrase, Lokalise, Memsource, Memoq, Smartcat, Webtranslateit, Transifex, OneSky, POEditor, Trados, and many more.

What languages to localize your game into first

We've analyzed the number of internet users who speak each language, online sales volumes overall, and Google Play revenue in particular for each region. This resulted in the following top 5 languages for localization:

  • English — USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia;
  • Chinese — China (simplified Chinese) and Taiwan (traditional Chinese);
  • Japanese — Japan;
  • French — France, Canada, Belgium;
  • German — Germany and Belgium.

Extra services

In addition to localizing mobile apps, we can also help you:

  • evaluate your game's name from a native speaker's perspective;
  • create a trailer for your app's page on the App Store or Google Play;
  • put together a series of short videos in different languages for posting on advertising networks;
  • provide voice-over for your game with the help of professional, native-speaking voice talent;
  • select fonts for new languages.

What languages do you translate into?

We translate into more than 100 languages, including the most popular (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish), and rarer ones, and even dialects. To get a precise estimate of the localization cost, please, request a quote.

We can find a translator in almost any language that the client needs, depending on his product and goals. Sometimes localization into niche languages can offer better prospects than localization into mainstream languages.

In case some rare language is not on the list, we can help with searching and recruiting linguists.

Have a project in mind?

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