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Professional online translation

Authentic and affordable translation by native-speaking professional linguists. Self-service platform with no back-and-forth!

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How to get text or files translated with our Nitro platform


1.Paste the text or attach the file


2.Select languages and get an instant quote


3.Leave comments/attach a screenshot if necessary


4.Add funds and send off your texts or files for translation!

Who is our express translation service for?

Here are our most frequent translation domains and content types. Our translators have experience in other areas, too.

Areas of application


Software, apps & games


Marketing & PR


Business & sales


Horeca & travel


Personal needs

Content types


App and software updates


Landing pages & marketing content


Website content


Articles and press-releases


Legal documents

Languages and rates

We translate into 70+ languages. The cost of a translation is based on the number of characters in the source text. There is no minimum order amount.

Source language
Translation language
Rate per 1,000 characters, $
EnglishSpanish (Mexico)15.00
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Why order translation from us?

Alconost has been providing professional online translations since 2004 and is supported by the human translation platform Nitro.


Professional translators who are native speakers with expertise in their subject matter


Fast translation turnaround: 2-24H


Intuitive web interface and live online support


Easily-automated translation process with the Nitro API


Support of glossaries to maintain translation consistency

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What our clients say


I appreciate the quick response and delivery of translations from Nitro. My magazine is enhanced by the accurate and timely output. Thanks again for your service.

African Online Publishing

Yolande Grant, Editor-in-Chief


Nitro is extremely helpful when it comes to localisation for us. Allowing for quick turnaround, with great support, the results are of high quality. It's a core part of our process.

Kasedo Games

Christian Woolford, Producer


We used to work with freelance translators via a crowdsourcing platform, but the process was lengthy and complicated. With Nitro it’s easy for us to translate texts for our games into multiple languages simultaneously: we just copy the text, specify the languages needed, and receive our translated texts within 24 hours!


Ekin Usumi, Community manager


It works great for translating small texts into many languages ​​at once. Instead of running around and searching for translators, you can just copy and paste the text, and in like half an hour, you get an email notifying you that the text has already been translated into 3 languages. It's pretty much a perfect self-service.

Duck Rockets

Alexey Dmitriev, CEO


The most important thing for me is that Nitro uses only native translators. Texts translated by such linguists sound more authentic, which adds much more credibility to our products. This is critical for translating texts for our websites, as well as Ebay and Amazon platforms.

Cinta Punto

Andrii Bychkovskyi, CEO


We tried working with freelance translators, but it was time-consuming and far from efficient. We switched to Nitro completely, because with Nitro the translations are ready quickly — as soon as in 2 hours — and all the questions regarding game-specific details are conveniently handled with a manager in the chat.

Full HP Ltd.

Lidia Musakaeva, ASO Specialist


Our experience with Nitro has been nothing but positive. Your service has been a true life-saver! Translations into 32 languages are oftentimes ready in just one business day, and we can quickly add the option to the app without a release. We also appreciate that we can submit even a single word for translation.


Alexander Lozitsky, CEO and co-founder


Nitro is our favorite go-to service when we need to quickly translate various interfaces into multiple languages ​​at the same time. It has a really cool feature where you can provide the translator with comments and screenshots, which is so important for obtaining an accurate translation.


Sergey Dergachev, Editor


Nitro has been a fantastic service to use for my localization needs. The accuracy of the translations and the speed that I get them back is very convenient for my day-to-day work loads. Their support staff has also been very attentive to my experience and makes sure they do everything they can to make my user experience easier.

Ziggurat Interactive

Emilio Clancy, Associate Producer


Who are the translators with Nitro? How do you hire them?

Can I add some comments or explanations for the translator?

Can I send files for translation?

Is it possible to order proofreading services online?

What is a glossary and how can I benefit from it? Can I create a glossary myself, or upload an existing glossary?

How can I pay? Can I get an invoice?

Are there any automation opportunities?