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Brand identity and image-building videos

Videos can play a crucial role in delivering the message of your product or brand.

This could be an animated logo or a pre-roll ad for YouTube. Or you may need a series of videos or entire podcast with a consistent corporate style (intro/outro animations, on-screen text, titles). Send your best wishes to colleagues and clients on an upcoming holiday, or use a motivational video to inspire your employees. On the other hand, maybe you just want a beautiful video to raise brand awareness and boost client loyalty.

These things are exactly what we do. Take a look at some examples of our brand identity and image-building videos:

How to optimize a YouTube video Space Exploration: Too Expensive? Slot Constructor Logo Animation
Kaspersky CyberSecurity 2015 Summit Presentation Intro OptionWorkshop Logo Animation The Numbers behind Kickstarter: Video Infographics and Stats
Money Styles The Best Time To Start Your Business [in Russian] Harlem Shake: Alconost's Version
Video for conferences and exhibitions [in Russian] WebMoney Pre Roll City The Cost of Waiting
A Day in the Internet Moevideo.net Preroll [in Russian] Videomarketing: How that works [in Russian]
Nevosoft Logo Animation BitBull Logo Animation 101xp Logo Animation
Alconost Demo Reel Logo animation to be displayed in the lobby of an office center FirstVDS Hosting [in Russian]
Biolink in Monteks-service Case Study [in Russian] Biolink in SU-33 Case Study [in Russian] Screencasting Hints
Profit Show Podcast WebMoney Pre Roll Coin The 10 Key Languages for Localizing Your Mobile Game
Alconost Ads: How to Pay Less per Click in Google AdWords? The Best Time To Start Your Business Two Seasons Logo Animation

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Infographic videos

We also make infographic videos! Here are some examples:

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We can take an existing infographic image and use this as inspiration to create your infographic video. Or, simply provide us with the data and we'll create an infographic video from scratch. The more interesting and unusual your information is, the higher the chances are of your infographic video going viral.

Videos in English, Russian and any other language

We work with a huge pool of translators and voice artists (native speakers), and can produce videos in any language.

Questions? Send us an email at video@alconost.com, or click the irresistible green button:

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