Urgent Translation

You are here because you need a document urgently translated into a foreign language. Nitro, a professional online translation service, will help you quickly translate your text into more than 70 different languages from around the world.

All translations are done by professional translators and native speakers.

Order an Urgent Translation in Nitro

Order Completion Speed

On average, we translate 55% of orders within 2 hours. 91% of orders are completed within 24 hours.

How does Nitro Work?

After registration, you will get access to a cost estimator. To estimate the cost of your translation, simply paste your text into the corresponding field and select the target language.

The service will automatically calculate the cost of your urgent translation.

You will then need to deposit funds into your account using a bank card or electronic transfer and click the "Submit for translation" button.

Once submitted, the text goes to our translators. Once translated, it's sent to your email and becomes available in your account.

Urgent Translation of Documents and Agreements

Nitro facilitates the translation of agreements (no scans or photos, text only). To translate an agreement, copy the text and paste it into the corresponding field in your Nitro account.

There is no limitation on the amount of text. If your agreement contains special terms or wording, please provide comments in the "Context, notes for the translator" field.

Advantages of the Nitro Translation Service

  • Translation by native speakers;
  • No minimum order size;
  • Translations are available 24/7;
  • No need to visit translation agencies;
  • Translations can be done in 70 different languages;
  • You can order optional proofreading by a native speaker;
  • Yeah, thanks. Everything is fine! The quality and the speed of your service is really amazing!

Our Clients

More than 2000 companies have trusted us with their projects since 2004. Those companies have awesome projects. Yours is awesome too. We want to work with you.

Have a project in mind?

We’d like to learn more about it. In return, we’ll get back to you with a solution and a quote.

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