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PAD descriptions — creation and translation

Are you releasing a new version of an application or launching a marketing campaign? We can write and translate a set of descriptions for the PAD file.

All you need to do to get started is fill out a short questionnaire.

All PAD files are created and translated by professional mother-tongue copywriters and translators.

What is a PAD file?

PAD (Portable Application Description) is a text file in XML format containing:

  • Information about the software product (price, version, developer, website address, download link, screenshots, etc.), the license agreement, and distribution terms.
  • A press release about the new version of the application (optional).
  • Keywords and description sets in different languages (45, 80, 250, 450, and 2,000 characters).

PAD files are designed to simplify the process of submitting software products to online catalogs such as download.com, tucows.com, softsearch.ru, etc. There are currently over 1,000 of these archives and submitting a PAD file to them can help your program find its way to millions of users' computers.

PAD files are also needed to set up an affiliate network efficiently. Webmasters, bloggers, and other owners of software distribution channels use PAD files to extract the relevant information about a product and publish it on their websites, as well as using it in ads and marketing campaigns.

Creating a high-quality PAD file is a key prerequisite to successfully promoting software products online.

PAD and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another effect of submitting your product to software catalogs is an improvement in your website's search ranking. Submitting a program to hundreds of catalogs generates backlinks from these archives that lead to your site. The more of these links there are, the higher your site will rank in search results.

To further increase the impact of your submission, you can submit different PAD files to different catalogs, as search engines only register links from unique content.

PAD descriptions in multiple languages

The extended PAD format allows software descriptions in several languages at once. Translating the PAD into major world languages will increase your number of potential users to around 4 billion, help you use national resources effectively, and make it easier for you to find local partners and resellers.

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