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Writing and translation of IT press releases

We write press releases in Russian and English and translate them into other languages.

All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire and we do the rest.

All copywriting services are provided by professional, native-speaker copywriters and translators.

Press release format

A press release must be based on a significant news item — an event in the life of a company that needs to be made public. This can be, for example, news about the expansion of a range of products or services, participation in an event, or the launch of a new campaign. Think about your news item carefully in advance.

A press release has a set structure:

  • Title — a good title increases the chance of a press release being read by an editor
  • First paragraph — 2-3 sentences summarizing the news
  • Body — details about the news you are reporting, including facts and quotes
  • Company information and contact details

A press release should be easy to read and should not exceed 1-2 pages.

Cover letter

We can help you write a cover letter to supplement your press release, containing additional information that may be useful to editors.

Staying in touch with editors

Our clients often need to communicate with editors who want to clarify certain details about a press release. The problem is that the editors may speak a language that our clients do not understand. For example, foreign editors may request information about the company or its logo. They may want high-resolution screenshots or full versions of software.

You can use our rapid online professional translation service, Alconost Nitro to quickly respond to these editors, regardless of what language they speak.

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    — Alexei Pavlenko, Movienizer.com