Online Apps, Games and Software Localization Services

Alconost provides software translation services: we translate computer software, games, and online applications into dozens of world languages.

In addition to interface strings, we translate help documentation, marketing texts, and websites. If required, we will redub audio, redraw graphics, and rewrite texts in the language you need.

If necessary, we will redub audio, redraw graphics, and rewrite texts in the language you need. We translate into 68 languages and offer multiple other translation pairs on request.

Localization of desktop, browser, and mobile games

We work with publishers and developers of mobile and gaming projects, helping them make their iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps available in over 60 languages. In addition to interface strings from the apps themselves, we also write and translate descriptions for the App Store and Google Play.

Software localization process

Software localization is the process of making your software culturally, linguistically and technically adapted to the market of the selected country. Software localization meaning is basically giving the product the feel of having been designed for the target market in the first place, thus providing the seamless experience for the user. At Alconost we prepare your application to be "reborn" in the target country.

Linguistic testing

After the localized version of the app has been compiled, a software localization specialist tests the build on the relevant local version of the OS. During linguistic testing, the tester takes screenshots of problem areas (untranslated text, strings that go off-screen, wrong encoding or text direction, wrong context) and works with the developer to make changes to the resource files.

If you have already translated your app yourself or through an outside provider, you can still use our software localization linguistic testing service.

Price calculation

The price of localization and translation is calculated based on the amount of text (number of characters, including spaces). See our translation rates. Tags, keywords, and formatting are not taken into account.


Source text Pure text for price calculation No. of characters, incl. spaces
We <a href=””>localize mobile apps</a> and create promotional <a href=””>videos</a>. We localize mobile apps and create promotional videos. 54

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Localization of audio, video, and graphics

Alconost Video creates videos about software, online services, and websites — but we do more than that. Our team localizes video and audio content as well. If your project needs voice-overs in a new language — or you need to localize a video or redraw the graphics — we know exactly how to get it done.

Copywriting and rewriting

Need more than a simple translation? We can recreate a text in the language of your choice, conveying your thoughts in different words, writing an entirely new text, or combining texts from various sources.

Tools that we use for software localization services

CAT Tools — programs that help automate the translation process:

  • SDL Trados
  • SDL Passolo
  • OmegaT
  • Sisulizer
  • Poedit
  • MemoQ

Cloud platforms (online collaborative software localization tools):

  • Webtranslateit
  • Crowdin
  • OneSky
  • Transifex
  • GetLocalization
  • Google Translator Toolkit

Software localisation tools for editing files of different types in different encodings

  • Notepad++
  • EmEditor
  • Sublime Text
  • WinMerge
  • Resource Tuner
  • MS Office
  • Google Docs

Translation memories

Translation memory is a database that stores the translation of each segment of text. It allows you to automatically translate repeated words, phrases and sentences.

Translation memory allows you to:

  • Increase the performance of the translation team
  • Ensure consistency of terminology across a whole project
  • Improve the quality of translation
  • Change translators partway through
  • Save time translating repetitions

Each client’s account has its own, confidential translation memory. All data is stored completely securely.


A glossary is a special dictionary with definitions, translations and usage examples for terms used in a text. This dictionary can be imported into an automatic translation tool to expedite the translation process and ensure consistency of terminology across one or more texts.

A glossary makes it possible to assign several translators to a project and change translators around during the process if necessary.

Project Manager

With Alconost, your localization project will be run by a dedicated project manager, who:

  • Studies your material and the specific features of the text in depth
  • Agrees on the price, taking repetitions into consideration
  • Chooses a team of translators and editors with the necessary specialisms;
  • Controls deadlines;
  • Takes care of quality, formatting and consistency of the completed translations
  • Maintains the glossary and translation memory
  • Organizes linguistic testing
  • Prepares all the accompanying documents required (agreement, invoice, PO);
  • Is available practically 24/7 to answer any of your questions

Your Project Manager is your “single point of contact”, who you can resolve all your questions with regarding the project. If your Project Manager becomes unavailable for some reason, another Manager will replace them straight away at the same address.

Appointing translators

We have approximately 300 professional native-speaker translators in our team, with a broad range of specialisms.

We always try to assign one dedicated translator to your project and work specifically with this translator on a continuous basis. This is useful if you have a large project that is periodically updated, you need to use consistent terminology, or you simply like a particular translator's style. If the translator changes for some reason, they will hand over the glossary and translation memory to the new translator to ensure consistency of terminology and style in future updates.

Crowdin — translation management platform

Cloud-based translation platform Crowdin allows localization projects to be managed in real time. You can:

  • Upload string resources in any format (.resx, .po, .strings, etc.) either manually or through the API
  • Appoint translators and editors
  • Track the translation and editing process for your project
  • Leave comments and discuss questions directly with the translators and editors
  • Create glossaries
  • Manage the translation memory
  • Export string resources once the translation is complete

Find out more details about Alconost's experience working with Crowdin.

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