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You’re here because you want to make a video to present your product or idea. And we make precisely these kinds of presentation videos:

Versaic presentation Construction 3D printer [in Russian] Construction 3D printer
WhoHub presentation for agents Dahir Insaat: Seismic-safe bed [in Russian] WhoHub For Vendors
Fibrum Trailer [in Russian] Fibrum Trailer Bitrix24 Trailer
Teremcom - Sampling Terminal [in Russian] Prestigio MultiBoard: Solution for Business [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Dental Machine [in Russian]
Dahir Insaat: Cholesterol Removal Machine [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Combat Robot [in Russian] i.Mind Presentation [in Russian]
Dahir Insaat: Wooden Building Technology [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: High-Speed Railway [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Greenhouse [in Russian]
Dahir Insaat: Concrete Building Technology [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Turnkey Cities [in Russian] Prestigio MultiBoard: Solution for Education [in Russian]
Dahir Insaat: Underground delivery [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Drive Market [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Futuristic Restaurant (in Russian) [in Russian]
Dahir Insaat: Roads [in Russian] Dahir Insaat: Mobile Homes [in Russian] Prestigio MultiBoard: Solution for Business
Prestigio MultiBoard: Solution for Education

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Workflow and time required

The overall workflow is as follows: you fill out a design brief, we write a script (skeleton, draft, and then final version), record the voiceover, create the graphics (sketches, followed by a full storyboard), and then we create the animation and audio. We get your approval at each step before moving to the next one. When the process is done, you get a finished video.

From start to finish, most videos take 3 to 5 weeks to complete.

Find out more about the video creation process.

3D modeling

Your presentation video may require a 3D model of your product. If you don’t have a model yet, we can create one that is precisely built from your sketches and images.

Russian, English or any other foreign language

We can make videos in any language you need. Our translators and voiceover artists are native speakers.

Questions? Get in touch at video@alconost.com or fill out the pre-order form and we will answer right away.

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