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Custom Video Production

  • We create custom promo and advertising videos for apps, games, products,brands, and businesses.
  • Our video production process includes voice-overs in multiple languages by professional, native-speaking voice talent and localization of videos for any target language.
  • We streamline the process for our customers from concept brainstorming to the final professional polish of audio engineering and voice-over for your video.
  • We’ve been creating videos since 2011
  • Over the years we’ve produced over 1000 videos
  • For over 200 companies

Examples of Our Videos

The Video Production Timeline and You

We handle the entire creative process from start to finish, concept to voice acting.

We prepare a script and record the voice-over, make the storyboard and select music, add in animations and sound effects.

We approve the preliminary results with you, the customer, at each step.

Videos on average take 1–6 weeks to complete, depending on the video type and how quickly we get your feedback and approval on all the intermediate steps in the process.

Breaking it all down, the timeline looks something like

1 day
1–3 days
1–8 days
Voice Actor
1 day
1 day
3–10 days
Ad Audio
1 day

How do You Price Videos?

A Video is a series of scenes.

A scene is 3–5 events in a single setting. A change of setting or large number of events signals the start of the next scene.

Simple scenes cost less and complex ones cost more.

The video’s budget will depend on the number and complexity of scenes and will be determined during the script writing process.

Video production costs include: script writing, translation of the script, voice recording, purchasing a voice track, storyboarding, animation, and audio.

Find out more details and pricing for video production

1 Scene with animated characters, illustration of a problem, or other complex graphic
8 seconds, complex
2 Scene with a logo, infographic, bullet points, charts, lists or other simple graphics
4 seconds, simple
3 Scene using 3D-models of a figure or environment
9 seconds, 3D
4 Scene with animated product screenshots
15 seconds, screencast
5 Scene with product logo, site URL, contact information
5 seconds, variation of scene 2


We work with professional, native-speaking voice actors to record your texts.

The voice acting style is up to you: whether you’re looking for a neutral narration or a unique, edgy, colorful style.

We can record and fit voiceover audio to specific timing, cut and paste in audio tracks, and add special effects as needed.


We also create in any language.

We can add, stitch, and time-align subtitles to your video footage as needed. This is included in the video price.


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