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Creating landing pages for Internet advertising

We create landing pages, which are the pages on your site that the user is directed to when they click on an ad.

The goal of the landing page is to convert your paid traffic into customers

In order to achieve this goal, the content on the landing page must answer user questions, and the landing page must be so structured to get the user to take a desired action, whether that is requesting a call, adding an item to the shopping cart, or subscribing to a service. This is how we will boost your number of conversions.

The problem is the high cost of advertising

In order to reduce the cost of converting users through advertising, the landing page must be tailored to be as relevant as possible to the search query that the visitor used to find your website. This cannot be achieved using a static webpage, because it is physically impossible to place all the combinations of keyword phrases that visitors could use to find your product or service on a single page.

The solution is to order a landing page from Alconost

We can solve this problem by creating multiple landing pages that are synchronized with your advertising campaigns. Depending on your search query or the user's interest, these landing pages can automatically adjust themselves by switching out several sentences, captions, and pictures.

This strategy can help you lower your cost per click on Google Adwords, since your landing page will be considered to be more relevant and your keywords will have a higher quality score. And the visitor who comes to your site by clicking on the ad will see that it offers exactly what they were searching for.

Order multiple landing pages →

Order a turnkey landing page and configuration services for multiple landing pages

Landing pages are directly tied to advertising campaigns. Accordingly, the same people who conduct these campaigns should also manage the landing pages. This is the essence of what we are offering. You only need to fill out a design brief and set up a subdomain for us, and then we will do everything else ourselves.

  • We will draft a price quote and manage the project.

    We'll study your product and the products of competitors, and then we will prepare a list of proposals and a plan to implement them. We will calculate the project costs, and, once you have signed off on them, we will begin to carry out the plan.

  • We will develop and test two LP options.

    The options will have different layouts (differently placed headers, blocks of text, illustrations, buttons, and other content) and structure (sequence of information). We will select the variant that achieves the best conversion results during testing.

  • We will write the content for the landing page and determine how it should be structured.

    The text on the landing page will clearly describe how your product or service can help the customer. We will break the text down into logical blocks and try not to overload it with obvious facts and empty promises.

  • We will establish a system of multiple landing pages.

    We will prepare as many landing pages as are needed in order to increase relevance and reduce the cost of advertising. We will synchronize the texts on the different landing pages with the texts of your ads and keywords in the Google and Yandex contextual advertising systems and the texts of your ads on Facebook.

  • We will configure the web analytics for your project.

    When we activate your landing pages, we will also properly configure your analytics systems, including both Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. The configuration will show you the accurate source of your conversions. We will work to decrease the number of dropped sessions, which occur when a user fails to proceed from the landing page to the shopping cart.

  • We will manage your contextual advertising campaign.

    When you order landing page creation services from us, we will design and configure pay-per-action advertising that works together with your landing pages. If you already have a highly performing campaign, we can design landing pages that are tailored for it.

  • Order a landing page →

    Cost of a landing page

    Type of work Total fee, $
    Project management, A/B testing, deploying the finished HTML page, configuration of the system of multiple landing pages, and the creation of an advertising campaign. 400
    Redesign of an existing page on a website, designing the HTML layout from a PSD template. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the project. Any price differences must be approved in advance. 200

    The project manager who is assigned to your contextual advertising campaign will be responsible for providing support as well as for adding and optimizing landing pages.

    The cost of copywriting, rewriting, and translation shall be calculated per 1000 characters with spaces.

    Please fill out the order form and we will calculate how much your individual project will cost.

    Creation of videos for LPs

    A video will make your page look more attractive. It will increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site, and it will convey your offer to those visitors who don't like to read text.

    You can find examples of videos that we have made for sites, services, and applications here. By the way, these types of videos are useful if you want to run your video ad on YouTube.

    Multilingual landing pages

    If you just want to verify that demand exists for your product in a foreign market, then you don't necessary need to localize your entire site.

    For starters, you can create a landing page in a new language and direct foreign traffic straight to this page. We will help both with creation and the localization of your landing page.

    Order multilingual landing pages →

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