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Localization of Android applications

We localize Android apps and games into more than 70 languages, and we offer linguistic testing services.

You can translate a description for Google Play or localize a small Android app independently using Nitro — an online professional translation service.

All translations are done by professional translators who are native speakers and have relevant experience.

You should follow Google's internationalization guidelines in order to ensure that your Android app can be localized.

How Android apps are localized

The following is the optimal way to localize Android apps:

  1. You will load files with the string resources of an Android application (strings.xml) into a special cloud platform for localization, such as Crowdin, Transifex, WebtranslateIt, Oneskyapp, etc. If you do not want to work with an online platform yourself, just attach files to the order form. We will use our own Alconost LMS platform or other professional tools for localization.
  2. You can contact us at [email protected] or fill out a request for a quote. You will send us a link to your project on a localization platform as well as a link to the app itself on Google Play (if any) so that we can better familiarize ourselves with it.
  3. We will assign you a dedicated project manager for localization. The PM will advise you, draft a cost estimate, prepare the documents (if necessary), appoint suitable translators and editors, monitor deadlines as well as organizing testing and providing further support for the project.
  4. We will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire in order to get to know your project goals better, and the localization manager will select translators with the right expertise for working on your app. The translators will first study the app before beginning to localize it.
  5. String resources are translated in the cloud platform. This tool allows the translator to ask a question about any string if, for example, he doesn't understand the context. The platform is also equipped with a translation memory and a glossary, which ensures that repeated terms and phrases are all translated the same way. A second translator will proofread the translation for any possible errors and typos and will check the accuracy of the translation.
  6. After the translation is completed, you will download the localized string resources and compile a build for testing. By using the command line interface on the localization platform, you can automate the compilation of localized versions.
  7. The translators will perform localization testing, report any issues that they find (strings that were missed or translations that are not appropriate given the context), and propose corrections after they receive the build.

Continuous localization

By using online platforms, you can design a localization process so that your app is always fully localized at the time of each release regardless of your release cycle or even the time of day. This works in approximately the following way:

  1. The programmer adds a string to the file with the string resources and publishes the changes in git (for example).
  2. The file that is updated by the programmer is sent to the localization platform using a special command-line utility. The translator will immediately see the new string.
  3. The translator translates the new string.
  4. The updated file with the string resources is fetched from the platform using the same command-line utility before the next build of the project is compiled.

Thus, when you are ready to release your app or game, all localizations will be 100% ready and they won't delay your release.

Other Android app localization scenarios

If the standard three-step localization process using a cloud platform does not suit you, we can adapt it to fit your process and budget.

You can work with any proprietary formats and even just Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets. For certain projects with limited budgets it can even make sense to forgo proofreading by the second translator and linguistic testing.

At Alconost we can flexibly adapt our workflow to meet the needs of developers' existing processes. If you would prefer, you can just send us the resource files by e-mail and we will return them to you by e-mail translated.

Contact us, describe your situation, and we will help you localize your Android app.

Localization of small Android apps and translation of updates

If your app contains only a little text, or if you are planning to localize it on your own, have a look at Nitro — a professional translation service online. You can place an order with Nitro in just a few clicks, whenever it’s convenient for you, without involving a manager.

With Nitro you can order fast translation of texts into several foreign languages simultaneously. It’s particularly convenient when requesting translations of sales descriptions for online stores and “What’s new” texts, or for translating amended lines of text into 10 languages at once.

To ensure the consistency of all the texts translated, use a glossary. With Nitro you can create a new glossary or upload an existing one — particularly helpful if you are requesting a translation of updates for a localized project. To upload your glossary to Nitro, contact us via online chat.

How much does localization of Android apps cost

The cost of translation is determined by:

  • The amount of text to be translated (number of characters with spaces). Only the text to be translated is used in the calculation. Markup language tags, keys, etc., are disregarded when calculating the cost.
  • The number of hours spent on testing the localized version.
  • The cost of subscribing to the localization platform (monthly payment).

The price of translation varies depending on the target language. This is due to the different standards of living in the countries where our native-speaker translators live. You can consult our table of rates to get a general sense of how much your project will cost.

To calculate the cost of localization, please fill out a request for a quote and attach your files.

Which languages you should choose first to localize your Android app into

We have analyzed the number of native speakers who are Internet users, the general volume of online sales, and Google Play revenue in particular by region. As a result, we have obtained the following top 5 languages for localization:

  • English – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia
  • Chinese — China (Simplified Chinese) and Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)
  • Japanese — Japan
  • French — France, Canada, and Belgium
  • German — Germany and Belgium


We offer the following services in addition to the localization of mobile apps:

  • Creating trailers for app pages on Google Play.
  • Translating the description and localizing the website.

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