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Pre-rolls for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

A pre-roll is a short promotional video that is shown on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks before, during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the video content that the user is viewing, and also as independent advertising content. Usually the duration of such videos does not exceed 7-15 seconds.

Why do I need a series of pre-rolls?

One video is not enough for an advertising campaign because:

Your audience can speak different languages. Localize your pre-roll: we work with 30+ languages, which allows us to reach 90% of the solvent population of the planet

Various segments of the target audience have different needs. Demonstrate to each segment of the audience the product features that are most likely to be of interest to them

People quickly lose interest in advertising content. Keep updating your video content so that your audience does not get bored with it

Why should I order a series of pre-rolls?

The cost of one short video is quite high, because it calls for development of a unique style, recorded narration, animation and soundtrack. But when we work on a series of videos, the costs for production of one video are significantly reduced. The more versions a video has, the lower the cost of each of them is.

A version is a video where the supporting visual content, such as an animated logo and design style, remains the same. Only details of the video are changed: voiceover, text elements, video capture of the gameplay or screenshots of the product.

You will be able to determine which version yields the best conversion rates while the campaign is running and to dispose of your advertising budget in a more efficient manner.

How many pre-rolls are there in a series?

A minimum order is a series of four pre-rolls. For example, the same video in four languages. Or four videos in one language with different screenshots and text elements.

Even ten pre-rolls will be enough for a 10-20-week advertising campaign, but if you need more videos - we’ll certainly create them for you.

What is included in the service of creating a pre-roll?

The price includes:

  • script writing and translation,
  • creating a storyboard for the first pre-roll of a series,
  • recording of voice narration for all pre-rolls of a series,
  • music editing and addition of sound effects for all pre-rolls of a series.

The cost will be lower when you order a series of pre-rolls without narration.

Pre-roll default settings: Full HD, 30 FPS, duration 7-15 seconds. If you other format requirements, please let us know.

What is the process of creating pre-rolls?

The first step is to fill in a brief description and, if necessary, provide the requested materials. After that, we will:

  1. write scripts and translate them, if necessary.
  2. create a storyboard of the first pre-roll.
  3. record narration for all versions.
  4. create animation for the first pre-roll.
  5. add background music and sound effects to the first pre-roll.
  6. prepare pre-roll versions with the required changes.
  7. create an audio sequence of the versions similar to that of the first pre-roll.

You will approve the intermediate result after each stage.

How long does it take to create a series of pre-rolls?

Timing depends on how fast you will approve intermediate results and how many versions the video will have. We usually need 3-5 working days to create the first video of a series after the brief description and materials are submitted to us. We will then be able to roll out several versions of pre-rolls daily. This way you will be able to add new content to your campaign on the fly.

Do you need pre-roll?

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