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A VideoPAD is an inexpensive video clip that follows a standard form and structure and explains what a program does, supplementing or even replacing a text description and screenshot gallery.

The structure of a VideoPAD is as follows:

  • Scene 1: main message, the problem, and how to solve the problem by using the program
  • Scene 2: ways to use the product (list)
  • Scenes 3–7: demonstration of product features (screenshots with captions)
  • Scene 8: additional features and benefits (list)
  • Scene 9: final appeal to download, buy, or register

A VideoPAD lasts 60 to 90 seconds.

VideoPADs are voiced by professional voiceover artists and are accompanied by a music track.

VideoPADs are made according to a template, but the variety of graphics sets and the ability to change a video’s color scheme allow each VideoPAD to have a distinctive appearance.

Here is what we’ll need from you to make a VideoPAD:

  • Select a set of graphics from one of those offered
  • Provide a logo and, if applicable, an image of the product box
  • Prepare 5–6 product screenshots
  • Complete the script template: slogan, feature list, list of benefits, voiceover text, and website address. If you need a video in a language that you do not speak, no problem: write it in Russian, and we will translate it ourselves. If you need help writing a script, then you can contact .
  • Select music from the tracks offered

Sample VideoPADs

Total fee

A VideoPAD costs $300.

If you do not want to complete the script yourself or take screenshots, or if your screenshots need editing, we can help you for an additional fee. Contact us in order to work out the details.


VideoPADs are subject to certain production-related limitations:

  • The order of the scenes in the video cannot be changed. Only the number of scenes with screenshots can be changed (from two to six)
  • Individual graphics cannot be changed
  • If product screenshots need touching up, you will need to perform this yourself, or request this service from us separately
  • The script must observe the limits on the voiceover text length

If these video PAD constraints are too limiting, or if you want a more complex and splashier clip, we will be happy to produce a and for you.

Graphics Sets

Music tracks

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