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Native speaker voiceover services, audio and video localization

Are you looking to produce a voiceover in English or another language? Localizing a game? Redubbing a video? Whatever you need when it comes to voiceover and audio work, our team can do it for you.

Our company provides professional voiceovers in any language. We can record sound and provide audio for videos, games, and apps. We work with professional, native-speaker voiceover artists from across the globe.

Localization of game audio

Localizing games into another language is more than just translating text: you have to recreate the sounds and voices of the game authentically in a new language. Our company handles the entire process, from localizing the script to recording voices, choosing sound effects, and mastering the final product.

Our diverse male, female, and child voice actors can convey all the nuances of a character's speech, intonation and accent to bring the atmosphere of a game to life.

Localization of video

We create videos from scratch, but we can also localize them into any language. Localization includes translation of the script, a voiceover by a professional actor (native speaker), synchronization of the new audio with the video, and if necessary, selecting new music, sounds, and sound effects.

We also translate subtitles – as external files or “burned in” – for videos in any language.

Besides recording voiceover artists, we also provide music and sound design for videos, games, and applications.

We can compose bespoke music or find and purchase the right track from online stock music libraries. We can process voiceovers, overlay sounds and effects, and mix and master the final audio track.

Voiceovers for all purposes

You can ask us about voiceovers for a wide range of projects: voicemail greetings, voice recording for IVR menus, and voices for audiobooks or advertising.

Fill out our pre-order form, and let us know what you need a voiceover for – we’ll tell you how we can do it for you. If you plan to write (or have already written) a voiceover script, you can check to see whether the text complies with our recommendations.

Voiceover artists

We work with professional, native-speaker voice actors from all over the world. We have sample voices for all popular languages available for you to listen to. If you want to find another voice for your project, or you need a voiceover in a language that's not mentioned, fill out a custom request describing your requirements, and we’ll find the right voice artist for you.

Sample voices

Cost of voiceover

The cost of voiceover depends on:

  • The selected voice actor (the various artists and character voices cost different amounts of money)
  • Amount of text
  • The amount of work to be performed by the sound editor and project manager

Minimum order size: $300.

Do you want to record a voice-over?

We only work with professional narrators.

Order a voiceover recording




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