Nitro — professional online translation service

Using our "live" online translation service, Nitro, you receive a professional human translation of a text in a matter of just minutes*. Unlike machine translation, Nitro always provides you with texts translated by professionals who are native speakers of the target language.

You can also order proofreading by a native speaker.

How it works

The moment you submit your text for translation, an online translator (there are naturally several translators working on each language pair) begins working on the assignment. Translations are often completed as fast as the translator can type.

The completed translation is then available in the client's Customer area, and a copy is also sent by email. If you have any questions or comments on the translation, please make direct contact with the translator.

You need to sign up and top up your account to order online translations with quick turnarounds. Payments for online translations are deducted from your balance each time an online translator completes an assignment.

Customer Support:

How long does translation take?

The time for a translation to be completed depends on many factors: the word count, number of translators, number of assignments in the queue, translator speed, and most importantly, translator availability.

Since translations are performed by people all over the world and Nitro operates 24/7, the completion time can be affected by national holidays, vacations, health, time differences, Internet outages, and even weather conditions.

It is, therefore, impossible to say when exactly a translation will be ready. However, you can use the following table for a rough estimate (statistics are based on the 1,000 most recent orders and are updated every 24 hours):

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All translations on Nitro are carried out by professional, mother-tongue translators. Occasionally, if a native speaker is not fully conversant with a particular subject matter, the text may be handed over to another translator to clarify terminology.

Proofreading is only ever performed by native speakers.

Prior to joining the Nitro team, all translators undergo a scrupulous selection process and multi-tier testing.

The work of Nitro translators is constantly evaluated by experts (other translators working with the same language pair). The evaluation process reveals any mistakes and their severity (typos, distortion of meaning, grammar mistakes).

These evaluations help us filter out insufficiently skilled translators and split the remaining translators into two groups: “excellent” and “good”.

Those translators who do not make it to the “excellent” and “good” groups but are willing to work for a lower fee offer services as “low cost” translators.

“Low cost” does not mean “bad”. Our requirements are still stringent and the quality of a low-cost translator's work is comparable to that of a university foreign language teacher (which is often the case). All our low-cost translators hold languages degrees, and many are native speakers.

What level of quality should you choose for different types of text?

Excellent Good
  • Business correspondence
  • Website content
  • Commercial proposals
  • Product descriptions
  • String resources
  • Business or personal correspondence
  • News
  • Summary
  • Price lists

Lower-quality translations are cheaper.

If you choose “good” quality when you submit your order, it will be translated by a “good” or “excellent” translator. “Excellent” quality orders are only handled by “excellent” translators.

If a translator has doubts as to his/her ability to translate a text to the required level of quality, they simply do not take the order, leaving the work for a better qualified translator. In this way, translators are automatically segmented into different areas of expertise and the quality of their translations remains consistently high.

Languages and rates

The calculation of the cost of a translation is based on the number of characters in the source text. All characters are taken into account, including spaces, carriage returns, tabs, etc.

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{{ languages[row.source_language.toUpperCase()] }} {{ languages[row.target_language.toUpperCase()] }} ({{ translations.ratesTableHeaderProofreading }}) {{ languages[row.target_language.toUpperCase()] }} {{ (row.excellent * 1000).toFixed(2) }} {{ (row.good * 1000).toFixed(2) }} {{ (row.lowcost * 1000).toFixed(2) }}

There's no minimum charge. Continuing customers have the option of ordering translations on credit.

How can I order proofreading services in Nitro?

To order proofreading services by a native speaker in Nitro, first select the translation direction in the list of languages. For example, English — English [Proofreading].

Proofreading involves correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in a relatively high-quality text. The editor does not change the meaning of sentences, perform deep editing, reformulate phrases, etc. Proofreading helps you to improve the readability of the text and allows you to verify that the text was composed correctly.

Thus, if you are able to write good texts in a foreign language, then you can save a little by ordering proofreading instead of translation services.

Translation of large texts

The Nitro service is designed for translating short texts, but if you will need to translate texts that are somewhat longer and more complex, then the staff at the Alconost translation agency would be happy to take over the task:

  • Professional document translation
  • Website translation,
  • Localization of software and games,
  • Technical translation,
  • CV translation.

As is true of Nitro, all work at Alconost is performed by translators who are native speakers who have work experience in business and information technology.

You will be assigned a project manager who will manage your translation project. They will ask questions, select the most appropriate translator and editor, track deadlines, control the quality, and submit the necessary documents at the end of the project.

Payment methods

  • Credit or debit card
  • Webmoney
  • Yandex.Money
  • PayPal
  • Skrill (ex-MoneyBookers)
  • Cash (for CIS citizens)
  • Wire transfer (for corporate users)
  • v-to-v ShareIt, RegNow, PayPro, BlueSnap (ex Plimus).

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