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Accurate and authentic online translation of texts into foreign languages.
For business and personal use.

  • Professional native-speaking translators.
  • 50% of orders are ready within 2 hours, 96% in less than 24 hours.
  • No minimum order — We will translate as little as 1 word.
  • Over 70 translation languages.
  • Online chat with help-desk operator.

How it works

  1. Do you have something that needs to be translated?
  2. Register with Nitro.
  3. Paste the text into the order window and leave a comment for the translator.
  4. Select target languages.
  5. Get an instant quote.
  6. Top up and send the text off for translation.
  7. A professional translator will take care of your order.
  8. Track order status in your account.
  9. Get the translated text emailed to you or pick it up in your account.
  10. Got more questions? Ask us in the online chat.

Customer Support: nitro@alconost.com.

Translation domains

Mobile apps & games:
Rapidly growing rankings and installs count
  • String resources (interface elements),
  • App Store and Google Play descriptions,
  • Online gambling,
  • Social media games,
  • Product news,
  • User reviews and comments,
  • Customer service and support communications.
Marketing and PR:
Effective promotion on the global market
  • E-mail newsletters,
  • White papers,
  • Presentation texts,
  • Brochures and catalogs,
  • Banners and posters,
  • Marketing research,
  • Surveys and quizzes,
  • Memes and slogans,
  • Other promotional and advertising texts.
A thousand and one sales
  • Website content,
  • Product details and descriptions,
  • Specifications and data sheets,
  • Packaging,
  • Guides and instructions,
  • Safety documents,
  • Warranty certificates,
  • Reviews and FAQ,
  • Customer communications.
HoReCa & travel:
Happy customers from all around the world
  • Travel articles,
  • Restaurant menu,
  • Employee handbooks and training materials,
  • Event and tour guides,
  • City and museum guides,
  • Travel itineraries and maps,
  • Host/guest messaging,
  • Special offers and deals.
Software & web development:
Loyal customers from every corner of the world
  • Web content,
  • String resources,
  • Case studies,
  • Technical documents,
  • Reports and infographics,
  • Manuals,
  • Terms and Conditions,
  • International help desk messaging,
  • Multilingual chatbots.
Content & blogs:
Persuasive selling texts in any language
  • Short articles and longreads,
  • Press releases,
  • Newsletters,
  • Ebooks,
  • Blog posts,
  • Social media posts,
  • Tweets,
  • Media publications,
  • Video subtitles,
  • YouTube comments,
  • Questions and answers.
Manufacturing & engineering:
Get noticed on regional markets
  • Descriptions and technical specifications,
  • Technical datasheets,
  • Design documentation,
  • Technical conditions,
  • Standards,
  • User manuals and handbooks,
  • Operation instructions,
  • Certificates,
  • Tender documents.
Science & education:
A step closer to the Nobel prize
  • Applied and life sciences articles,
  • Theses and dissertations,
  • Studies, academic research, other scientific and technical texts,
  • Course descriptions and content,
  • Educational materials and lectures,
  • eLearning and training courses,
  • Campus information.
Blockchain & crypto:
Finances of the future made easy
  • ICO and Pre-ICO documents,
  • White papers,
  • Decentralized blockchain-based applications,
  • Financial reports,
  • Blockchain website content,
  • Marketing materials.
Business & sales:
The Forbes list is waiting for you
  • Business correspondence,
  • Direct mail,
  • Pitch decks,
  • Business plans,
  • Investment documents,
  • Commercial proposals and price lists,
  • Protocols and procedures,
  • Income statements and financial reports,
  • Corporate training materials.
Clear interpretation of legal documents
  • Contracts,
  • Agreements,
  • Licence agreements,
  • Policies and GDPR,
  • Statutory, foundation and registration documents,
  • Copyright applications,
  • Patents,
  • Certificates.
The right words at the right time
  • Personal correspondence,
  • Resumes/CVs and cover letters,
  • Personal statements,
  • Portfolio,
  • Biography,
  • Stories and essays,
  • Recipes,
  • Lyrics,
  • Tattoo quotes.

How long does translation take?

Translation time depends on the availability of translators, the number and volume of orders in the queue. The timing may be affected by national holidays, time difference, etc.

Usually, about 50% of orders are completed within 2 hours, and 96% - within 24 hours. We do not guarantee accurate deadlines, so please try to place your order in advance.

If the order is delayed by more than 3 hours, the service administrators will do their absolute best to speed up the translation process.

If a translation is very urgent, or if your order has been in the queue for a suspiciously long time frame, click “Something wrong?” and report it to our support service team. We will do our best to make sure that your translation is completed as soon as possible.

Below you will see the time frames it took to complete the last 1,000 orders. The table is updated in real time.

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All translations in Nitro are made by professionals with a native-level command of the source and target languages. On average, they have been working in Nitro for 4.5 years, and their professional career exceeds 10 years.

Nitro is a service by Alconost, a company that has been working on the localization and translation market for over 15 years.

We developed Nitro to help our customers translate small texts within hours and without having to spend time talking to our managers.

Translations in Nitro are performed by the same native-speaking professionals who work at Alconost.

In order to get hired by Alconost, candidates must pass the portfolio review and complete a test task. We only look for native-level translators with a minimum of 2 years of experience and successfully completed projects in the field of information technologies and game development. Each test translation is verified by an editor. A test task is considered successful if the quality index is 98% or higher. Only 2.5% of applicants pass the test and start working at Alconost.

Only those translators who have been demonstrating a consistently high quality of work are invited to work in Nitro.

The quality of translations in Nitro is monitored through monthly random checks. During these checks, translations are cross-reviewed by their peers in the same language pair. We also pay utmost attention to feedback: our customers’ requests and suggestions are always discussed internally and taken into account.

Translation quality does not depend solely on the professional qualities of the translator. It also depends on the accuracy and completeness of the task description.

While placing an order, please describe the context and the preferred style of the translation. If necessary, provide a link to the website of the product or service that the text describes. This additional information will facilitate the work of the translator and will help make the translation more aligned with the context and your expectations.

A translator will pick an order only if they are sure they can do it on the highest level possible. This is how they distribute orders internally to make sure that yours is being worked on by the most appropriate specialist.

If a translator doesn’t understand the context, they will ask questions. If there are several translation options and the translator fails to contact the customer, the translator will choose the most suitable one but will leave a comment for the customer.

If you are not sure about something in a translated text you received, you can re-submit it along with a comment. The text will be corrected at our expense. We will analyze the cause of the issue and make sure it never occurs again.

Should you have questions about your order or the quality of our translation, please contact our help-desk operator using the online chat.

Languages and rates

The cost of a translation is based on the number of characters in the source text. When calculating the volume of a text, we count all characters, including spaces, paragraph breaks, tabs, etc.

To find out the cost of the translation, just paste your text in the order window, select the target languages, and the cost will be calculated automatically. There is no minimum order amount.

Source language Translation language Quality / Rate per 1,000 characters, $
Excellent Good Low cost
Afrikaans Afrikaans (Proofreading) 12.10
Arabic Arabic (Proofreading) 7.70
Arabic English 20.00
Arabic Turkish 20.00
Azerbaijani Azerbaijani (Proofreading) 7.70
Belarusian Belarusian (Proofreading) 5.50
Belarusian English 14.30
Belarusian Russian 11.00
Bengali English 30.00
Bengali Bengali (Proofreading) 7.70
Bulgarian Bulgarian (Proofreading) 7.70
Catalan Catalan (Proofreading) 7.70
Catalan English 20.00
Chinese (Simplified) Russian 35.20
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese 45.00
Chinese (Simplified) English 45.00
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese 45.00
Chinese (Traditional) English 45.00
Chinese (Traditional) Russian 35.20
Croatian Croatian (Proofreading) 7.70
Czech English 20.00
Czech Czech (Proofreading) 7.70
Danish Norwegian 30.00
Danish English 30.00
Danish Danish (Proofreading) 13.50
Dutch English 15.00
Dutch Dutch (Proofreading) 7.70
English Polish 12.10
English Russian 12.10 8.80
English Romanian 15.40
English Portuguese (Portugal) 15.40
English Portuguese (Brazil) 15.40
English Macedonian 17.00
English Norwegian 30.00
English Malay 15.40
English Malayalam 15.40
English Slovene 15.40
English Latvian 15.40
English Slovak 15.40
English Telugu 15.40
English Serbian 15.40
English Swedish 24.20
English Tamil 15.40
English Korean 15.40
English Thai 15.40
English Tagalog 15.40
English Turkish 15.40
English Ukrainian 12.10
English Urdu 20.00
English Vietnamese 15.40
English Chinese (Simplified) 14.30
English Chinese (Traditional) 14.30
English Lithuanian 15.40
English Dutch 15.40
English Kazakh 15.40
English Spanish 12.10
English Afrikaans 24.20
English Arabic 15.40
English Azerbaijani 15.40
English Belarusian 11.00
English Bulgarian 15.40
English Japanese 24.20
English Catalan 14.30
English Czech 15.40
English Danish 27.00
English German 17.00 15.40
English Greek 15.40
English English (Proofreading) 8.50
English Bengali 20.00
English Spanish (Mexico) 15.00
English Croatian 15.40
English Estonian 15.40
English Italian 12.10
English Indonesian 15.40
English Hungarian 15.40
English Icelandic 30.00
English Hindi 15.40
English Persian 15.40
English French (Canada) 24.20
English French 12.10 11.00
English Finnish 24.20
English Hebrew 24.20
Estonian Russian 20.00
Estonian Estonian (Proofreading) 7.70
Estonian English 20.00
Finnish English 30.00
Finnish Finnish (Proofreading) 12.10
French Russian 12.10
French French (Proofreading) 7.70
French English 12.10
French (Canada) French (Canada) (Proofreading) 12.10
French (Canada) English 15.00
Galician Galician (Proofreading) 17.50
German Russian 11.00
German Lithuanian 15.40
German Norwegian 30.00
German Polish 20.00
German German (Proofreading) 8.50
German English 17.00
Greek Greek (Proofreading) 7.70
Greek English 20.00
Hebrew Hebrew (Proofreading) 12.10
Hebrew English 30.00
Hindi English 20.00
Hindi Hindi (Proofreading) 7.70
Hungarian English 20.00
Hungarian Hungarian (Proofreading) 7.70
Icelandic English 30.00
Icelandic Icelandic (Proofreading) 15.00
Indonesian Indonesian (Proofreading) 7.70
Indonesian English 30.00
Italian English 15.00
Italian Italian (Proofreading) 7.70
Italian Russian 12.10
Japanese Chinese (Traditional) 45.00
Japanese Chinese (Simplified) 45.00
Japanese Thai 45.00
Japanese Russian 35.20
Japanese Korean 45.00
Japanese Japanese (Proofreading) 14.80
Japanese Indonesian 45.00
Japanese French 45.00
Japanese Spanish 45.00
Japanese English 100.00
Japanese German 90.00
Japanese Belarusian 35.20
Japanese Italian 90.00
Kazakh Kazakh (Proofreading) 7.70
Korean English 120.00
Korean Korean (Proofreading) 7.70
Latvian Latvian (Proofreading) 7.70
Lithuanian English 20.00
Lithuanian Lithuanian (Proofreading) 7.70
Lithuanian Russian 20.00
Macedonian Macedonian (Proofreading) 8.50
Malay English 30.00
Malay Malay (Proofreading) 7.70
Malayalam Malayalam (Proofreading) 7.70
Norwegian English 30.00
Norwegian Norwegian (Proofreading) 15.00
Persian English 20.00
Persian Persian (Proofreading) 7.70
Polish Russian 11.00
Polish German 20.00
Polish Polish (Proofreading) 6.00
Polish English 11.00
Portuguese (Brazil) English 11.00
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil) (Proofreading) 7.70
Portuguese (Brazil) Russian 12.10
Portuguese (Portugal) English 11.00
Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal) (Proofreading) 7.70
Portuguese (Portugal) Russian 12.10
Romanian English 20.00
Romanian Romanian (Proofreading) 7.70
Russian Lithuanian 15.40
Russian Arabic 33.00
Russian Chinese (Simplified) 14.30
Russian Ukrainian 12.10
Russian Serbian 15.40
Russian Russian (Proofreading) 7.70
Russian Portuguese (Portugal) 16.00
Russian Portuguese (Brazil) 16.00
Russian Polish 12.10
Russian Latvian 15.40
Russian Azerbaijani 12.10
Russian Kazakh 15.40
Russian Italian 12.10
Russian French 12.10 11.00
Russian Estonian 15.40
Russian Spanish 12.10 11.00
Russian English 17.00 14.30
Russian German 17.00 15.40
Russian Belarusian 11.00
Russian Japanese 24.20
Serbian Serbian (Proofreading) 7.70
Slovak English 20.00
Slovak Slovak (Proofreading) 7.70
Slovene Slovene (Proofreading) 7.70
Slovene English 20.00
Spanish English 30.00
Spanish Spanish (Proofreading) 7.70
Spanish Norwegian 30.00
Spanish Russian 12.10
Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Mexico) (Proofreading) 7.50
Spanish (Mexico) English 20.00
Swedish Norwegian 30.00
Swedish Swedish (Proofreading) 12.10
Swedish English 30.00
Tagalog English 20.00
Tagalog Tagalog (Proofreading) 7.70
Tamil Tamil (Proofreading) 7.70
Thai English 20.00
Thai Thai (Proofreading) 7.70
Turkish English 20.00
Turkish Turkish (Proofreading) 7.70
Turkish Arabic 20.00
Ukrainian Ukrainian (Proofreading) 7.70
Ukrainian Russian 7.70
Urdu English 20.00
Urdu Urdu (Proofreading) 10.00
Vietnamese English 20.00
Vietnamese Vietnamese (Proofreading) 7.70

How do I place a proofreading order in Nitro?

If you can write pretty well in a foreign language, you can save a little money and have your text proofread instead of translated.

Proofreading entails correction of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in a relatively high-quality text. The editor does not work with the meaning of sentences, does not do in-depth editing, does not rebuild phrases, etc. Proofreading can help you improve the readability of your text, as well as make sure that the text is written correctly.

If you would like to place an order for your text to be proofread by a native speaker in Nitro, please make sure that the selected source and target languages are the same. For example, English - English [Proofreading].

Payment methods

  • Credit or debit card,
  • Wire transfer (for corporate users),
  • Webmoney,
  • Yandex.Money,
  • PayPal,
  • Skrill,
  • v-to-v ShareIt, RegNow, PayPro, BlueSnap (ex Plimus).

Continuing customers have the option of ordering translations on credit.

We will draw up all the necessary documents for business users (contract, invoice, etc.)

Need help with a large project?

Nitro works great for translating small texts. If you would like to translate a large document or localize a website or an application, please request a quote or contact our project manager at info@alconost.com, or by using the online chat.

You will be assigned a project manager who will manage your translation project. They will ask questions, select the most appropriate translator and editor, track deadlines, control the quality, and submit the necessary documents at the end of the project.


Our Clients

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