App and game localization, translation into any language, video production

  • Software and game localization

    Localization and internationalization of software and games.

    We translate computer programs and games into many languages. During the translation process, the product is adapted to the needs and customs of the target market (data formats, encoding, currencies, etc.). We accept texts in all formats: .rc, .resx, .ini, .po, and more.

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  • Advertising and tutorial videos

    Advertising and tutorial videos for software, sites, and online services.

    We make high-quality, eye-catching sales videos in multiple languages. These videos draw the viewer’s attention, describe the product (program, site, or service), and show how to get started with it.

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  • Multilingual PPC advertising

    Development and management of multilingual Google AdWords campaigns.

    Мы полностью берем на себя ведение контекстной рекламной кампании: настраиваем Google Analytics, создаем целевые станицы (landing pages), подбираем ключевики, пишем и переводим на иностранные языки объявления и ежедневно оптимизируем кампанию.

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  • Alconost Nitro: rapid online translation

    Alconost Nitro is a professional online translation service.

    Fast translation, with turnaround times measured in minutes, is what you get with Alconost Nitro. Great for small texts: software strings, small documents and presentations, business correspondence, resumes, Twitter and blog posts, newsletters, and press releases.

    Unlike machine translation, Alconost Nitro always provides you with texts that are translated by professional native speakers of the target language.

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  • Documentation writing

    Creation of instructions, descriptions, user guides, and help systems.

    We develop documentation for programs, sites, web services, and mobile apps in English and Russian. Help systems can be created in multiple formats: .doc, .html, .chm, .pdf, .rtf, .exe (e-Book), .hlp, and .hxs.

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  • Voice-overs and audio/video localization

    Professional voice talents at your service.

    We localize videos, games, and apps into many languages with the help of native speakers. We also handle audiobooks, IVR systems, and ads. Turnkey (start-to-finish) audio and musical accompaniment is available. Subtitles are supported.

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  • Website translation

    We translate websites into foreign languages.

    The website will be localized by professional translators who are native speakers. The source files themselves (HTML, PHP, XML, and other formats) can be directly translated, or you can perform the translation in your CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Drupal, MODX, etc.) or in a cloud platform (Crowdin, Transifex, WebTranslateIt etc. ).

    We will help design the localization process in order to ensure a simple multilingual website development process.

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  • Technical translation

    Translation of technical documents into many languages.

    We translate instructions, certificates, user guides, technical specifications, and descriptions. Manuals and technical/promotional catalogs for appliances and industrial equipment are also a specialty.

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  • Copywriting

    Copywriting of sizzling original texts in English and Russian.

    We write and translate for diverse use cases: websites, IT reviews and articles, product descriptions, press releases, and business texts (case studies, white papers, company profiles, prospectuses, brochures, etc.). SEO copywriting is available for optimizing search engine placement.

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  • PAD descriptions

    Creation and translation of software descriptions in PAD format.

    We write and translate sets of descriptions to promote your product in lengths of 45, 80, 250, 450, and 2,000 characters. To drive organic traffic, we can create and translate multiple versions of PAD files — these versions will be considered unique by search engines and broaden your search profile.

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