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Content Promotion Services

Content promotion is the creation of useful and unique content on topics related to your business. Content promotion allows you to case your expertise in your particular field of business and earn the trust of potential customers. Clear, relevant, and meaningful texts will help you attract your target audience, start a dialog with potential customers, and strengthen your company's professional reputation.

Users are becoming more and more demanding. They want answers to their questions fast and will decide for themselves whether they need your services or products. Study the needs of your audience, segment it, and give your website visitors accurate, clear, and honest answers to the questions that interest them.

High-quality content marketing services can motivate a reader to become a customer, not just a website visitor. Alongside other digital marketing tools, texts promotion helps bring much more interested customers to your site.

What Does Website Content Promotion Include?

  • Studying your site and analyzing the existing content;
  • studying search queries and comparing them with your semantic core;
  • compiling a list of recommended changes to improve search engine optimization and content promotion;
  • agreeing on a content strategy with you;
  • drawing up a detailed content plan for the next three months;
  • preparing for publication in accordance with the approved plan: writing text, selecting or creating illustrations and diagrams, and producing videos or other additionals as you see fit;
  • searching for resources and making arrangements for publication: we select relevant resources, discuss terms for posting, prepare suitable texts, and monitor the material’s effectiveness after publication;
  • collecting and analyzing data, promotion strategy correction.

Content Marketing Strategy

A viable strategy is based on a detailed study of your specific business sector and market and your main competitors. Creating a digital content strategy is an important step for every business and should not be neglected. Without a strategy, your publications will seem chaotic and haphazard, so it is important to define your strategy before you start investing time and money into texts creation.

To create an SEO content strategy, we carefully study your marketing strategy, product, and unique selling proposition and then weave content promotion seamlessly into your current marketing and advertising.

Stages of building a strategy:

  • Define your goal. Do you need to describe your company's services, or tell potential customers about the technology that distinguishes your products from others on the market? Do you need to strengthen trust in your company, or do you just want to increase sales? We define the goal at the very beginning: it determines which methods make sense for your content marketing strategy.
  • Define your audience and how you want to communicate with it. For example, if you are focusing on the business sector, we will concentrate on analytical publications with serious expert writing and infographics. If you're going for the youth sector, we will focus on social media posts, working with opinion leaders, and publications in an informal style.
  • Define the needs of your audience and how to meet them: remind customers of their problems and offer to solve them by using your company's services or products. Since different audience segments may have different expectations, it is important for promotion to approach each service or product with regard to its usefulness to a specific target group.

We use the data we have gathered to draw up a detailed content marketing plan.

What Does the Content Plan Include?

A content marketing plan is a list of possible topics for publication over a specific period. After first studying the existing texts on your website (if you have one), we:

  • identify topics that are not covered at all or not covered enough;
  • select publication genres: news items, reviews, analytical articles, interviews, or other forms;
  • coordinate the right form for the content with you, whether it is text, an infographic, a video clip, a graph, a table, or something else, depending on the topic and genre;
  • space out the publications over time.

A plan is flexible: we can adjust it as we work, but it should be set out at least in general terms. In SEO content marketing, regularity and consistency are key; the plan is created to ensure them.

Lead Generating Content

We guarantee unique texts that can help you in lead generation. We employ qualified copywriters to work on your articles, people who have previous experience writing text in the same subject matter. If your business is highly specialized, we may use copywriters who work in your or related topics.

Before we start writing the article, we will coordinate the semantics and structure of the text, as well as the main message of the material, with you. As we create the article, we will combine technical requirements and common sense and use keywords in relevant contexts.

When working on texts, we strike a balance between substantive content and search engine optimization of unique content. Our principle is to create texts that will be both useful to a potential customer and moderately optimized for search engines.

We will also select or create visual material to accompany the article. If desired, we can even make videos about your business or product line. The key to success is unique and quality content.

Multilingual Content Marketing

Multilingual promotion is one of our key specializations. If you are planning to enter foreign markets or you want to increase your presence in them, then speak to your customers in their native languages!

Multilingual content marketing is promotion through localization. This does not just mean translating the entire content of a site into a foreign language: it involves adapting the content to suit a particular country's cultural characteristics and the specific nature of its market.

Price of Content Marketing Services

The cost of content promotion depends on the number of professionals working on the project and how much work they do. These professionals are not just copywriters. If necessary, a marketer, content manager, and illustrator can be brought in to work on promotion.

Please review our specialists' service rates and their responsibilities.

ExpertiseCostWhat They Do
Internet Marketer$40/hrStudies demand, competitors, and promotion opportunities. Creates a content strategy.
Content Manager$40/hrCreates a content plan, selects copywriters, draws up technical specifications, monitors assignments, and checks the quality of the text. Selects sites for publications and coordinates the placement of materials.
Copywriter$ 32/1000 tekensStudies your product, topic area, and promotion strategy. Writes text based on the specifications provided.

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