Alconost Nitro Privacy Policy


Alconost is a translation company that owns the Alconost Nitro service.

The service is Alconost Nitro, a live professional translation service.

The Service is administered by Alconost employees who manage and maintain it.

The Client is any user who is 18 years of age or older who has registered to use the Service and places orders in Alconost Nitro.

The Translator is a contractor with the Service who translates texts submitted by the Client.

The payment system is an electronic payment system that the Client uses to deposit funds in the Service (2Checkout, Единая Касса, Webmoney).

This Agreement shall regulate relations between the Service and the Client. The Agreement describes the Service access rights and terms of its use. If the Service is sold, all data shall be transferred to the new owner of Alconost Nitro.

This Agreement comes into force from the moment that the Client accepts the Terms of Use of the Service. Alconost reserves the right to modify the Agreement. It shall notify the Client of all such modifications.

This Agreement loses its force if the Client's account is deleted or the Client has violated the Terms of Use.

Privacy Provisions

The Service administration shall take all measures to ensure the security of data, and it shall not disclose the Client's personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

  • Receipt of an order from an authorized court to disclose information about the Client;
  • Client information is necessary in order to protect Alconost's interests or property.

The Service uses cookies to make it faster and easier for the Client to use. The Service administration is entitled to store visitation logs on its server. All data about the Service is stored on Google App Engine servers, which are governed by Google's Terms of Use. All clients have the right to delete all their data should they wish to discontinue using the Service.

The text that is submitted by the Client for translation or proofreading can be seen any Translator registered in the relevant language pair until a translator accepts the order.

The Translator does not see the Client's personal information. The Translator and the Client may only communicate with each other through the Service. The Client and Translator are forbidden from sharing any personal or contact information with each other. The Service administration has access to all orders.

Client data may be stored on the Service server even after the Client deletes their account. The Service administration can use order information for auditing and statistical purposes as well as to send messages about the Service to the e-mail address that the Client specified at the time of registration.

The Service does not store the Client's passwords or payment information. Payments are processed by a third-party company (2Checkout, Wallet One, Webmoney).

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