Alconost Nitro Terms of Use


Alconost is a translation company that owns the Alconost Nitro service.

The service is Alconost Nitro, a live professional translation service.

The Service is administered by Alconost employees who manage and maintain it.

The Client is any user who is 18 years of age or older who has registered to use the Service and places orders in Alconost Nitro.

The Translator is a contractor with the Service who translates texts submitted by the Client.

The payment system is an electronic payment system that the Client uses to deposit funds in the Service (2Checkout, Единая Касса, Webmoney).

This Agreement shall regulate relations between the Service and the Client and establishes rules for using and accessing the Service. If the Service is sold, all data shall be transferred to the new owner of Alconost Nitro.

The Agreement shall enter into force once the Client agrees to the Terms of Use of the Service. Alconost reserves the right to modify the Agreement. It shall notify the Client of all such modifications.

This Agreement loses its force if the Client's account is deleted or the Client has violated these Terms of Use.

When the Client registers with the Service, it automatically signs up to receive updates about Alconost Nitro and agrees to these Terms of Use.

Intellectual Property

The Client shall retain all rights to the original text and its translation, but the Service Administration shall be entitled to keep all originals and translations.

The Alconost Nitro, Alconost, and Alconost Translations trademarks are the property of Alconost. Unauthorized use of the trademarks listed above is prohibited by copyright law.


When working with the Service, the Client shall allow its personal information to be used in accordance with the Service's Privacy Policy.

Terms of Payment

In order to use the system, the Client must deposit funds in its virtual account on the Service. If the order amount exceeds the amount in the Client's account, the order cannot be executed until the Client adds funds to its account on the Service. When the order status is set to "In queue", the corresponding amount needed to perform the translation project will be blocked out in the Client's account. After the Translator completes the order, the amount of the order will be withdrawn from the Client account on the Service.

The Service does not charge you a fee to replenish funds to your account, but some Payment Systems may charge a fee to transfer funds.

The Service is not responsible for any problems associated with the operation of the Payment Systems.

All services hereunder shall be calculated in United States dollars.

Refund Policy

Funds that are deposited in the Client's account on the Service are not refundable.

Terms Governing the Execution of Orders

The Service Administration cannot guarantee an exact deadline by which orders will be carried out or that every order will be fulfilled. The Service is not liable for delays in fulfilling orders.

The Service Administration reserves the right to refuse service without providing a reason.

The Client can cancel the order if it has not yet been accepted by a Translator (its status is still "In queue").


The Service Administration does not guarantee that the information in translations and proofread texts is error-free, accurate, precise, timely, or complete.

The Service is not liable for the functioning of mail systems or message interception.

The Service undergoes constant testing and refinement, but the Service Administration does not guarantee its error-free operation in any circumstances.

The Service and Translator are not liable for any damage due to the use of delivered translations or proofread texts.

Rights and responsibilities

The Client undertakes to:

  • Pay for Service use.
  • In its orders, exclude information that does not comply with ethical and moral norms.
  • Give only truthful information during registration.
  • Not violate copyright law.
  • Not incite the Translator to work for another company or to cease employment.
  • The Client may only communicate with the Translator through the Serivce. Any attempts by the Customer or the Translator to directly contact each other are strictly prohibited;
  • Not give the login and password for the Service to third parties. All actions under the account will be construed as actions of the Client to which the account belongs.

The Service Administration undertakes to:

  • Provide the Client with live services to translate texts into foreign languages and to proofread them;
  • Protect private information of the Client.
  • Monitor compliance with the Terms of Service.
  • Service the Client's virtual account.

The Service Administration may, at its sole discretion, refuse registration.

The Service Administration may delete any account and halt the completion of orders if the Client violates the Terms of Service.

The Client may discontinue use of the Service at any time and for any reason. The Service Administration reserves the right to delete a Client's account upon the expiry of 2 years since the last log-in. The Client shall be notified of this via e-mail.

If an account is deleted, the balance of the account is not refunded.


All disputes are resolved by the Translator and Client alone. The Service is not liable for losses of the parties. The Service does not review complaints or claims.

The Client shall notify the Translator of any issues within three days of order delivery.

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