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Online advertising consulting

We develop and implement effective multilingual online advertising solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Professional, well-timed advice from a marketing consultant allows you to react intelligently to changes in the market environment and establish a systematic and consistent development concept for your company in both local and international markets.

Our consultants, who are practicing project managers in online advertising, have a deep understanding of today’s market, know all the recent trends, and are constantly improving the effectiveness and profitability of ad campaigns.

When you might need advertising consulting

  • You do not have a full-fledged marketing department.
  • You are experiencing a significant decrease in sales or low ROMI.
  • Your company is entering new markets or developing new products.
  • You are planning branding or rebranding activities.

What we offer

One of our marketing consultants studies your company's product or service in depth, along with the markets you sell to, your competitors, and your customers' needs. Based on the data obtained and their experience with online promotional tools, they compile online marketing recommendations for you.

We work in the following areas:

Website, online advertising and competitor audits

Our consulting services include an audit of your online presence that we also offer as a separate service. A comprehensive audit allows you to take a critical look at your current situation and identify the main errors, weak areas and, most importantly, opportunities for long-term development. The final report includes practical recommendations laid out in a clear format and accompanied by statistical data and visual material.


PPC campaign audit for DataRecoveryTool

Audit and consulting prices

ServiceTotal fee, $
Website audit300
Online advertising audit300
Competitor audit300

Website audit

  • Website investigation:
    • Audience (demographics, user behavior)
    • Sources (traffic sources, ads, cross-channel consistency)
    • Content (behavior flow, page loading times, page statistics)
    • Landing page analysis
    • Analytics (code, integration, conversion)
  • Technical audit
  • Usability analysis

Once the work is complete, you receive a detailed analysis of your website's main technical characteristics in terms of conformity with search engine algorithms (SEO audit), and an analysis of your site’s usability, overall effectiveness, and effectiveness of individual landing pages.

Online advertising audit

  • Marketing analysis:
    • Analysis of current and potential online advertising services
    • Keyword analysis
    • Analysis of ads
    • Analysis of campaign settings
    • Effectiveness of advertising platforms
  • Landing page analysis
  • Analysis of settings on analytics systems you use to track your advertising

An advertising audit gives you a detailed report on all your ad campaigns, their structure and effectiveness, recommendations for optimization, details of unexploited contextual advertising opportunities, and suggestions for optimizing landing pages and web analytics settings. The audit enables you to boost the performance of your advertising, and save money on your marketing budget in future by running your ad campaigns independently.

Competitor audit

  • Analysis of your product and niche
  • Analysis of organic and paid search results (10 main queries)
  • Traffic comparison by competitor
  • Comparative analysis of your website against your competitors’ sites (5 top competitors in organic and paid search results)
  • Detailed analysis of your competitors’ advertising and their sales propositions

The competitor analysis includes a detailed comparison of your product’s online presence against your five main competitors. At the end of the work, you receive a report containing information on your competitors’ main strengths and weaknesses, and a clear vision of your own advantages and promotional opportunities.

Consulting + comprehensive advertising audit

  • Website audit
  • Online advertising audit
  • Competitor audit
  • Consulting

A comprehensive audit provides the most in-depth analysis of your product’s online presence, answers to your questions, a thorough breakdown of our observations and recommendations, and help implementing these. Our consultants prepare and help implement a marketing strategy for online promotion tailored to your needs.

We recommend this service to all our new clients to enable them to make informed decisions about their marketing activities.

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