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Advertising Video Production

We produce animated promo, advertising, and commercial videos with professional 2-D and 3-D custom animation for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and various advertising platforms.

  • Video commercials in any format
  • Promotional videos for any network
  • Marketing videos in any language
  • Video ad series for long-term campaigns
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We produce videos in any advertising format, for any platform, in any aspect ratio.

  • Videos with animated graphics, music, sounds, and native voiceover.
  • Promo videos lasting 6, 15, or 30 seconds, or your own custom duration.
  • Horizontal, square, vertical, or any other format.

The video may also include gameplay recording, software product screenshots, or excerpts of live footage.



  • Advertising videos that play before, during, or after other videos.
  • Skippable and non-skippable ads: bumper ads, pre-roll ads and more.

Facebook and Instagram video ads

  • Facebook video ads for Feeds, In-Stream
  • Instagram video ads for Stories, Feed, Explore

Videos for ad networks

  • Promo videos for advertising platforms, including mobile ad networks
  • Customized video production
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Examples of animated promotional videos for business

Add variety to your promotional campaign with a video ad series

Showcase different features

Various segments of the target audience may be drawn to different aspects of your product.

Let us create several versions of your promo video to demonstrate various features of your product or to emphasize different advantages.

Speak the language of your audience

Your audience may consist of people in different countries who speak different languages.

Let us localize your promotional videos. We work only with native-speaking translators and voiceover artists.

Use more ad formats

Advertising formats have specific duration limits – for example, up to 6, 15, or 30 seconds.

Let us produce your video in various durations, so you can take advantage of more video commercial formats.

Get versions for A/B testing

A/B testing can help you find out which version of the animated promo is a high-performance selling video.

Let us produce as many versions of your marketing video as you need, with different characters, calls to action, or button colors.

Promovideo bestellen

If you need animated video commercials for an app or game, you can learn more here:

Video commercial development: the cost, the process, and what determines them

Does the advertising video production cost depend on the duration of the сlip?

At Alconost, we don’t charge a flat rate for screen time. The less labor is needed to produce or modify a specific scene for an advertising video, the lower the price. For example, 5 seconds of 3-D object animation may require as much labor as 15 seconds of screenshot animation. That’s why a simple promotional video lasting 30 seconds could cost the same as a more complex video lasting 15 seconds.

What part do I play in the advertising video production process?

There are three things we need from you:

  • The brief. At the very outset, we’ll provide you with a short questionnaire to fill out. The information you provide to us will be our springboard for developing the concept for your video, and will provide us with guidelines for the requirements the video should meet.
  • The product. We’ll ask you to show us your product that will be the focus of the video. If you want to feature specific assets, like the product logo or other graphics, we’ll ask you to provide us with source artwork suitable for the animation.
  • Your feedback. You can monitor the intermediate results and request adjustments. We move forward to the next stage of commercial video production only after you approve the results at the current stage.

What about workflow, timeline, and pricing for a single promotional video?

When we create a single promotional video, here’s how our single video workflow is employed:

  • You will approve the intermediate result after each stage. On this page you can delve deeper into the workflow for single video production.
    1. Scriptwriting and, if needed, script translation
    2. Storyboarding
    3. Narration recording
    4. Music selection
    5. Animation
    6. Sound design
  • Turnaround time for a single video depends on the quantity of scenes, complexity of animation, and approval speed on your end.

    Usually it takes 1–2 weeks to produce a 30-second video commercial with simple animation in 2-D, or 3–4 weeks to create a 30-second video with complex animation or 3-D elements.

  • The pricing for a single video depends on the number of scenes and animation complexity. The exact budget is determined at the scriptwriting stage.

We create varied, eye-popping video content for ad campaigns

Wat zijn enkele redenen om een reeks promotionele video's te bestellen?

In contrast to a single advertising video, a series of promotional videos for business will enable you to:

  1. Reach different segments of your audience. Each video in the series could be aimed at a specific group of potential customers.
  2. Boost performance of a long-term advertising campaign. A variety of video content can help the campaign not to “burn out.”
  3. Save on commercial video production. The more versions of a video there are, the lower the cost of each version.

And what about workflow, timeline, and pricing for a promotional video series?

  • Here’s our workflow for video ad series production:

    1. Scriptwriting for all videos in the series and, if needed, translation of the scripts.
    2. Storyboarding for the main video in the series.
    3. Music selection and narration recording for all video commercials in the series.
    4. Animation for the main promotional video.
    5. Sound design for the main video.
    6. Animation of all remaining videos in the series.
    7. Sound design similar to that of the main video ad.

    After each stage the intermediate result will be presented to you for approval.

  • Turnaround time for a video series depends on how many versions of the video there will be and how fast you approve intermediate results.

    Usually a video with simple animation lasting 15 seconds or less takes 3–5 business days to create, and several versions of it could be rolled out daily.

  • Pricing for series production depends on the specific differences between the variations.

The idea of a promotional video series sounds tempting, but I need much more variety than just different taglines. Is this something you can help me with?

It definitely is. We produce diverse commercial video content so you can replenish your advertising campaign with animated videos, either completely brand-new or slightly refreshed, on a regular basis. Here’s how the advertising video production process goes in this scenario. To start with, we’ll produce the first batch of video commercials. You’ll implement them into your campaign and evaluate their performance. Then we create subsequent batches in the style most likely to resonate with your target audience. This approach enables you to make the most of the ideas that elicit the most positive audience response, as well as test new concepts. In the case study below you can learn more about how it works and check out several different striking examples.

22 promotionele video's voor de advertentiecampagne voor de mobiele game Spin Voyage


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