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Social media marketing

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Multilingual social media marketing

We work with many different languages. Why is this important? The number of non-English speakers  in the online world is on the rise. Competition in local markets is increasing. If your company communicates with your audience in their language, you gain more customers and earn their trust.

We meticulously analyze the audience of each target country and adapt the overall social media strategy, positioning, content plans, texts, design, and presentation, taking into account local cultural specifics, client requests, news trends, and significant events.

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The benefits of multilingual SMM

  • Social media marketing works on live platforms with massive audiences and active followers eager to recommend you.
  • It promotes your brand's advantages in various formats with practically no limits, yielding a constant flow of high-quality leads.
  • It evaluates competitors, feedback, demand, and real-time preferences to enhance your brand's image.
  • It delivers content directly to your target audience through efficient, creative ad campaigns and engaging interactions with clients.

Social media agency advantage

  1. Alconost is a one-stop multilingual SMM outsourcing company for a wide range of services in different countries.
  2. Years of experience in international SMM to help your business achieve global success.
  3. A strategic, data-driven approach to social media marketing based on flexible methodology.
  4. A cohesive team of professional English-speaking SMM experts from around the world.
  5. A commitment to process transparency and achieving clear, measurable results.

Alconost engages across social networks



One of the world’s most popular social platforms, the majority of its users are adults under 35 years of age. With the potential to reach over 1 billion monthly active users, our Instagram strategy emphasizes entertaining visual content, videos, and stories.



Facebook's audience comprises over 3 billion users aged 20 to 50. Our approach here focuses on delivering highly informative quality textual content. When engaging in Facebook SMM and page management, our goal is to initiate and sustain discussions while discreetly moderating.



Designed for professional networking and career growth, LinkedIn has amassed a user base of over 500 million across 150+ business sectors globally. It’s a serious platform for those seeking professional connections. Our LinkedIn strategy showcases your expertise and cultivates a business-oriented image.



With over 400 million users, Twitter stands as a robust B2B tool for partner and client communication. Most active Twitter followers hail from Western corporations. Posting styles are aligned with your brand essence and the audience portrait.



The youngest and trendiest social network, TikTok is an app for sharing short videos. Approaching 1 billion users worldwide, it demands bold and edgy strategies. TikTok's potential to turn you into a youth idol is remarkable.



Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform that allows users to explore and save ideas related to various interests. It has acquired a significant user base with over 450 million monthly active users, particularly among individuals seeking inspiration when planning their hobbies, events, and projects.



YouTube is the largest video platform with 2 billion users, perfect for showcasing your video content. We will assist you in creating and promoting captivating YouTube videos to capture the attention of millions of viewers and strengthen your brand.

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Social media marketing services

We offer a wide range of multilingual social media services, including strategy development, management, content creation, community engagement, ad setup and optimization, influencer outreach, and much more. We'll help strengthen your brand's presence, engage your audience, and achieve your goals.


SMM research and analysis

In-depth analysis of your product/service and key competitors: monitoring and evaluation of competitor services and audience responses, identification of your strengths and areas for improvement, and comprehensive research into your business niche.


Creative idea development

We craft a standout concept that sets your company apart and resonates with your core audience and targeted segments, employing a unified approach to creating and maintaining your brand's social media presence.


Social media campaign planning

Marketing and financial planning: creation of content plans, channel acquisition analytics, detailed budget calculations, and influencer selection. Definition of business goals and KPIs.


Multilingual social media strategy

Creative social media marketing strategy development: definition of categories, visual account styling, tone of voice, audience interaction mechanics, brainstorming on collaborations, and viral content ideas.


Design and copywriting

Regular text composition and visual creation, photo editing, and video editing for posts and stories. Preparation of a grid with visual post layout and scheduling (using a table with dates, topics, and posting times).


Social media management

Posting of posts/stories on social media as per the campaign plan and content schedule, management of comments and feedback, audience engagement. Creation, design, and population of groups and channels.


Subscriber engagement

Tag selection, viral posts, collaboration with other pages, reciprocal PR, contests, interaction with opinion leaders in the blogosphere, participation in marathons and collaborations, posting in external groups, and community management.


Reporting and analytics

Collection of data on social media progress. Compilation and submission of campaign performance and activity reports. Analysis and interpretation of the collected data. Adjustment of overall strategy and campaigns.


Targeted advertising

Setup and configuration of advertising accounts, compilation and refinement of campaign audiences, preparation of ad creatives (graphic and textual), and launching, monitoring, and analysis of advertising campaigns.


SMM content translation

Our professional translators will accurately convey your brand identity across different languages, attracting and engaging your audience worldwide. We'll make your content accessible and approachable for everyone.


Multilingual SMM consulting

Multilingual social media marketing consulting provides strategic guidance and expertise in effectively reaching diverse audiences across different languages and cultures. Our services ensure a tailored approach to social media marketing that resonates with global clientele.

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Social media marketing experts

Our English-speaking team of SMM professionals from diverse countries and cultures attracts followers, creates viral posts, forms partnerships with bloggers, and designs creative contests. We don't just talk about your brand; we craft stories that capture the hearts of users worldwide.


Social media manager

Oversees contributors, deadlines, and KPIs. Ensures that everything is running smoothly, efficiently, and without hiccups. Decides when, what, and under which hashtag to post.


Targeting specialist

Sets up campaigns, knows the target audience, is well versed in locations and competitors, and knows the market, making your advertising effective.


Marketing specialist

Analyzes data and provides detailed reports on work completed, the market, and competitors. Adjusts strategies in a timely manner as needed.



Develops logos and corporate styles, creates graphics, provides endless ideas and inspiration. Swiftly produces presentations that are attractive, comprehensible, and stylish.



Crafts superb texts for posts, slogans, descriptions, naming, and graphic briefs. Contributes to content plan development, strategies, and tone of voice.


Native translator

Translates and revises posts and descriptions. Assists other specialists in working with the local market and audiences.

Together let's use multilingual social media to transform virtual worlds into real-world success for your brand!

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Social media marketing agency pricing

The cost of our SMM packages is tailored to your company's goals and specific needs. We conduct a thorough audit and craft an optimized task list to ensure that our work is effective and cost-efficient.

Contact us for a detailed breakdown of our SMM services. We'll swiftly conduct an audit, align on the necessary services, and provide a comprehensive cost estimate for your social media marketing campaign.

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Social media marketing cases

Read some of our digital marketing case studies. We’d like to create something special for you, too!

An SEO Work List For The Android Mobile Developer
  • Client: An SEO Work List For The Android Mobile Developer
  • Services: SEO
  • Languages: EN
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Multilingual Advertising for the Alvadi Online Auto Parts Store
  • Client: Alvadi
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN, RU
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Semrush Competitor Analysis
  • Client: LED Video Walls Solutions Semrush Competitor Analysis
  • Services: Competitor analysis, consulting Competitor analysis, consulting
  • Languages: EN
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Article promotion for a cryptocurrency service
  • Client: Ethereum token explorer
  • Services: Content promotion
  • Languages: EN, ES, FR, TUR, RU
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Competitors' website analysis
  • Client: Gaming equipment manufacturer
  • Services: Consulting, SEO
  • Languages: EN
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Contextual advertising for the "TradeVoyage" travel agency
  • Client: Trade Voyage
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN, RU
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How Google Adwords calculates cost per click, and how to reduce this
  • Client: Alconost
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN
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Initial SEO audit
  • Client: Software developer
  • Services: SEO, consulting
  • Languages: EN
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Pay Per Click Landing Pages
  • Client: Bamboo group
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN
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PPC advertising for KooRaRoo Media
  • Client: KooRaRoo Media
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN
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PPC Promotion for Supreme Hot Bot
  • Client: Supreme Hot Bot
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN, RU
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Product Launch Consulting Based on a Study of Search Demand
  • Client: IT company with online security product
  • Services: Advertising consulting services
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Promoting the MobiDB Database Designer app using PPC advertising
  • Client: Enterra
  • Services: PPC
  • Languages: EN
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Search Queries Analysis and Adjusting Promotion Strategy
  • Client: Japanese soaking tubs seller
  • Services: SEO, consulting
  • Languages: EN
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Configuring Google Analytics for the Dr. Bormental clinic
  • Client: Doctor Bormental
  • Services: Web-Analytics
  • Languages: EN, RU
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International SMM FAQ

What is multilingual SMM?

Multilingual SMM is a social media marketing strategy aimed at engaging audiences from different countries and cultural backgrounds. It involves creating and optimizing content in various languages to reach an international audience.

What are the benefits of a multilingual SMM agency?

A multilingual social media marketing agency can expand your audience, enhance global brand recognition, and boost your clients’ engagement by delivering content in their native languages. Instead of having just one SMM specialist working for you, or even a regular SMM team, you’ll have a team of experts with managers from different countries. Promote your product or service in all the countries and languages you need with just one agency — effectiveness guaranteed!

Which social media platforms are suitable for multilingual SMM?

We work with various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest to connect with audiences in different countries. Additionally, we can offer video marketing on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. For detailed information, please contact us through the form on our website.

What types of content are included in multilingual social media marketing?

We create diverse content, including posts, articles, videos, audio, graphics, and interactive elements adapted to different languages. Generally, post text and graphics are included in the price, while articles, audio, and video are offered at an additional cost.

How do you determine the target audience for each language?

We analyze your business and market, then use keyword research and locations to precisely define your target audience for each language.

How do you ensure cultural alignment and the proper tone for each language?

Typically, we have a dedicated specialist for each market who thoroughly studies your niche and understands the cultural specifics of the country. They apply the appropriate linguistic and cultural nuances when adapting content.

How do you measure the success of multilingual SMM?

We mainly use metrics such as engagement, follower growth, conversion, and overall reach to gauge campaign effectiveness. We can also discuss other key performance indicators that are important to you.

Which countries and languages do you work with?

We serve clients from various countries who speak all different languages, including English, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and many others. While we can translate campaigns into over 120 languages, complete management requires native-speaking specialists. We’ll go over all the details with you beforehand.

What other services do you offer besides multilingual SMM?

We provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services in different languages, including strategic planning, management, content creation, analytics, and consultation.

Multilingual Marketing

International SEO

Content Marketing Services

Contextual Advertising

Web Analytics for Multilingual Websites

Landing Page Development

How can I start implementing multilingual SMM with your team?

Simply reach out to us via our contact form or email, and our team will be happy to discuss your needs and develop a customized multilingual SMM strategy for your business.

How much do social media services cost, and what factors affect the price?

The table below gives approximate prices for services and various specialists. Keep in mind that the final cost may vary depending on project size, expertise of the specialists involved, etc. Contact us for a more precise estimate.

Service/ExpertStarting CostWhat They Do
Social media marketing specialist$1200/monthAudits existing accounts, develops an SMM strategy, develops a content plan, writes posts (20 per month), works with opinion leaders, adjusts the strategy.
Copywriting (price per 1000 symbols depending on the language)$20 - $60The copywriter studies your product, topic and promotion strategy, then writes texts in accordance with your TOR.
Selection of 10 influencers or bloggers$100Selection of opinion leaders, coordination and management of collaboration.
Designer or video editor$40/hourWorks in accordance with the TOR.
Audience interaction (EN, DE, PT)$40/hourDirect responses to comments.
Setup and maintenance of targeted advertising$400/monthCost is for one system in one language; funds are added by you separately to your advertising account.
Advertising campaign localization/translation$30–60/hourCost depends on the language pair selected and the expertise of the translator.

Please note that the rates listed are for a single ad network and language account.

Management of additional networks increases the cost by 20%, and each additional language adds 50% to the cost.

Which social network is best for our business?

The choice of the best social network for your business depends on various factors, including your target audience, industry, goals, and content type. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer diverse user demographics and engagement options, making them suitable for different businesses. If your business focuses on short, creative videos and targets a younger audience, TikTok might be a great fit. Twitter is known for real-time updates and is ideal for sharing news and engaging in conversations, while Pinterest is popular for visually appealing content and works well for industries like fashion, food, and design. It's essential to conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience's preferences and behavior to determine which platform aligns best with your brand's objectives and helps you effectively reach and engage with your desired audience.


Alconost provides global SMM outsourcing for businesses worldwide!

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We collaborate with Local SMM specialists

Here at Alconost we specialize in multilingual SMM. This means we recognize the importance of having local specialists in each country who possess native-level proficiency in their respective languages. Proficiency in English is also a must for effective communication within the team. Their expertise and experience help us to develop and implement successful multilingual social media marketing strategies. Our partnerships with bilingual local specialists ensures content accuracy and relevance for each region, while helping us to better understand the target audience and adapt our marketing approach to cultural nuances. Our collaboration achieves outstanding results and helps our clients succeed on a global scale.

If you're interested in joining our team, please explore our job vacancies.

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