Multilingual SEO services

We offer search engine optimization for multilingual websites. We conduct full SEO audits and basic website optimization. We improve website usability, develop an international promotion strategy and analyze statistics... We offer a total of around 200 functions as part of our Global SEO service. Our goal is not merely to develop a proper strategy and quality content for you, rather, we look for ways to earn back the funds you have invested in multilingual promotion (ROI) and increase your profits.

Content promotion

We mainly focus our promotion efforts on content. If your website has quality content, the user will become convinced that they have come to the right address. Interesting articles on properly selected internet resources will attract an already warmed up target audience to your site. In addition to the orders that you receive through multilingual content promotion, you will improve visitor behavioral factors that will raise your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

International SEO specialists

Our main specialization is the promotion of websites in Russian and other languages ​​around the world. We have the necessary skills and tools and, most importantly, a well-coordinated team of English-speaking SEO experts and professional translators. Our unique and sophisticated system allows us to provide superior Russian-language and multilingual SEO for a more affordable price than the offerings of the rest of the market.

Project analytics

We obtain insights for promotion based on the analysis of the obtained data. The better the target indicators (KPIs) are thought out and configured, the more detailed the picture. We pay careful attention to the analytics. We see the whole picture, and can recognize when certain actions need to be taken, from optimizing the landing page to improving the project monetization model.

Client input

We assume responsibility for managing the project, but we believe that it is impossible to provide high-quality website promotion services without the involvement and expert input of the client. SEO promotion will no longer be a wild card factor in your business. For each project, we set up a Trello + Slack integration, which allows you to track the whole process. You can participate in the project and monitor the results.

Order of project steps:

  • Completion of briefing and discussion of project
  • SEO audit (including the following information):
    • Key website indicators
    • Statistical analysis
    • Technical audit
    • Internal optimization analysis
    • Analysis of external factors
    • Usability analysis
    • Competitor analysis
  • Preparing price quote and approval of SEO tasks
  • Website promotion (stages):
    • Website optimization:
      • Determine starting point
      • Determine target indicators
      • Corrections to audit
      • Improving usability
      • System integration (CRM/call tracking/offline transactions, etc.)
    • Internal factors:
      • In-depth study of semantics
      • Determination of regions for promotion
      • Formulation of website structure
      • Content optimization
      • Creating content and new pages
    • External factors:
      • Creating link profile
      • Preparing content plan
      • Article promotion
      • Social factors
      • Additional traffic
    • Result analysis and any necessary adjustments

You know that it's time to choose Alconost when:

  • you realized that the time of content promotion has come;
  • you need to promote your site in Russian in Russian speaking countries;
  • you have a multilingual site that needs to be optimized;
  • you no longer want to worry about multilingual SEO;
  • you want to understand the promotion process and the value proposition.

SЕО services сost

Tariff Language Cost Hours $/h
Strong RU/EN 2400 80 30,0
ExtraLang 1500 50 30,0
ExtraRegion 1200 40 30,0
Medium RU/EN 1800 60 30,0
ExtraLang 900 30 30,0
ExtraRegion 600 20 30,0
Light RU/EN 1200 40 30,0
Belarus Russian 900 30 30,0
  • Monthly minimums are indicated above.
  • Final pricing based on audit results and approved tasks.
  • Minimum contract term is 4 months.
  • Quoted price includes work performed by the project manager, SEO specialist, and proofreading of the materials by native speakers (of Russian and other languages).
  • Translation into the desired language, copywriting/rewriting, publishing of articles on external resources, and programming services are available for an extra fee.

Final costs are individually determined and depend on:

  • type of work that you can entrust to us;
  • subject matter and level of competition;
  • utilization of additional sources of traffic;
  • number of promoted pages and the size of the semantic core;
  • number of search engines (Yandex, Google, Bing, Yahoo) where the website will be promoted;
  • uniqueness of the texts;
  • website type (business card site, corporate portal or online store);
  • timeframe (how much time it will take to promote your site to the top);
  • geography of promotion (regional or international);
  • set of promotional services or individual services that have been ordered.

Please contact us for a customized quote.

Additional services

Please note

Just as translating your website into another language does not guarantee that your business will grow, bringing your website in line with search engine requirements and user expectations does not guarantee an increase in profits.

Success is always made up of several components. We can only ensure one of them.

We do not offer magic solutions and empty promises, but thoughtful and painstaking work to improve your site and presence on the Internet. We offer our service so that at the same time you can focus on your success factor: improving your business!

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