Localization of the websites of Aviasales, Jetradar, and Hotellook

Logo of Jetradar

Aviasales and Jetradar are online services that allow you to search for and purchase plane tickets at the lowest possible prices.

The Hotellook Service complements these two services by letting you compare offerings and book rooms at more than 250,000 hotels.

Alconost Translations localized these sites (the resource .po files) into 3 languages (French, Spanish, and German) and then validated the integrated translations.

You can see the results of our work as well as the resources themselves on the actual websites:

  • aviasales.ru,
  • jetradar.com,
  • hotellook.ru.

Nikita Kirgintsev, JetRadar Project Manager:

Photo of Nikita Kirgintsev, JetRadar Project Manager

"I liked how quickly the guys were able to help with the localization of our websites into other languages.

The project had a tight deadline, and the translations were prepared in a matter of days. They were also able to help with the proofreading of the other languages that were translated by another service.

I recommend Alconost to everyone who is preparing to expand their services on a regional level.

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