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Website translation

We translate websites into multiple languages.

When working on a website, the translator sees the pages from the inside, at source code level (usually HTML). Besides the visible text, all other text elements are translated, including the “title”, “keywords”, and “description” metatags and “alt” and “title” image attributes. Our translators have a full understanding of different encodings and use these correctly by specifying them in headers.

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Website translation and search engine optimization

It's well known that search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, and others are the main traffic sources for most sites. Good SEO, focused on “promotional” keywords, is by far the most effective type of advertising. Our translators know about this and apply this knowledge when working on website translations. Specify key phrases related to your website, and the translator will emphasize these and equivalent phrases (and variations) in the translation.

Website translation formats

We deliver translated texts to you in the same format as the original or in a format of your choice. We translate in HTML, PHP, XML, JavaScript, and other popular formats. We also have hands-on experience of translating databases (SQL dumps). If your site uses a CMS and you can provide us with access to it, our translators can translate your website text online.

All our translations are carried out by professional native-speaker translators.

Price calculation

The price of localization and translation is calculated based on the amount of text (number of characters, including spaces). You can view our translation rates here. Tags, keywords, and formatting are not taken into account.


Source text Pure text for price calculation No. of characters, incl. spaces
We <a href=”https://alconost.com/services/software-localization”>localize mobile apps</a> and create promotional <a href=”https://alconost.com/video”>videos</a>. We localize mobile apps and create promotional videos. 54

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Discounts are offered on large translations.

Discounts on localization and translation
Total length
(length indicated in number of characters, including spaces)
Over 25,000 2%
Over 100,000 3%
Over 250,000 4%
Over 500,000 5%

The source text often contains fragments that are 100% identical to each other (paragraphs, sentences). A discount of 70% is given on the translation of these fragments. The translator still spends time on each occurrence, checking the context and formatting.

Ongoing string translation

For translating small texts or individual strings (which appear as new versions of a program are released), we have the perfect solution: Alconost Nitro, our rapid online professional translation service.

Copywriting and rewriting

Need more than a simple translation? We can recreate a text from scratch in the language of your choice, express your thoughts in different words, write an entirely new text, or combine texts from multiple sources.

Success Stories

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Translation and localization tools we use

CAT Tools — programs that help automate the translation process

  • SDL Trados
  • SDL Passolo
  • OmegaT
  • Sisulizer
  • Poedit
  • MemoQ

Cloud platforms (online collaborative translation tools):

  • Webtranslateit
  • Crowdin
  • GetLocalization
  • Google Translator Toolkit

Tools for editing files of different types with different encoding:

  • Notepad++
  • EmEditor
  • Sublime Text
  • WinMerge
  • Resource Tuner
  • MS Office
  • Google Docs

Project Manager

With Alconost, your localization project is run by a dedicated Project Manager, who:

  • Studies your material and the specifics of the text in depth
  • Agrees a price, taking repetitions into consideration and calculating any discounts
  • Chooses a team of translators and editors with the necessary specialisms
  • Controls deadlines
  • Takes care of the quality, formatting and consistency of the completed translations
  • Manages the glossary and translation memory
  • Organizes linguistic quality testing
  • Prepares all the necessary accompanying documents (agreement, invoice, PO)
  • Is available practically 24/7 to answer your questions

Your Project Manager is your “single point of contact”, with whom you can resolve all your questions regarding the project. If your Project Manager becomes unavailable for some reason, another Project Manager will replace them straight away at the same email address.

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  • "Alconost helped us create our first video for our product, and I must say that they did an excellent job. It was nice to see the dedication that your team put into the work: they not only made the video itself, but they also contributed their own ideas, making the result much better than it was originally conceived. I would recommend Alconost to anyone who wants to make high-quality videos for their companies or brands."
    — Anand Kansal, PushCrew