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Video Production Stages and How You Participate

Ordering a video for your product? We bet you're raring to know what awaits as we work together over the next two to five weeks. In a nutshell: we create a script, voiceover, storyboard, graphics, animation, and music. We get your approval at each step of the way so that you know exactly what the final result will be like.

Here is a more detailed outline:

0. Preliminary

You give us a general idea of your product, how you plan to use the video, and what results you expect. We jointly figure out which type of video is best for your situation: trailer, getting started video, explainer video, presentation, tutorial, or something else.

1. Design Brief

We send you an online document containing a design brief. Please fill out this design brief, answering our questions about the product and your vision for how to promote it. Usually this takes 30 minutes or less.

2. Idea and script

We develop and obtain your approval for:

  • Video idea and story;
  • Draft script with general description of the visuals and voiceover text;
  • Final script with detailed description of the visuals and voiceover text.

2.5 Script translation

If the video is to be produced in English or another foreign language, we will translate the voiceover and on-screen text. Translation is performed by native speakers who regularly work with us at Alconost Translations, so we can guarantee high quality. And as always, during the approval stage you are welcome to make suggestions and ask questions regarding the translation.

We can write scripts in the language that is most convenient for you (such as English if you do not have any team members who speak Russian).

3. Storyboard

We will draw (and obtain your approval for) sketches of characters and complex 3D objects. Then we prepare a storyboard with frames corresponding to key moments in the video. We make the storyboard as close to the final video as possible, to ensure that you can see the color scheme, fonts, graphics, and characters that will be used in the video.

4. Voiceover

Select a voice that you like (listen to our voice-over artists), and we will record the voice-over text. If you have requests on how particular terms, names, abbreviations, or unusual words should be read, please notify us prior to recording.

5. Music

We propose several tracks available on special music sites. You select one of them and we buy it.

We can also compose music ourselves. This is more expensive and time-consuming than purchasing an existing track, but you can be sure that your music will be one-of-a-kind.

6. Animation

When we work on 3D video projects, we create a draft animation with simplified graphics (no shadows, reflections, or textures) and send it for your approval. For simple videos, we directly make a final animation without draft versions.

7. Audio postproduction

We tweak the voiceover and music so that they sound good together and accentuate key events in the video.

8. Delivery

We send you the final video with excellent quality and high resolution.

9. Release and promotion

We add the video to our YouTube channel. We may create and post a case study about your video and the process of creating it on our site. We may write a post about the video for our blog on Habrahabr.ru or for other online news sites.

What now?

Check out sample videos that we have created by following this process. Read about our prices, payment (and pre-payment) conditions, stage-by-stage client approval process, and more. If you have questions, write us at video@alconost.com. Even better, click the shiny green button below and we will get back to you right away.

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