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Animated video production services

  • Custom animated videos for apps, games, products, and brands
  • Streamlined process from concept to design
  • Voice-overs in multiple languages by professional, native-speaking voice talent
  • Localization of videos for any target language
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  • We’ve been creating animated videos for business since 2011
  • Over the years we’ve produced over 1000 videos
  • For over 200 companies
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Examples of Our Videos

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For App Store and Google Play
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All Videos
For App Store and Google Play
Game Trailers
App and Service Videos
Video Presentations
Advertising Videos
Tutorial Videos
Branding Videos
Infographic videos
Explainer Videos
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The Video Production Timeline and You

We handle the entire creative process from start to finish, concept to voice acting.

We prepare a script and record the voice-over, make the storyboard and select music, add in animations and sound effects.

We approve the preliminary results with you, the customer, at each step.

Videos on average take 1–6 weeks to complete, depending on the video type and how quickly we get your feedback and approval on all the intermediate steps in the process.

Breaking it all down, the timeline looks something like this...

1 day
1–3 days
1–8 days
Voice Actor
1 day
1 day
3–10 days
Add Audio
1 day

How do you price videos?

A Video is a series of scenes.

A scene is 3–5 events in a single setting. A change of setting or large number of events signals the start of the next scene.

Simple scenes cost less and complex ones cost more.

The video’s budget will depend on the number and complexity of scenes and will be determined during the script writing process.

Animated video production costs include: script writing, translation of the script, voice recording, purchasing a voice track, storyboarding, animation, and audio.

Find out more details and pricing for video production here...

Sample Script and PricingCost, $
1Scene with animated characters, illustration of a problem, or other complex graphic

8 seconds, complex

2Scene with a logo, infographic, bullet points, charts, lists or other simple graphics

4 seconds, simple

3Scene using 3D-models of a figure or environment

9 seconds, 3D

4Scene with animated product screenshots

15 seconds, screencast

5Scene with product logo, site URL, contact information

5 seconds, variation of scene 2

Total: $1430
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We work with professional, native-speaking voice actors to record your texts.

The voice acting style is up to you: whether you’re looking for a neutral narration or a unique, edgy, colorful style.

We can record and fit voiceover audio to specific timing, cut and paste in audio tracks, and add special effects as needed.

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We also create video subtitles in any language.

We can add, stitch, and time-align subtitles to your video footage as needed. This is included in the video price.



What resolution are your videos in?

By default we produce videos in Full HD 1920х1080 (16:9 aspect ratio). This format is ideal for Youtube. If you need a different format, size, or resolution for specific ad platforms, please indicate your exact specs in the design brief!

We updated or released a new version of our product — can we update our video?

If you’ve updated your app interface or added new features, you don’t need to order a new video from scratch. We can update your existing video by, for example, replacing screenshots or adding frames and scenes. This saves on the costs of creating a new video from scratch. Just let us know when you release a new product version and we’ll get you pricing for your updated video.

How does video localization work?

We localize videos in any language, starting by translating the script into the desired target language. Then we replace all text elements that appear in the video, record audio and voiceover in the target language and sync it with the animation. Finally, we add music and align it with the new timing. Now foreign audiences will be able to view and appreciate your video in their native language, catching every detail easily and naturally, as we only use native-speaking translators and voice talent.

The cost of video localization depends on difficulty and time spent: for example, we may not always be able to recapture screenshots. On average, though, a full video localization budget will be around 50–80% of the cost of producing the original video.

What our clients say

We have localized over 1,500 projects and produced 1,000+ videos. Let's make something special for you too!


We needed a new video for social-media ad campaigns. Alconost delivered a 20-second animated video in different resizes (1x1, 9x16, 16x9) with subtitles in English and other languages. The video was a perfect fit for our campaigns! All tasks were thoroughly discussed with us, and all assets were delivered on time. They're proactive, good listeners and always ready to help.

Ecwid by Lightspeed

Elizaveta Novoselova, Digital Marketing Specialist


It’s an A+ company for animation! Certain types of animation are outside of the scope of what we can do in-house, and Alconost bridges that gap. The entire team at Alconost was fantastic and made the entire process of creating a custom animation extremely easy. I can't wait to hire them again!

Empire Studios

Chris Bryant, Creative Director


Alconost helped us create an explainer video for the Jitsu platform. We know nothing about how to make promo videos. Alconost made the promotional explainer video for us pretty fast. The quality of the final product was outstanding!


Vladimir Klimontovich, Founder & CEO


The goal was to create the main trailer for Freenergy, our game on Steam. We selected Alconost over others because of their high ratings and because their pricing fit our budget. During the production process, they often showed us intermediate results, and made changes upon our request. They did all well and on time.


Ilia Miroedov, Indie game developer


Alconost produced animation for two 30-second video ads about our data collaboration platform called Observable. The Alconost team responded to all our requests in a timely way, and they created assets that align with our needs. They’re professional and stay on schedule. They delivered great video production services. Highly recommend.


Maria Ciampa, Head of Content Marketing


The video created by Alconost is featured on our home page and gives an idea of what our software is about. We highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an explainer video for their software. Affordable service, best price on the market. Excellent quality. Excellent communication. Top-notch company and people.

Remote Utilities

Marat M., Sales and Marketing VP


Alconost delivered a top-notch video for our SaaS in a few weeks time with high-quality animations and a quick but effective voiceover and proofread script. What I liked the most was that they're able to work independently and give you recommendations at the same time. Would definitely recommend this company, and will be working with them for future videos.


Alex Granados, Product Marketing Manager


We came to Alconost to make a short video to demonstrate our application. It was easy and pleasant to work with them, all deadlines were met, and they recommended interesting ideas and improvements while producing the video. The video was received positively by the audience, and it was a good value for cost.

Salute Solutions Oy

Dmitrii Ershov, CEO


We needed a video to use on our website to help educate our target audience on exactly what problems we solve and how we can help them. Alconost helped us to create our animated explainer video. We’re very happy with the final video, and it’s very reasonably priced for the quality!


Haley Martin, VP of Marketing


We got a great video clip for our mobile application. We want to use it on the website and in app descriptions on Google play and App Store. It is the best company for creating a video clip for your product! What we like best about them is quality, responsible manager, and timeliness.


Sergei Shishkin, CEO


We’ve worked with Alconost for many years now. The fact that we can go to the same company to translate a website, an interface, or technical documentation, create a video clip, or record a voice-over isn’t just convenient — it’s extremely convenient.


Dmitry Davydov, Chief Marketing Officer


We needed to create a promo video for our casual game for the App Store and Google Play. We decided to turn to Alconost since the videos in their portfolio looked great. We got an extensive consultation about the workflow. They then created a script for us, and we got a cool video even before the stated deadline! Satisfied with the process and result. These guys know their business!

Godsend Games

Alex T., Game Developer


We looked at several studios that make explainer videos, Alconost came up in a search. We liked the samples of their work. The folks at Alconost took our requests into account and implemented them in the script in a way that kept the video budget from ballooning. Our team was pleased with the final version of the explainer video, we've already started using it in our marketing communications.


Oleg Lukinov, Co-Founder


Alconost managed to explain what SOLIDU does in a clear, simple manner. The CSR video they produced for us features fantastic animation! It’s visually stunning, and it powerfully conveys our mission and impact. Kudos to the talented team for their outstanding work! They delivered the project in a remarkably quick manner, exceeding our expectations. Highly recommended!


Vaiva Zvirblyte, Founder


They produced a video showing our new digital product. We at Wonder Workshop are very happy with our new video! The video production process was clear. We were given multiple options for the voice-over, music, and more. Great video production!

Wonder Workshop

Carlos Medina Ruvalcaba, Online Marketer


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