Localization of iOS applications

We localize iOS apps into foreign languages, and we perform linguistic testing in localized environments and inside localized versions of the operating system.

All translations and localization testing are performed by professional translators who are native speakers.

In order to make it technically possible to localize your iOS app, make sure that you follow Apple's iOS localization guidelines during the development process.

How iOS apps are localized

The ideal scenario for localizing an iOS app is as follows:

  1. You create an iOS localization project on a cloud platform (Crowdin, Transifex, WebtranslateIt, Oneskyapp) and then upload the string resource files for your app (iOS .strings).
  2. Write to us at alpha@alconost.com or request a price quote. Please provide us with the link to your project in the cloud platform and a link to your app in the App Store or TestFlight so that we can download it and test it.
  3. Alconost will assign a personal localization project manager to your project. He will ask questions, calculate the project cost, select translators, monitor compliance with deadlines, and provide support throughout the entire project.
  4. The manager will pick a team consisting of the most suitable translators and invite them to work on your project.
  5. Every translator will download the app and learn how it works and what needs to be translated.
  6. The translator will translate strings in the cloud platform and ask questions as they arise.
  7. A second translator-editor will check the translation for any possible typos and errors.
  8. When the translation is ready, you can download the localized string resources from the platform and compile a build with the localized language versions.
  9. Translators perform linguistic testing, make corrections to the translation, and report any bugs they discover to the bug tracker.

Continuous localization

The best way to organize your project on the online platform is to conduct the localization process at the same time as the development process. For example:

  1. Your programmer adds a new string to the resources, and then pushes the file to git.
  2. Later in the evening this string is automatically sent to the translator using a special command-line utility built into the platform.
  3. The translator translates the string.
  4. The next day, when the programmer compiles the build, the updated translations will be fetched from the platform.

Thus, when you are ready to release your app, all localizations will be 100% ready and they won't delay your release.

Alternative scenarios for iOS app localization

In reality, the way in which you choose to localize your iOS app may not follow the ideal procedure outlined above.

Often the developer may want to use Excel or Google Sheets for handling string resources. A second translator/editor may be unnecessary for projects with a tight budget. Sometimes you may not want to order testing (for example, if the app has not yet been released).

At Alconost we can work with any type of order, format or process. For example, you can simply send us the string resource files (Localizable.strings) by e-mail, and we ourselves will upload them to the platform, translate them, and return the localized resources to you by email.

Contact us, describe your situation, and we will help you localize your iOS app (iPhone app).

Nitro (quick translation of short texts)

If your app does not consist of very much text, and you simply do not want to bother corresponding with a project manager by e-mail, then we offer a simple solution for the professional translation of short texts: Nitro, our live online translation service. Our translators are registered to work on the platform, and they can translate small short texts within a few hours using the service. If such a format for ordering translations suits you, then please give it a try.

How much does localization of iOS apps cost

The cost of translation is determined by:

  • The amount of text to be translated (number of characters with spaces). Only the text to be translated is used in the calculation. Markup language tags, keys, etc., are disregarded when calculating the cost.
  • The number of hours spent on testing the localized version.

The translation rate varies by target language. This is due to the different standards of living in the countries where our native-speaker translators live. You can estimate the budget for localizing iOS apps or games using our tables of rates.

However, it is easier to submit a price quote request with your attached files, and we will calculate the cost ourselves.


We offer the following services in addition to the localization of mobile apps:

  • A judgment on whether the name of your app is appropriate in the target language (as determined by a native speaker)
  • Creating trailers for app pages on the App Store.

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