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Terms of Payment

For orders up to $1,000 —full payment in advance. For orders over $1,000 — advance payment of 50%.


We use a Public Offer Agreement in our business activities. The conditions of the Agreement do not assume that documents (contract, statement of work carried out, etc.) are signed in person and/or sent via mail.

Alconost Inc. Public Offer for provision of services

Alconost Inc. Public Offer for provision of services [in Russian]

Alconost Inc. is a US resident, but for the convenience of clients from Russia and other CIS countries (foreign exchange control, documents), we have provided the option of payment in Russian and Belarusian rubles (RUB and BYR) via bank transfer to an account in the Republic of Belarus. The Offer, originating from the sole proprietor, is fully compliant with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

Public Offer of sole proprietor A. A. Murauski (trading as Alconost) [in Russian]

If the Public Offer Agreement is unsuitable for you, the following agreements can be made with legal entities based in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries:

Agreement for provision of translation services [in Russian]

Agreement for video production [in Russian]

Agreement for the provision of advertising services [in Russian]

We help companies take their products to the global market by localizing applications, games, websites, translating texts and making promo videos. We’d be happy to get a chance to work with you!

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