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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized seller of goods and services for Alconost Inc.

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Discounts on localization and translation
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over 25,000 2%
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Terms of payment

For orders up to $1,000 —full payment in advance. For orders over $1,000 — advance payment of 50%.


We use a Public Offer Agreement in our business activities. The conditions of the Agreement do not assume that documents (contract, statement of work carried out, etc.) are signed in person and/or sent via mail.

Alconost Inc. Public Offer for provision of services

Alconost Inc. is a US resident, but for the convenience of clients from Russia and other CIS countries (foreign exchange control, documents), we have provided the option of payment in Russian and Belarusian rubles (RUB and BYR) via bank transfer to an account in the Republic of Belarus. The Offer, originating from the sole proprietor, is fully compliant with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

Public Offer of sole proprietor A. A. Murauski (trading as Alconost)

If the Public Offer Agreement is unsuitable for you, the following agreements can be made with legal entities based in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries:

Agreement for provision of translation services

Licensing agreement for use of Alconost Nitro by residents of the Russian Federation

Agreement for video production

Agreement for the provision of advertising services

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  • "By partnering with Alconost, we were able to get quality voiceovers in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for our game project Life is Feudal. Initially we ordered voiceovers from other studios, but they did not carry out the assignment to our complete satisfaction. When we contacted Alconost, we were pressed for time. In addition to the urgency of the project, it was necessary for the two voice actors to speak in different dialectal variations corresponding to the game's different heroes when recording the lines. As our experience with other companies has shown, this is quite a complex and laborious process. Alconost's specialists were more than a match for the task. I would rate them five out of five. We are grateful to the studio for its work and willingness to fulfill non-standard orders! I would be happy to recommend Alconost to everyone who needs high-quality voice localizations."
    — Alexander Korolkov, BitBox