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Game trailer production for developers & marketers

  • Animated trailers for the App Store, Google Play and Steam
  • Teasers for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks
  • Cut-scenes and animation of game assets

We’ve made hundreds of videos for games in various formats and genres. Let us make one for your game, as well!

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Our game video production services


Mobile game trailers

For the App Store & Google Play. A brief overview of key game functions, locations, etc. & strong call to action.


PC game trailers

For Steam, website, events. An immersive dive into your game’s universe, with its spirit conveyed and key features highlighted.


Game teaser series

For advertising platforms & social networks. Enticing, intriguing, daring, charming, hilarious, nerves-tickling, you name it!


Watch game promo video reel

  • Making videos from scratch: from concept to sound design
  • Professional 2D and 3D animation
  • Voice-over by native speakers
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Examples of game promo videos

All game videos
For the App Store, Google Play, Steam
Game Video Series
All game videos
For the App Store, Google Play, Steam
Game Video Series
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How much does it cost to produce a game video?

We offer custom pricing for game video production, taking the number of scenes and overall complexity into account.

You can find some ballpark figures below for general reference, but please contact us to get a free custom quote for your game video project

Price / Video typeGameplay video, up to 30 sec.2D animated video, up to 1 minuteVideo with 3D animation, 30-60 sec.
Up to $1399
$1400 — $2799
From $2800
— Options available depend on the complexity of the animation.

We also offer competitive pricing for game video packages, such as:

  1. Versions of your game trailer for different platforms: Steam, Google Play Store, App Store, etc.
  2. Versions of your game video ad in different ratio (16x9, 9x16, 1x1, etc.) and with slightly different content: various CTAs, button color, gameplay fragments, etc.
  3. Your game videos in various languages: English, German, French, Japanese, and over a hundred more.

Contact us to request a custom quote for your video package!

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Why order game videos from Alconost


Videos made with love

We create game videos for you with dedication and zest, as if they were produced by developers themselves.


Expertise in various game genres

With over 150 game videos produced, we have expertise showcasing games of different genres: match-3, hidden objects and other casual games, as well as shooters, strategies, simulations, and much more.


Game videos that hook

Your audience will get the gist of your game in seconds, stay focused while watching, and get motivated to install your game.


You’re in the loop

The production process is transparent, you have complete control over it at every stage, and we’re in touch with you 24/7.

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What our clients say

We have produced over 150 videos for games in different genres and styles. Let's make a vibrant and eye-catching video for your game, too!


It’s an A+ company for animation! Certain types of animation are outside of the scope of what we can do in-house, and Alconost bridges that gap. The entire team at Alconost was fantastic and made the entire process of creating a custom animation extremely easy. I can't wait to hire them again!

Empire Studios

Chris Bryant, Creative Director


The goal was to create the main trailer for Freenergy, our game on Steam. We selected Alconost over others because of their high ratings and because their pricing fit our budget. During the production process, they often showed us intermediate results, and made changes upon our request. They did all well and on time.


Ilia Miroedov, Indie game developer


The task was to create several promotional videos for our Match-3 game’s advertising campaign. It was easy to work with the Alconost video production team, we had no problems. Since they asked for our approval at every production stage, the edits to the final videos were minimal, and we got quality promo videos.


Yuri M., CEO


Alconost gets the most out of their voice actors. Whatever you're looking for, they make it happen. :) It's nice that the company is ready to fulfill complex, unusual orders. There are many artists with "advertising-sounding" voices in the marketplace. It's nice to be able to assign a complex voice acting job to a project manager and to make corrections. And all this in several languages!


Anton Zaitsev, CEO


By partnering with Alconost, we were able to get quality voiceovers for our game project. Alconost's specialists were more than a match for the task. I would rate them five out of five. We're grateful to the studio for their work and their willingness to handle non-standard orders! I would be happy to recommend Alconost to everyone who needs high-quality voice localizations.


Alexander Korolkov, COO


We needed to create a promo video for our casual game for the App Store and Google Play. We decided to turn to Alconost since the videos in their portfolio looked great. We got an extensive consultation about the workflow. They then created a script for us, and we got a cool video even before the stated deadline! Satisfied with the process and result. These guys know their business!

Godsend Games

Alex T., Game Developer


They produced a video showing our new digital product. We at Wonder Workshop are very happy with our new video! The video production process was clear. We were given multiple options for the voice-over, music, and more. Great video production!

Wonder Workshop

Carlos Medina Ruvalcaba, Online Marketer


Want a video for your game?

We’ll be happy to make one for you!

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FAQ regarding game promo videos

How long does it take to make the video?

On average, a game video takes 1–4 weeks to make. The duration depends on the number of scenes, complexity of animation, and how quickly intermediate stages are approved on your end.

My game has been updated; can I update the video too?

Of course! If new features, characters, or objects have appeared in your game, there’s no need to redo your video from scratch. We can replace several gameplay scenes or update scenes with animated graphics. Write to us when your game update is ready, and we’ll provide an estimate for updating the video.

We can also update videos that you’ve produced on your own or with another company, as long as you have the original video files. If you don’t, write to us anyway, and we’ll see what we can do.

My game isn’t out yet, and I need a video for the release. What do I do?

No problem at all. Just provide us with access to the test version via Testflight or send the build for Android or PC. If necessary, we can sign an NDA. If any features, art, or interface elements in the release version will be different from the test version, please let us know beforehand.

What’s the average cost of a video game promo?

Usually, it's something between $1000 and $3000, but these are just ballpark figures. The labor intensity required for production is the key factor that affects the price

If a game promo video consists of mainly gameplay footage, and you record the footage yourself, the production requires fewer resources and will be closer to the lower end of the budget spectrum.

If a video includes animated graphics, the pricing will depend on whether we animate the art that is ready or develop the graphics on our side.

2-D animation is generally cheaper than 3-D.

If you need several versions of a game promo video to test its marketing performance, make provision in the budget for these alternative video versions.

We know that ballpark figures are sometimes more confusing than helpful, so please drop us a line about your particular video production project! We'll provide you with a tailored price estimation.

Services in addition to game trailer production:

Video game voice-over

Voice-over for video games is more than just spoken strings, and we know it. Apart from words, our video game voice-over agency records yells, groans, laughter, etc. To make your character voice-over fit all your requirements, we apply post-processing magic.

Video & Audio localization

We localize both game trailer videos and in-game content, such as character voice-overs. To make audio localization in video games sound natural, our voice-over agency carefully selects only native speaker voice-over artists.

Game localization

We translate everything, from buttons and the names of in-game objects to dialogue and instructions. Check out what our game localization company has to offer!

Linguistic testing for games

If your game has already been localized, with our localization testing company, you can check the translation and verify that all text displays properly and fits the context.

Need a reliable game video producer?

Contact us for professional game video production!

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