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Game Trailer Video Production for Developers

Boost your game marketing and promotion: try Alconost as your game trailer production company

  • Custom 2D and 3D animation
  • Stable workflow
  • Transparent pricing
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  • Mobile game trailers for the App Store & Google Play
  • PC game trailers for Steam
  • Game teasers for advertising platforms & social networks
  • Mobile and video game cutscenes, game assets animation

We’ve made more than a hundred PC and mobile game trailers in various formats and genres. Entrust us with your game video production, too!

견적 문의

Examples of Game Videos

Services in addition to game video production:


Voice-Over for Video Games

Voice-over for video games is more than just spoken strings, and we know it. Apart from words, our professional voice talents record yells, groans, laughter, etc. To make your character voice-over match all your requirements, we apply post-processing magic.


Video & Audio Localization in Video Games

We localize both game trailer videos and in-game content, such as character voice-overs. To make audio localization in video games sound natural, we carefully select only native speaker voice-over artists.


게임 현지화

We translate everything, from buttons and the names of in-game objects to dialogue and instructions.


Linguistic testing for games

If your game has already been localized, we check the translation for quality and consistency, and verify that all text displays properly and corresponds to the context.


자주 하는 질문(FAQ)

How much does a game trailer cost to produce?

The budget for a video is calculated on an individual basis, at the scripting stage. The cost of a game trailer depends on the number and type of scenes (2D or 3D animated graphics, gameplay), the source files provided (art that may or may not be animation-ready, gameplay recordings, etc.), and whether different video versions are required (for example, whether a vertical version is needed for Instagram or a square one for Facebook).

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What does the price of a game trailer include?

The price of a game trailer includes: creating a script and translating it into the required language; recording the narration; purchasing a background track; storyboarding; animation; editing of gameplay fragments; and audio design. Learn more about creating a budget and the terms for video production.

Learn about pricing

How long does it take to make a game trailer?

On average, game video production takes 1–4 weeks once you fill out the brief and confirm the start of work. The duration of the production process depends on the number of scenes, complexity of animation, and how quickly intermediate stages are approved at your end. If you have a strict deadline, please inform us about the desired release date at the very beginning – preferably at the brief completion stage.

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