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Audio and video localization into over 120 languages

  • Native-speaking professionals
  • Tech-savvy production team
  • Flexible workflow
  • Volume discounts
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Benefit from multimedia content localization


Convey exactly what you intend to, and ensure a globally consistent tone of voice for your brand.


Give your users and players around the world an equally immersive experience!


Treat foreign partners, suppliers and employees the same way you treat local ones!

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Why choose us

  • Over 10 years of multimedia localization experience
  • Localization solutions for any content type
  • European, Asian, Right to Left (RTL), rare languages supported

You relax! We’ll handle every part of the localization process

What multimedia content we localize

We offer localization solutions for digital products of any kind! Just to name a few:

  • promotional videos
  • explanatory & training videos
  • entertainment videos
  • game characters’ voices
  • app audio content
  • voice assistants

Have we forgotten to mention your particular type of content?

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Multimedia localization examples

Video localization
Audio localization
Video localization
Audio localization

Our audiovisual translation services


Full video localization

Voiceover replacement and localization of texts visible within the frame.


Audio localization

Audio-content localization for apps, games and IVR systems as well as video dubbing.


Subtitling services

A budget-friendly option to translate audio from video without splashing out.

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What our clients say

We have localized over 1,500 projects and produced 1,000+ videos. Let's make something special for you too!


We’re a game publisher who needed voiceover localization. We greatly appreciated the support of Alconost in accommodating voice actor casting and voice-over recordings. Their supportive approach impressed me. They respond to my needs in a friendly and professional way and deliver results quickly.


Tina Gu, Localization Product Manager


It’s an A+ company for animation! Certain types of animation are outside of the scope of what we can do in-house, and Alconost bridges that gap. The entire team at Alconost was fantastic and made the entire process of creating a custom animation extremely easy. I can't wait to hire them again!

Empire Studios

Chris Bryant, Creative Director


Alconost helped us create an explainer video for the Jitsu platform. We know nothing about how to make promo videos. Alconost made the promotional explainer video for us pretty fast. The quality of the final product was outstanding!


Vladimir Klimontovich, Founder & CEO


The video created by Alconost is featured on our home page and gives an idea of what our software is about. We highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an explainer video for their software. Affordable service, best price on the market. Excellent quality. Excellent communication. Top-notch company and people.

Remote Utilities

Marat M., Sales and Marketing VP


We needed a video to use on our website to help educate our target audience on exactly what problems we solve and how we can help them. Alconost helped us to create our animated explainer video. We’re very happy with the final video, and it’s very reasonably priced for the quality!


Haley Martin, VP of Marketing


The task was to create several promotional videos for our Match-3 game’s advertising campaign. It was easy to work with the Alconost video production team, we had no problems. Since they asked for our approval at every production stage, the edits to the final videos were minimal, and we got quality promo videos.


Yuri M., CEO


Alconost gets the most out of their voice actors. Whatever you're looking for, they make it happen. :) It's nice that the company is ready to fulfill complex, unusual orders. There are many artists with "advertising-sounding" voices in the marketplace. It's nice to be able to assign a complex voice acting job to a project manager and to make corrections. And all this in several languages!


Anton Zaitsev, CEO


By partnering with Alconost, we were able to get quality voiceovers for our game project. Alconost's specialists were more than a match for the task. I would rate them five out of five. We're grateful to the studio for their work and their willingness to handle non-standard orders! I would be happy to recommend Alconost to everyone who needs high-quality voice localizations.


Alexander Korolkov, COO


We’ve worked with Alconost for many years now. The fact that we can go to the same company to translate a website, an interface, or technical documentation, create a video clip, or record a voice-over isn’t just convenient — it’s extremely convenient.


Dmitry Davydov, Chief Marketing Officer


Out of more than 2,000 files for each language, we only had to make corrections to maybe 20. We had zero complaints about the rest. The voice over rates turned out to be totally appropriate. Voice over costs are nothing that would startle developers who know the price of programmers' labor.


Eugeny Maroz, Chief Product Officer


The objective was to localize the product for a European audience, including by providing recordings of voice notifications in 14 European languages. The result surpassed all our expectations! We would recommend Alconost to anyone who needs professionals in the field of voice acting.

Kerish Products

Kirill Dorokhov, CEO


Alconost covers many languages in terms of translation and dubbing, and has a wide variety of narrators. They are very trustworthy and diligent. Quick response in everything, high quality content, and they’re people who’re very reliable to work with!


Tetsunori Watanabe, Managing Director


We had to localize voice-overs of 26 training videos into English, German, and Turkish. The translations had to adhere to the timing of the original versions. Many thanks to the entire Alconost team for their professional, amenable cooperation! The task was completed successfully.

Vizart Business

Pavel F., Video Producer


They produced a video showing our new digital product. We at Wonder Workshop are very happy with our new video! The video production process was clear. We were given multiple options for the voice-over, music, and more. Great video production!

Wonder Workshop

Carlos Medina Ruvalcaba, Online Marketer


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