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At Alconost we love our work! Come join our team of like-minded enthusiastic professionals!

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Our values

We believe that shared values are a better sign of compatibility than any other criteria. If the values below resonate with you, we might just be a match!



No matter what our department, we choose the tasks that appeal to us, taking initiative and proactively suggesting meaningful solutions.



We’re self-directed individuals; responsibility runs in our veins. We do our work mindfully and in good faith, so we have no need of supervision.



We communicate in a non-combative way that encourages others to assist us with open hearts and good will.



Some tasks need doing right here, right now. We take a stress-free approach to working urgent projects into our agenda.



Although we all came to Alconost with certain skills under our belt, we’re always looking to expand our toolkit.



Our team members can see what we’re doing. That way they can always lend a helping hand—or learn from our example.

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Currently, we don’t have open positions but you may submit your CV to our database for possible contact in the future.

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What it’s like to work with Alconost

We routinely ask our team members how they feel about the company. Below are several opinions polled from Alconostians during the first half of 2023.


Eight out of ten would definitely recommend Alconost to friends as a great place to work.


What people like most about Alconost is the teamwork, flexible schedule, company culture, and growth opportunities.


More than half rate the work processes at Alconost as perfect; nearly half rate them as very good.


Almost nine out of ten say the compensation fully or satisfactorily reflects their expertise and performance.

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Smooth onboarding

To help you settle into your new job, a mentor guides you through the onboarding process and provides ongoing support.

Flexible schedule

Plan your day any way you need to. No need to explain—pick up the kids from school or go to appointments whenever necessary.

Your choice of calendar

Use the holiday calendar of the country you live in, or follow that of a team or client with whom you work closely.

Vacation and sick days

Enjoy 20 paid vacation days per year, not counting weekends, as well as sick days without all the bureaucracy.

Professional visibility

Build your reputation by speaking at conferences and sharing value-packed content with our marketing team.

Alconost pays 50% of your expenses for:


Professional development

We reimburse 50% of your expenses for professional books, language classes, and/or career-related studies.


Physical development

We cover 50% of your gym or sports club membership if you’re an active person who wants to stay in great shape.


Health insurance

We pay for 50% of health-insurance costs up to a set limit. You're free to choose your own insurance carrier.


Coworking facilities

We cover 50% of the cost of renting a coworking space if you need to work outside the home or simply want a change of scenery.

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Submit your CV to our database by filling out the form below. We’ll keep your CV for future reference so we can reach out to you once one of these positions becomes vacant. To check the positions for which we’re currently hiring, please click here.

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