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Nitro — your professional human translation API

With the Nitro API, you can submit your texts for translation into multiple languages and get the finished translations back — all within your project!

  • 70+ languages
  • Native-speaking linguists
  • Snelle doorloop (2-24 uur)
  • Automate translation tasks and reduce overhead costs
  • Geen maandelijkse kosten: betaal naar gebruik
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How to set it up

  1. Create an account with Nitro.
  2. Generate API keys on the Settings page.
  3. Integrate the translation API into your project.

The Nitro API documentation is available at

If you have any questions regarding the Nitro translation software API, please contact us at

How it works

  1. Send an order via the Nitro API.
  2. The order is placed in a queue.
  3. A translator picks up the order.
  4. Retrieve your translation via the API once it’s completed.

What can the Nitro API do for you?

Developed by developers for developers, the Nitro language localization API service has proven to be the best fit for quick tasks that require automation.


your ads

Get a fast, accurate translation of text ads within the number of characters you specify. Set up multilingual advertising without a large team of local marketers.


Localize in-game or
in-app texts

Automatically extract strings and upload translated texts to your game or app. The subject of your app or the volume of your text doesn't matter.


Translate websites and customer reviews

Automate translation of your web content. Translate your customer reviews and sound credible in multiple languages.


Localize your software and web apps

Streamline the software localization process with the API’s translation automation. Enter new markets with zero hassle.


Supported file formats

When submitting an order to Nitro, you can upload files or add third-party links to your web documents for translation.


Platte tekst


Google Docs


Google Sheets


.strings (iOS)







HTML, JSON and .strings (iOS) files can be translated via Nitro API as well as via the main interface.

More file formats will be available soon, so let’s stay in touch!

How do we ensure translation quality?


Alleen professionele taalkundigen

All translators who apply to work with Nitro and/or on Alconost projects must first pass our examination. Only 2.5% of applicants pass the test and can work with Nitro or Alconost translations.


Glossary and Translation Memory

With Nitro, you can create your own glossary and translation memory, so that translators can be more accurate and have the opportunity to dive into the specifics of your project.


Opmerkingen en feedback

Nitro allows you to leave comments and attach images and/or interface screenshots for the translator within the order. After your order is assigned to the translator, you can leave extra comments and communicate with the translator directly.


Continuous quality control

We constantly monitor the quality of work done by our translators by reviewing customer feedback via our supervision system. Only translators with a consistently high standard of work are allowed to work in Nitro.


Need to translate some text?

Try Nitro

De Nitro-API voor uw klanten

Integrate our human translation feature into your project, and enable your clients to professionally translate their content and go global.

Consider implementing our online translation API for your clients if you develop for any of the following:

  1. Contentmanagementsysteem
  2. Internationale marktplaats
  3. Klantenservicesoftware
  4. Job-finding website, travel or event aggregator

Advantages of the Nitro translation service API

  • Compatible with all programming languages (Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, iOS, Android)
  • Perfect for urgent tasks (2-24 hour turnaround)
  • High-quality professional human translation at the speed of machine translation
  • Ability to assign character limits to strings
  • High-level security

Kies de meest geschikte manier om uw professionele vertaling te krijgen


Nitro: snelle, hoogwaardige vertalingen

Nitro is de perfecte optie voor u als u online vertaal- of proefleesdiensten nodig hebt binnen enkele uren en de voorkeur aan een zelfbedieningsoptie geeft.

  • Alleen moedertaalsprekende taalkundigen
  • Zelfbedieningsplatform
  • Snelle doorloop: 2-24 uur
  • Geen maandelijkse kosten: betaal naar gebruik
Vertalen via Nitro

Nitro-API: versnel updates

Automatiseer het gehele contentlokalisatieproces en ontvang uw vertalingen rechtstreeks in uw CMS via onze Nitro-API.

  • Alleen moedertaalsprekende taalkundigen
  • Snelle doorloop: 2-24 uur
  • Automatische levering van vertalingen
  • Geen maandelijkse kosten: betaal naar gebruik
Vertalings-API gebruiken

Lokalisatie: complete service

We raden aan om voor deze optie te kiezen als u een groot project hebt en wellicht van plan bent om het regelmatig bij te werken.

  • Alleen moedertaalsprekende taalkundigen
  • Cloudgebaseerd lokalisatieproces
  • Toegewezen projectmanager
  • Aangepaste integraties op aanvraag
Offerte aanvragen

Translation API pricing and payments

The Nitro API is free to use. You only pay for the translations you order.

Translation cost is calculated automatically based on the source and target languages and the number of characters in the source text (all characters are counted, including spaces, paragraph breaks, tabs, etc.).

BrontaalDoeltaalTarief per 1.000 tekens
EngelsSpaans (Mexico)16.50

We offer our clients a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and more. Regular customers have the option of ordering on credit and receiving an invoice once a month.

Get the Nitro API Read API Documentation

Text translation API example usage

Ordering text translation is easy with the Nitro API. Just insert your source text, specify the context, choose the languages you need, pay for professional translation, and get the finished product.


Case Study: One major client uses the Nitro API to translate search ads into 28 languages at once. Using the Nitro API lets them save time by not having to log into their account and go through the usual checkout process. The client has uploaded a glossary which they regularly maintain, guaranteeing them high-quality, consistent translations in less than 24 hours.

Veelgestelde vragen

Welke bestandstypen worden ondersteund?

When submitting an order to Nitro, you can upload files or add third-party links to your web documents for translation.

Here are the file formats that are currently supported:

  • Plain text (copy and paste the text into the corresponding field);
  • Google File (Google Sheets and Google Docs, add link from Google Drive);
  • Strings and JSON (use the "Choose a file" button to upload a file from your computer).
  • HTML (via API, read more about Nitro API here).

More file formats will be available soon, so let’s stay in touch! Please let us know if you require any specific file format to ensure a more convenient translation process.

However, you can send files in any other format using the order form at, in which case one of our agency’s managers will handle your files.


Need assistance integrating the Nitro API into your product?

We’re here for you!

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