Localization of the Clue mobile app and updates in nine languages

Logo of Clue

Clue is an app for tracking menstrual cycles that is available on iPhone and Android.

Clue stands out among the hundreds of other dedicated mobile apps not only thanks to its design (which foregoes the typical pink theme), but also its functionality:

In general, the product turned out to be so good and became so popular that it would have been unfair to restrict users to only the English-language version.

Clue had worked with Crowdin in the past. It had come to fully appreciate the convenience of the multipurpose cloud platform. That is where they met Alconost, which offered a specialized localization solution.

The project was complicated: it involved a narrow range of subject-specific terminology, scientific fact checking, and the need to maintain the app's simplicity and ease of presentation, including when the app is updated. Alconost accepted the challenge, inviting only those translators to work on project with knowledge of the subject area and experience in app localization for each language.

Alconost first localized the app into French. Clue checked the quality of Alconost's translations with a third party. After they received confirmation that the work was high quality, they launched a full-scale localization project using the Alconost + Crowdin platform.

Alconost's task was to quickly localize the app as well as to translate any subsequent updates into the following 9 languages:

In addition to a team of competent translators, a team of qualified editors has also been working on the project. They have been ensuring that the localization of the app into each of the languages is performed to quality standards.

It is thanks to the capabilities of the Crowdin platform that it has been possible to perform the translations simultaneously and rapidly:

We, the team here at Alconost, are delighted to be participating on this project, which does a lot to help women in their everyday lives and certainly makes the world a better place. We wish the product the best of success!

Liza, chief marketing specialist at Clue:

The ability to order services from Alconost on the Crowdin platform allows us to localize strings as major updates for our application are released, because I'm confident of the quality and reliability of the translations. I appreciate how contactable your team is, both in terms of the entire process and the specific solutions for localization.

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