Alconost Inc.
901 N. Pitt Street
Suite 170
Alexandria VA 22314
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Opening for a translator with IT and localization experience

At Alconost, we translate texts, localize software, and create videos and contextual ads. Our clients are developers who create and sell mobile apps, websites, and games. Our goal is to help our clients enter foreign markets by making their products accessible in a wide variety of foreign languages.

We work with over 500 translators who live and work in countries all over the world. Together we’ve localized over 1,500 projects for companies such as Bitrix24, Endomondo, Jooble, and more.

Alconost is always growing and developing. This means that we’re constantly working with new clients, taking on new projects, and recruiting new translators.

Because of this, we’re currently looking for translators with localization experience. This is the perfect job for any experienced translator who knows at least one foreign language, is interested in the IT and video game markets, and wants to work on interesting projects.

Our core clients are developers, so experience in IT is a major advantage. It’s also great if you’re familiar with mobile app and software terminology, love video games, and know how to give personality and emotion to a character via text.

We value responsibility, professionalism, and the ability to set and meet realistic deadlines. You don’t necessarily need a degree in translation – the most important qualities we’re looking for are enthusiasm for working with texts and the ability to provide translations that are accurate, context-based, and of high quality.

We offer:

  • The opportunity to work on large, interesting, long-term projects
  • A clear-cut, fine-tuned, yet flexible project management process
  • Experienced managers who are always available and answer questions quickly
  • A comfortable and friendly work environment
  • Payment on the 20th of every month to your bank, PayPal, or Skrill account

If you’re interested in this position, please fill out the form below.

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