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Continuous localization management and platform

All-in-one localization solution for the high-quality translation of frequently updated projects

  • Agile localization process for ongoing projects
  • Cloud platforms, APIs, and custom integrations
  • 120+ languages and native-speaking translators
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How do you benefit from continuous localization?


Localization of project updates is an integral part of continuous development to ensure constant improvement of your product


A cloud-based workflow and professional translation APIs make project management seamless and fast, and new text gets translated as the product is updated


An efficient localization process reduces your team's workload and makes even large and frequent translation tasks a piece of cake

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Full-cycle localization services


1. Preliminary file creation
& Transcription

  • Source file creation & transcription
  • Test translation

2. Technology
& Process

  • Process design
  • Localization platform
  • Translation APIs
  • Custom connectors and integrators

3. Translation

  • Edit
  • Proofread
  • Machine Translation & Post-Edit

4. Post-translation

  • LQA
  • Video subtitling/Voiceover

The Crowdin platform is our first choice for continuous localization updates

  • Crowdin provides a service platform for managing the localization of your products.
  • Alconost builds a team of professional translators and designs the localization workflow
  • For frequently updated projects, the same Alconost team can provide long-term support and translate updates.
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Case studies

We have localized over 1,500 projects and produced 1,000+ videos. Let's make something special for you too!

Localization of Bandsintown app
  • Client: Bandsintown
  • Services: localization
  • Languages: FR, DE, IT, JA, PT, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 27 000 words
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Localization of Jooble
  • Client: Jooble
  • Services: Localization
  • Languages: ES, PT, KO, JA and 11 more
  • Volume: 10 000 words
Learn more
Localization of Xsolla products
  • Client: Xsolla
  • Services: Localization
  • Languages: FR, ES, JA, KO and 14 more
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Petcube site localization
  • Client: Petcube
  • Services: localization
  • Languages: KO, FR, HE, RO, Pt, NL
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Translation of GitHub guides and materials
  • Client: GitHub
  • Services: Translation, proofreading
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Volume: 80 000 words and counting
  • Services: Machine translation post-editing
  • Developer / Publisher: AVILOO GmbH
  • Languages: DE → DA, NL, FR, IT, SV, NO
  • Volume: 5 000 words
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Localization of Charm Farm Game
  • Services: localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Nevosoft
  • Languages: PT-BR, NL, FR, DE, JA, PL, ES
  • Volume: 100 000 words
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Localization of Clue mobile app
  • Client: Clue
  • Services: continuous localization
  • Languages: AR, FR, DA, DE, ES, HI, IT, JA, KO, PL, PT-BR, RU, TR, ZH-CN, ZH-TW
  • Volume: 70 000 words
Learn more
Localization of DreamCommerce Platform
  • Client: DreamCommerce
  • Services: localization
  • Languages: NL, TR
Learn more
Localization of Jetbrains' products Youtrack and Hub
  • Client: Jetbrains
  • Services: Localization and translation of marketing materials
  • Languages: JA, FR, ES, TH, PT-BR, ZH-CN
  • Volume: 20 000 words and counting
Localization of Kill Shot Bravo
  • Services: Continuous localization
  • Developer / Publisher: HotHead Games
  • Languages: JA, FR, ES, zh-CN and 10 more
  • Volume: 10 000 words and counting
Localization of Klondike: The Lost Expedition
  • Services: Continuous localization
  • Developer / Publisher: Vizor Interactive
  • Languages: FR, ES, ZH-CN, JA and 7 more
Learn more
Localization of Liferay Platform
  • Client: Liferay Inc.
  • Services: Localization
  • Languages: ZH-CN, JA, PT-BR, ES and 9 more
  • Volume: 50 000 words and counting
Localization of Microsoft MakeCode
  • Client: Microsoft Corporation
  • Services: Localization and linguistic QA
  • Languages: FR, JA, PT-PT, ZH-CN and 21 more
  • Volume: 48 000 words and counting
Localization of Next Stop
  • Services: localization, proofreading
  • Developer/Publisher: Ladia Group
  • Languages: FR, DE, EN, JA
  • Volume: 7 500 words
Localization of online courses for Harvard University
  • Client: Harvard University
  • Services: Translation of course materials and subtitles
  • Languages: Arabic, Spanish
  • Volume: 200 000 words and counting
Localization of Smarty CRM platform
  • Client: Clouds Technologies
  • Services: localization
  • Languages: ES, PT-BR
  • Volume: 9 000 words
Learn more
Localization of Targetprocess platform
  • Client: Targetprocess
  • Services: localization
  • Languages: EN, FR, DE, ES, PT-BR, RU
  • Volume: 17 000 words
Localization of the Battletech game
  • Services: Linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Languages: RU, FR, ES, PT-BR, IT, ZH-CN, DE, PL
Localization of the EcoCity game
  • Services: Localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Nevosoft
  • Languages: EN, FR, DE, PT-BR, ES, JA, NL,PL
  • Volume: 100 words
Localization of the Forced Showdown game
  • Services: Continuous localization
  • Developer/Publisher: BetaDwarf
  • Languages: ES, IT, FR, RU, DE
  • Volume: 10 000 words
Localization of the Goat Simulator game
  • Services: Countinuous localization, proofreading, linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT and 8 more
  • Volume: 35 000 words
Localization of the Mahjong Treasure Quest game
  • Services: Countinuous localization, linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT and 5 more
  • Volume: 100 000 words
Localization of the Minion Masters game
  • Services: Countinuous localization
  • Developer/Publisher: BetaDwarf
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT, RU, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 20 000 words
Localization of the Outpost Zero game
  • Services: Localization
  • Developer/Publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, FR, DE, JA, KO, RU, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 8 000 words
Localization of the Party Hard game
  • Services: Localization
  • Developer/Publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, KO, JA, FR, DE, RU and 3 more
  • Volume: 12 000 words
Localization of the Stellaris game
  • Services: Linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Languages: FR, DE, RU
Localization of the Streets of Rogue game
  • Services: Localization
  • Developer/Publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, FR, DE, KO, RU, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 8 000 words
Localization of the Tamadog game
  • Services: Localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, HI
Localization of the Zombie Castaways game
  • Services: Countinuous localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Languages: DE, IT, FR, ES
  • Volume: 100 000 words
Localization of Viber messenger
  • Services: Product localization, marketing translation
  • Developer/Publisher: Viber
  • Languages: RU
Learn more
Proofreading of in-game text for Clash of Kings
  • Services: Proofreading, editing
  • Developer / Publisher: Elex Tech
  • Languages: English
  • Volume: 25 000 words
Learn more
Punch Club localization
  • Services: localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Tiny Build
  • Languages: ZH-CN, PL
  • Volume: 20 000 words
Learn more
Localization of Bitrix24 website
  • Client: Bitrix24
  • Services: Localization
  • Languages: ES, PT-BR, JA, ZH-CN and 11 more
  • Volume: 100 000 words and counting

Here is how Alconost + Crowdin translation works

Сreate the project in Crowdin, upload the files for translation, send us a translation request, and grant us access to the files
The project manager reviews your project, clarifies details, and prepares a calculation of the project time frame and cost
The project manager assigns translators based on the project requirements, creates a glossary, and imports or creates a translation memory
The project manager builds the localization workflow, allocates tasks to translators via the Crowdin project, and monitors deadlines and translation quality
If translators have questions, they ask them on the platform, and discussions are visible to the whole project team
Continuous localization + lines of text are added
If the proofreading option has been selected, the project manager brings in editors
The completed translations are exported in the same format as the original files, automatically using an API or manually
Upon request, Alconost testers check how accurately the interface is displayed in each language version
New lines of text are added

Why choose the Alconost + Crowdin localization service?


Agile tech-savvy localization

You choose how to perform the localization: on cloud platforms, via an API, in your CMS, or files

  • optimal localization process
  • on-demand integrations and API
  • continuous localization of updates

Excellent translation quality

We ensure top translation quality through subject matter expertise and a strict internal QA process

  • native-speaking linguists
  • professional translation tools
  • glossaries, translation memories, and style guides

Full-cycle localization solution

We take the manual labor out of your localization and build a seamless, tailored localization process from scratch

  • recruitment of rare language translators
  • on-demand localization QA or proofreading
  • audio and video localization
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What our clients say

We have localized over 1,500 projects and produced 1,000+ videos. Let's make something special for you too!


During the rapid growth phase of any startup, you appreciate anything that saves you time. And with a growing international user base, translation quality affects the way people feel about the reliability of your company.
With Alconost + Crowdin we loved the way translation is guaranteed to be accurate and context-appropriate.

App In the Air

Timur Akhmetgareev, Co-Founder


Given the volumes we need to translate weekly and the number of languages we localize our website and apps into, Alconost offered us the best solution in terms of flexibility, pricing, and quality among the translations agencies we were considering. The quality of the translations is quite high with the proofreading service that Alconost provides.

Movavi Software Limited

Natalia Bogorad, Head of Editorial


We have been working with Alconost team for many years and never had an issue and with the time the quality of localization services only increased.

Planner 5D

Matt Kryvashein, CMO


Fast, quick, and responsive to our changing requirements for various projects.


Marius Royal, Content and Community Manager


We’ve worked with Alconost for many years now. The fact that we can go to the same company to translate a website, an interface, or technical documentation, create a video clip, or record a voice-over isn’t just convenient — it’s extremely convenient.


Dmitry Davydov, Chief Marketing Officer


Very professional and high quality work. The translation reflected the site's theme and the context of its use. I also ordered LQA and received clear and detailed comments with screenshots showing areas in need of further improvement. The process of communicating with Alconost was excellent — fully debugged in both directions. Clearly, a team of professionals is at work.


Aleksei Kuznetsov, CEO


In the year that we've been working with Alconost we've had an exceptionally positive experience: their work has been fast, high-quality, and in strict observance of the deadlines agreed on. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership going forward.

Vizor Games

Valentin Romashko, Project Manager

Sergey Dergachev’s review of Nitro multilingual translation services

Nitro is our favorite go-to service when we need to quickly translate various interfaces into multiple languages ​​at the same time. It has a really cool feature where you can provide the translator with comments and screenshots, which is so important for obtaining an accurate translation.


Sergey Dergachev, Editor


What languages do you translate into?

We translate into more than 120 languages, including the most popular (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish), and rarer ones, and even dialects. Please, request a quote to estimate your project cost.

We can find a translator in almost any language that the client needs, depending on his product and goals. Sometimes localization into niche languages can offer better prospects than localization into mainstream languages.

In case some rare language is not on the list, we can help with searching and recruiting linguists.

Which continuous localization tools and platforms do you work with?

Our first choice is the cloud-based translation platform Crowdin. It lets us manage localization projects in real time. You can:

  • Upload string resources in any format (.resx, .po, .strings, etc.), either manually or through the API;
  • Assign translators and editors;
  • Track the translation and editing process for your project;
  • Leave comments and discuss questions directly with the translators and editors;
  • Create glossaries;
  • Manage the translation memory;
  • Export string resources once the translation is complete.

We also work on other localization platforms, including GitLocalize, Phrase, Lokalise, Memsource, memoQ, Smartcat, WebTranslateIt, Transifex, OneSky, POEditor, Trados, and many more.

Which translation APIs do you work with?

To automate translation within your platforms, we work with professional translation APIs.

We also have our own human translation API, Nitro, where translations are produced by professional linguists within 24 hours. You can pay as you go with no back-and-forth. Additionally, on the Nitro platform you can discuss the context with our translators directly. It's as easy as that! We can also work with other translation and localization APIs.

What is continuous localization, and how do you set up the process?

The use of online platforms lets us structure the localization process in such a way that when an app is released it's always fully translated continuously, regardless of the time. Basically, it works in the following way:

  1. The developer adds a new string to the game's resources.
  2. The updated resource file is automatically sent to the localization platform (via API or with the use of a command-line utility). The translator immediately sees the new text.
  3. The translator translates the new string.
  4. Before releasing the latest build, the updated translations are collected from the platform. Again, it's done automatically.
  5. So, each time the game is compiled, all localizations are 100% ready. Updates are never delayed.

How do you perform localization QA and proofreading?

Localization quality assurance is done in the following way:

Once a localized build has been compiled, the translator or native-speaking tester goes through the product (plays the game, uses software, etc.) for the required amount of time and takes screenshots of problem areas (things left untranslated or lines that are too long, improper coding, incorrect text orientation, contextual errors, etc.).

In the developer's project management system (Jira, Trello, Asana), the tester creates a record of the defects detected and makes the necessary changes to the string resources, either independently or with the help of the developer.

The cost of localization testing is calculated according to the tester's hourly rate and the time required for testing.

Proofreading involves checking the text for errors in grammar, syntax and punctuation. To determine the quality of a source text and the applicable proofreading rate, we perform a free initial assessment. Then, proofreading is priced per 1,000 characters (including spaces).

Proofreading rates may vary by language. This is due to the language and the availability of a specialist to proofread the text. Rarer languages ​​have higher proofreading rates.

How do you perform audio and video localization, dubbing and subtitling?

We offer localization solutions for digital products of all kinds, including promotional videos, game characters’ voices, app audio content, entertainment videos and voice assistants. We leverage our native-speaking professionals and tech-savvy production team, flexible processes and volume discounts to give your users and players around the world an equally immersive experience.

Here are our go-to audiovisual translation services:

  1. Full video localization: Voiceover replacement and localization of texts visible within the frame
  2. Audio localization: Audio-content localization for apps, games and IVR systems as well as dubbing
  3. Subtitling services: A budget-friendly option for localization to translate audio from your video without splashing out

Do you need to localize a frequently updated project?

We can't wait to work with you!

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We’d like to learn more about it. In return, we’ll get back to you with a solution and a quote.

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