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Translation quality

The quality of our translation is ensured by the well-oiled internal quality assurance mechanism

  • Quality checkpoints bound to the localization workflow
  • Recurring quality testing for translators
  • Regular client feedback analysis
  • Automation and platform for quality checking
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Quality is a process

We work to ensure a quality translation from the very beginning of the product localization project. The process is divided into the following steps:


Preparation for localization

At the beginning of the project, the localization manager and translators will familiarize themselves with your product. This process involves the following:

  • We ask for a software build to install on our machine, or request access to the online version.
  • We will ask you to fill out a Style Guide to find out, for example, details such as: is there a limit on string length; is there a principle governing how string keys are named; are there any strings and words that should not be translated, and how should the user be addressed, formally or informally?
  • We determine whether you have a glossary, which is a list of terms with definitions, such as character names and the names of items in the game. If you don't have a glossary, we will help you draft a list of terms using special translation quality assurance tools and then decide which of the terms should be included.
  • We will ask you to take screenshots of the software, if possible. Based on the screenshots, translators match the translated string with the real screen in which it is used.
  • We create a project on an online platform and load the strings, screenshots, and glossary. Then we will invite translators to the project. We will ask them to familiarize themselves with the materials and try the software. We control project performance using a checklist.

The project manager will decide whether a user manual, glossary and screenshots are needed on a project basis.



The translators will start working once the project is prepared. Translation is carried out on the online platform. We use several platforms, but the set of quality management tools is similar for each one of them:

  • The glossary highlights terms if they occur in a string.
  • Screenshots are displayed next to the relevant strings to be translated. In this way, the translator can see the context.
  • The translation memory tells the translator if he has previously translated the same text. This ensures a consistent translation.
  • Automatic quality control (QA Check) warns of errors, such as a typo or a missing punctuation mark at the end of a sentence.
  • Comments give project participants the opportunity to ask the client a question directly and specify, for example, the context or values for the variable.

Together these five tools help to ensure an accurate translation.


The "No issues" rule

The above-mentioned tools will help translators ensure that there are no mistakes. The "No issues" rule is a standard part of the terms of reference that translators receive. However, after the localization is completed, the manager will also monitor the translation quality and check whether this rule has been observed. The manager will review the results of the automatic quality checks and if there are any errors, will ask the translator to check any problematic strings again.


The "100% approved translations" rule

The translator will also approve the translation of each string. Proofreading mode on the online platforms is used for this. The translator will activate this mode and then proofread each line. If there are no errors in the string, then they will approve the string. If an error is found, then the translator will fix it before approving the translation. This rule is also a standard instruction that forms part of every translator assignment.

Together these two rules are called self-certification or self-checking.


Proofreading by an editor

In addition to translation and self-checking, you can also order proofreading to be performed by a second translator who will act as an editor. They will familiarize themselves with the product and proofread each line while following the "No issues" and "100% approved translations" rules described above.

Of course, you do not have to include editing as part of the project if you want the best price for localization. The table below will help you understand the difference between a simple translation and a translation with proofreading.

Translation onlyTranslation and editing
Receive a good translation on a limited budgetReceive a superior quality translation
  • Translation of internal documents
  • Translation of software strings for indie developers and start-up companies with limited budgets
  • Translation of small updates
  • Projects for which the client company is prepared to provide its own editors

Translation of materials for end users:

  • Product translation
  • Translation of marketing materials
  • Translation of reference documentation
  • Translation of license agreements
Translation and localization process

Included services:

  • Translation

Included services:

  • Translation
  • Editing by a second specialist
Compliance with standards
Process complies with the ISO 9001 standard Process complies with the ISO 9001 standard. Quality complies with the EN 15038 standard

Localization testing

After translation, verification and proofreading, we recommend testing the localization in the product itself. You can choose from two options:

  • Translators will run your software and perform all actions to launch each available window with localized content. Thus, the translator will check all strings to ensure they match the source text's meaning and fit within parameters of the fields and buttons. For this the translator needs step-by-step instructions: for example, user histories or test cases. If there are no test cases, we can prepare these ourselves.
  • We will ask you to take screenshots of all the windows in all languages. The translators will examine the screenshots and check the translation. Developers choose this option about half the time. To do this, they automatically take a screenshot of each screen using special tools.

Translators enter each bug into a bug tracker or Google spreadsheet. Each entry indicates the problem string, describes the error itself, and proposes a corrected version.

The cost of testing is calculated based on the number of hours spent on checking.

Rates are shown in US $ per hour of work by a professional linguistic quality assurance tester

LanguageHourly rate
Arabic (Egypt)43.3
Arabic (Morocco)43.3
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Working out errors

If there is an inaccuracy in the translation, we will correct the translation at our expense, analyze why the error occurred, and take measures to avoid repeating such errors in the future.

We use this seven-step process both for the first turnkey localization as well as for all subsequent updates.

By breaking the process down into these steps, we are able to avoid mistakes. More about the steps in process you may find here.

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What our clients say

We have localized over 1,500 projects and produced 1,000+ videos. Let's make something special for you too!


Alconost allowed us to offer our platform in over 8 languages almost overnight. We have continued to work with Alconost as they are responsive and provide quality work. Alconost relieves us the burden of finding and managing translators, allowing us to focus on improving our platform while providing it to our non-English speaking demographic.


Amer Mahmud, Senior Manager

Yolande Grant’s review of Nitro translation services

I appreciate the quick response and delivery of translations from Nitro. My magazine is enhanced by the accurate and timely output. Thanks again for your service.

African Online Publishing

Yolande Grant, Editor-in-Chief


During the rapid growth phase of any startup, you appreciate anything that saves you time. And with a growing international user base, translation quality affects the way people feel about the reliability of your company.
With Alconost + Crowdin we loved the way translation is guaranteed to be accurate and context-appropriate.

App In the Air

Timur Akhmetgareev, Co-Founder

Christian Woolford’s review of Nitro fast translation services

Nitro is extremely helpful when it comes to localisation for us. Allowing for quick turnaround, with great support, the results are of high quality. It's a core part of our process.

Kasedo Games

Christian Woolford, Producer


Given the volumes we need to translate weekly and the number of languages we localize our website and apps into, Alconost offered us the best solution in terms of flexibility, pricing, and quality among the translations agencies we were considering. The quality of the translations is quite high with the proofreading service that Alconost provides.

Movavi Software Limited

Natalia Bogorad, Head of Editorial


I really appreciate the speed and quality of work provided by Alconost team professionals. Thank you and keep rockin' !

Muse Group

Maria Protasova, Editor-in-Chief, Special Projects Manager @ Ultimate Guitar

Ekin Usumi’s review of Nitro’s 24-hour translation services

We used to work with freelance translators via a crowdsourcing platform, but the process was lengthy and complicated. With Nitro it’s easy for us to translate texts for our games into multiple languages simultaneously: we just copy the text, specify the languages needed, and receive our translated texts within 24 hours!


Ekin Usumi, Community manager


The communication with Alconost has been smooth, the delivery speedy, and the results flawless and consistent.


Michael Kasarda, Technical Writer


Alex Nichiporchik explains the decision to localize their game into Chinese: "China is a huge market. We have already recouped the localization costs. Our first sales event after completion of the localization project demonstrated that China is now one of our top markets for 'Punch Club.' Over the past two weeks we've had just as many sales in China as in the US.


Alex Nichiporchik, CEO

Emilio Clancy’s review of Nitro’s quick translation services

Nitro has been a fantastic service to use for my localization needs. The accuracy of the translations and the speed that I get them back is very convenient for my day-to-day work loads. Their support staff has also been very attentive to my experience and makes sure they do everything they can to make my user experience easier.

Ziggurat Interactive

Emilio Clancy, Associate Producer


The Alconost team is amazing to work with and so responsive. They are so nice to work with and very professional.

24 Hour Home Care

Catherine Rhebergen, Communications Manager


Fast, quick, and responsive to our changing requirements for various projects.


Marius Royal, Content and Community Manager


Working with Alconost is quick and easy. The workflow is customized, and we receive translations in a format that is convenient for us. When it comes to website localization, I recommend contacting Alconost. We have been satisfied with their service and will be contacting them again. I also appreciated their personal approach to clients.


Andrei Shelengovski, Marketing Manager


Alconost has an exceptional and highly skilled team that diligently and swiftly handles tasks with high attention to detail. We are delighted that we have successfully resolved the intricate multilingual structure of our website and other written materials. With a partner we have complete trust in, our confidence is unwavering!

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics

Radinka Danilov Sehovic, Marketing & Communication Expert


We are a global company and require high-quality translations in multiple languages. Alconost did an excellent job for us. Their communication was fast and convenient, and the translation quality was top-notch. We will definitely turn to Alconost again for our future projects.


Aleksandra Yakutovich, Product Manager


Working with Alconost has been a very positive experience. Our Project Manager is very helpful and quickly responds to our requests and questions. The translators are very thorough; they often ask questions and submit valid suggestions and feedback. The recurrent translation process we have in place has been working perfectly and saved us a lot of time.


Catarina Pinheiro, Director of Operations


I sincerely thank the Alconost team for their work translating Their professionalism, patience, and attention to detail throughout the process were impressive, and the final results were of the highest quality. I highly recommend Alconost to anyone seeking professional translation services and look forward to working with them again.



A team of professionals with whom it is always pleasant and convenient to work. Their approach to work and interaction processes instill confidence in the result.

Darksy OU

Aleksandr Kuzmin, Product Manager


With tight deadlines to release app updates, we could not ask for a better translation partner than Alconost. Reliable, accurate, fast, and willing to go above and beyond. We've never found better value for our money!

GoodMaps Inc

Caitlin Cambron, Director of Products & User Experience


I really enjoyed the collaboration that has been established from the very beginning of the localization process. The communication has been smooth and both translators and the project manager have proved to be attentive to all aspects of our software, from character limitations to glossary and stylistic guidelines.

HUB Parking Technology

Cristina Paglialunga, Localization Specialist


The translation team Alconost established for us was quick to grasp what the HUD App was about and since then, it's been a very straightforward and easy partnership for us. We know our app is unique, and we love working with Alconost because their team gets it. They have made offering our app to a worldwide audience as trouble-free as possible.

HUD Studio Ltd

Mikayla Robinson, Director of Marketing


We are happy how the processes are working with Alconost: smooth and flexible. We do recommend the company as your translation partner.

Keenetic GmbH

Evgeniya Remennik, Chief Commercial Officer


To be honest I was very surprised at the quality of the work considering the time and cost, I had heard that the value for money of the localization services was very good, but it was actually much better than I expected, I would definitely work with Alconost again, in fact I am recommending them to colleagues in the industry.

Maniac Panda Games

Javier Larumbe, CTO


Picking a localization service with a strong understanding of the games industry was critical for us, as the platform is used by a diverse range of game studios and their mod creators and players. Each of these have a different usage pattern, so catering for this is important, which Alconost understood and was able to deliver on.

Scott Reismanis, CEO & Co-Founder


We have had a positive experience working with Alconost thus far. Communication with the manager is straightforward and any issues are promptly addressed. The translation work is completed efficiently and we consistently rely on Alconost's services for new translation projects.

Onrizon Social Games

Helena Almeida, COO


Over the past few years of cooperation with Alconost, we have had absolutely no issues and always received translations within our preferred time frame. Communication is as simple as possible; Alconost fully takes care of all possible nuances that may arise during the translation process. We are very pleased with the cooperation. Keep it up!

Playwing Ltd.

Dmitry Kulaksidis, Technical Product & Operations Business Manager


Very professional and high quality work. The translation reflected the site's theme and the context of its use. I also ordered LQA and received clear and detailed comments with screenshots showing areas in need of further improvement. The process of communicating with Alconost was excellent — fully debugged in both directions. Clearly, a team of professionals is at work.


Aleksei Kuznetsov, CEO


Dedicated localization manager to help with any needs. Dedicated slack channel for easy communication. Customizable billing periods. Easy to communicate and receive feedback/questions from translators.

Soma Development Co.

David Kim, Business Development Manager


On several occasions, the team at Alconost have gone out of their way to deliver projects on time. They're also very transparent when setting expectations. It's a pleasure working with them!

Speakap Inc.

Nour Jane Kachicho, Content Marketing Manager


Pleasant and knowledgeable professionals. I liked the structure of the translation process from a technical point of view, especially work with the glossary. Native translators, skillful work with the program, and the ability to observe the process are definite advantages of Alconost.


Sergei Aleksandrov, Founder, CEO


You are a team of professionals, it is pleasant to work and get excellent results on time. My expectations from cooperation were fully justified. Thank you!

WinUnion Corp.

Dmitry Fitsner, Chief Business Development Officer


The localization of payment interfaces is one of the most important steps for a company entering a new market. Thanks to Alconost's assistance, the company was able to adapt its Xsolla payment interfaces for hundreds of different countries in the shortest possible time. The higher the quality of the translation, the faster users will be able to learn how to use the interface and the more purchases they will make. You cannot underestimate the importance of quality localization.


Konstantin Golubitsky, CTO


Who are your translators? How do you choose them?

Alconost's translators are native speakers who have localization experience. We have the following general requirements for our translators:

  • Native speaker of the target language.
  • At least two years’ experience localizing software or games.
  • At least 500,000 translated words during the course of their translation career.

Each translator performs a test translation of about 500 words. The test consists of the translation of software strings and a marketing text. The software strings consist of code, variables, and tags. We also check the creativity of the translation in the test jobs for game projects. We also pay attention to how the translator performs the assignment, including the speed of communication and compliance with deadlines.

Editors check each test. They use a "Translation Quality Index" to grade tests. This is a quality assessment model that was created by LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association). The approach is based on a quantitative assessment of errors: errors are divided into categories, and each error is weighted. Then the weighted total number of errors is subtracted from 100. The passing index at Alconost is 98.

If the translator passes the test, then we request feedback from other companies that have worked with them.

How do you control the quality of the translator's work?

After the translator joins Alconost, we check the first three assignments. If there are no mistakes, then we continue our cooperation. If the quality is low, then we correct these translations and no longer work with the translator.

In addition, during the course of our cooperation we perform spot checks on the translator's work. We also collect and analyze feedback from editors who perform proofreading at the client's request. These translations are also evaluated using a "translation quality index".

In addition, every month we interview clients for whom we have delivered translations. We ask them to evaluate the quality of our services on a ten-point scale and to provide comments. These surveys help us find weaknesses.

How can I be sure of the quality of your translation in advance?

When discussing the details of your project with your manager, you can request a free translation of a small sample text. After you receive the result, you will be able to independently evaluate the quality of the work and decide whether you would like to collaborate with us. Moreover, some clients request several test translations from multiple translators who work with us so that they can select the best one for their project. This can also be arranged.

What languages do you translate into?

We translate into more than 120 languages, including the most popular (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish), and rarer ones, and even dialects. If you would like to calculate the cost of your project, please, request a quote.

We can find a translator in almost any language that the client needs, depending on his product and goals. Sometimes localization into niche languages can offer better prospects than localization into mainstream languages.

In case some rare language is not on the list, we can help with searching and recruiting linguists.

Case studies

We have localized over 1,500 projects and produced 1,000+ videos. Let's make something special for you too!

Localization of Bandsintown app
  • Client: Bandsintown
  • Services: localization
  • Languages: FR, DE, IT, JA, PT, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 27 000 words
Learn more
Localization of Jooble
  • Client: Jooble
  • Services: Localization
  • Languages: ES, PT, KO, JA and 11 more
  • Volume: 10 000 words
Learn more
Localization of Xsolla products
  • Client: Xsolla
  • Services: Localization
  • Languages: FR, ES, JA, KO and 14 more
Learn more
Localization of Jetbrains' products Youtrack and Hub
  • Client: Jetbrains
  • Services: Localization and translation of marketing materials
  • Languages: JA, FR, ES, TH, PT-BR, ZH-CN
  • Volume: 20 000 words and counting
Localization of Microsoft MakeCode
  • Client: Microsoft Corporation
  • Services: Localization and linguistic QA
  • Languages: FR, JA, PT-PT, ZH-CN and 21 more
  • Volume: 48 000 words and counting
Localization of the Battletech game
  • Services: Linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Languages: RU, FR, ES, PT-BR, IT, ZH-CN, DE, PL
Localization of the Goat Simulator game
  • Services: Countinuous localization, proofreading, linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT and 8 more
  • Volume: 35 000 words
Localization of the Mahjong Treasure Quest game
  • Services: Countinuous localization, linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT and 5 more
  • Volume: 100 000 words
Localization of the Tamadog game
  • Services: Localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Languages: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, HI
Localization of Viber messenger
  • Services: Product localization, marketing translation
  • Developer/Publisher: Viber
  • Languages: RU
Learn more

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