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Opening for a Sales Manager

At Alconost, we localize (translate) software, mobile apps, games, and websites into more than seventy languages.

Our translators are native speakers living in a number of different countries.

Our clients are companies that create and sell software, websites, and games. They include Fortune 500 businesses alongside small indie companies.

Our company has been demonstrating sustainable growth during the past 15 years. That growth is supported by our Sales Team, which includes both Outbound and Inbound Sales Managers. We are looking for someone to join our Outbound Sales team.

As a rule, this will be a university graduate who is pleasant to deal with, who speaks English fluently and has the ability to conduct business correspondence in it, and preferably knows a second—and sometimes a third—foreign language. They will be polite and proactive at the same time, open-minded and goal-oriented, and not afraid to take responsibility. We are looking for someone who truly loves making connections, talking to people and writing inspiring letters, and who won’t be demotivated after hearing “No thanks” a hundred times or when they don’t get an answer after the hundredth follow-up.

Ideally, they will have experience in international Sales or Business development, and will be ready (and know what to do) to start selling from day one.

Since we work with software developers, a Sales Manager’s background is quite important. It’s great if they are interested in IT, have a general understanding of how product and service companies work and make money, what the product development cycle looks like, and how apps or games are built and sold in general. It’s also great if they know how to put an HTML page together, and understand what XML and JSON are.

That’s the kind of person we’re looking for right now: either someone who is already an experienced professional, or someone prepared to learn everything with our help.

If you have previous experience in international Sales, or if you studied technical subjects at university, but have a passion for foreign languages, or if you’re a linguist, but you dream of working cin IT, — then the job of Sales Manager may well be for you.

At Alconost we believe in a work-life balance. There’s a lot of serious work, but the timetable is flexible, and a Sales Manager is someone who knows how to manage their own workload. That does mean you’ll often need to be contactable on weekends and public holidays, but on the other hand you'll get plenty of time to attend to your own business during working days. The main thing is to get the priorities right and not to become a bottleneck in your clients’ business.

You will not be bound by strict KPIs, but at the same time your compensation will be fully dependent on your performance.

We mostly work remotely. Initially you’ll need to come into the office for training, but after that you can work from anywhere on the planet.

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