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Multilingual contextual advertising

We develop and support contextual advertising campaigns in multiple languages for Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and YouTube. For example, with our support, you can advertise your product in Canada in both English and French, using effective key phrases in these languages.

If your website has not been translated yet into the required language, we can create a localized landing page in this language and direct users here. We will set up conversion and e-commerce tracking, calculate ROI and cost per conversion (sorting the data, for example, by language) and deliver this to you in a clear format.

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Effective contextual advertising

How do you configure contextual advertising, and how is the conversion price determined in Google AdWords? Watch our video about how to buy contextual advertising on the cheap.

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Portfolio of our work (contextual advertising services)

How we work

You are placing an order for contextual advertising configuration services.

We develop and run advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and other contextual advertising services:

  • We study your product or service, market and competitors.
  • We create search campaigns (compile keywords, create ad groups, write ads) and Dynamic Search campaigns.
  • We create Display Network campaigns, social network campaigns and campaigns for mobile devices, and develop remarketing lists.
  • We set up an analytics tracking system using Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

During the process, we:

  • Follow your campaign statistics on a daily basis, analyzing web analytics data and putting together suggestions to improve your campaign's effectiveness.
  • Make updates: we test your ads and campaign setup, add new elements, delete ineffective ones, optimize bids, and conduct A/B testing on landing pages.
  • Do everything we can to make your campaigns more and more profitable.
  • Provide detailed reports on work carried out and campaign results.

Over the course of the work, you will have a single point of contact – your personal PPC specialist!

What our services cost

The Alconost Ads Project Managers responsible for contextual advertising campaigns pay close attention to each campaign on a daily basis. In our work, we use both our own know-how, developed in-house, and licenses from other companies. Combined with the wealth of experience we have built up and our smooth working processes, this allows us to create high-performing ad campaigns in short timescales.

While our specialists' rates are not cheap, we are confident we can offer you greater efficiency than using a member of your own staff. We have years of experience acquired through trial and error. When you work with us, you not only get our specialists' time; you also benefit from this wealth of experience.

You can pay for our services on a monthly basis, on the price plan that works for you. The plan you choose determines how much time is devoted to managing your campaigns. Each tariff plan is designed to promote one website in one language in one advertising system.

Price plan Discovery Evolution Conquest
Cost per month $200 $300 $400
Hours per month 5 8 12
Rate per hour $40 $37 $33

The PPC advertising cost includes campaign setup and maintenance, setting up analytics, and management of additional services. Additional services and localization are paid for separately, on a one-time basis. If you have difficulty choosing a plan, contact us and we'll help you develop a custom plan to fit your needs.

Additional services

Why Alconost Ads?

We are an international company with a huge portfolio, approaching our 10th birthday. The most important thing to us is our reputation and loyal clients.

Alconost Inc. is a certified Google partner and our specialists are constantly expanding their knowledge.

Extensive experience working on projects of different levels of complexity from different business areas enables us to find the best solutions for each client.

You can judge our work from our case studies and client feedback, as well as personal experience.

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