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Languages and rates

Localization and translation — pricing

We translate into over 70 languages. Select a source or target language to view our rates. If there is a language you need that is not listed, fill out our and we will locate a translator for your project.

The prices below are estimates. To get a binding quote for the cost of localization or translation send your material to or fill out our . Our team will respond within an hour.

Prices are given in US dollars per 1000 source characters (including spaces).

Please contact us to learn about our translation rates per word and per page.

There is an additional fee of 30% for rush orders.

A discount of 70% or more is provided for 100% matches and translations based on translation memory files (the translator checks the context of the strings that have been translated based on the translation memory).

Proofreading and editing — pricing

Prices are given in US dollars per 1, 000 source characters (including spaces).

Linguistic quality testing — pricing

Rates are shown in US $ per hour of work by a professional tester

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