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Crowdin + Alconost: a cloud-based translation management platform + an experienced team of native-speaker translators provides a service platform to project-manage the localization of your products. Alconost brings in our professional translators, editors, and project manager to do the rest of the work:

  • Setting up a team of professional translators;
  • Bringing in qualified editors;
  • Coordinating the work and payments for the team;
  • Carrying out quality control;
  • Providing ongoing, long-term project support (translation updates).

How it works

When you work with Alconost, you get a single “point of contact” — you liaise with one localization project manager responsible for your project. The process works like this:

  1. You create the project in Crowdin and upload the files for translation.
  2. You send a request to your Alconost project manager (select your project — Project Settings — Translators — Invite Professional Translators) and grant them access to the files.
  3. The project manager gets acquainted with your project, asks questions, and assembles a team of translators and editors.
  4. Once the project manager has studied your project, they send you a detailed calculation of the time frame and cost of the work.
  5. When everything has been agreed, work on the project begins: the project manager allocates tasks to translators (assigns them via the Crowdin project), brings in editors, monitors deadlines, and provides quality control.
  6. If translators have questions, they can ask them on the platform itself; the questions and your answers will be visible to the whole project team.
  7. Once all the strings have been translated, the project manager brings in editors to check over them with “another pair of eyes”.
  8. The completed translations can be exported manually or automatically using the API.
  9. Once you have integrated the localized strings into your product, Alconost testers check how accurately the interface is displayed in each language version.
  10. For projects with a cost of less than $1,000, we accept payment after project completion. If the cost exceeds $1,000, payment is made in installments. We accept a variety of payment methods and you can .
  11. As you update your product in future, Alconost provides ongoing updated translations of your string resources.

Continuous localization

For projects that are constantly evolving, with new lines of text added on an ongoing basis, the working process and payments are simplified (one monthly payment). The same team assigned to the project handles all the updates.

Translation memory and glossary

A translation memory and glossary are built up for every project. This allows translators to be added to the team or replaced, if necessary, without affecting the quality of the translation or the consistency of the terminology.

Linguistic quality testing

Linguistic quality testing is a way of checking whether the interface is displayed correctly in the different language versions of the operating system, line lengths are optimal, and the translation matches the context. The cost of LQT is calculated on an hourly basis. Linguistic quality testing is an integral part of the localization process, and we recommend LQT always be carried out once translation and proofreading are complete.

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