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Software localization services for global products

Seamless localization of software, apps, games, websites, and other materials

  • 100+ languages
  • Mais de 1500 projetos de localização no portfólio
  • Quality-centric approach
  • Tailored processes and integrations
Pedir localização Traduzir numa plataforma self-service
  • Professional localization platforms, API, and tools for a streamlined localization process
  • All resource file types, customized connectors and integrators for your system or proprietary file formats
  • Continuous localization for frequent updates — localization and development never stop
  • On-demand localization testing, proofreading, audio and video localization

Professional localization of various software types


Computer software and SaaS localization

We have expertise in localizing various software types, directly in your CMS, files, or on a dedicated platform


Mobile software localization

We have experience in mobile app localization and translation of mobile software


Localization of technical documentation

We can help translate technical documents for your software and set up continuous updates

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Here’s how our typical software localization process looks like

This process is valid for ~80% of our localization projects. If it doesn’t fully fit your task, let’s discuss it and design your own localization workflow!

É enviado um pedido preliminar
Write to us at or submit a preliminary order form along with links to your cloud project and the product.
É atribuído um gestor de projeto
O gestor de projeto é responsável por preparar o glossário e o orçamento, por acompanhar as datas de entrega, e por ajudar ao longo do projeto.
Os tradutores começam a trabalhar
O gestor de projeto reúne uma equipa com os melhores linguístas para o projeto.
O contexto é discutido
A comunicação acontece na plataforma de nuvem; a memória de tradução e o glossário garantem a consistência da tradução.
A revisão é feita por um tradutor independente, que verifica possíveis erros e garante a precisão da tradução.
Localização contínua
É compilada uma versão localizada do conteúdo
Essa fase ocorre após a transferência do texto localizado a partir da plataforma de localização, ou diretamente na plataforma através da funcionalidade de compilação automática por CLI (interface de linha de comandos).
A localização é testada
O controlo de qualidade da localização garante que o texto traduzido aparece corretamente.
Eliminação de erros menores
As correções são feitas imediatamente ou reportadas diretamente aos desenvolvedores no formulário de erros.
São adicionadas novas linhas de texto
Pedir localização

All-in-one software localization services

Software localization testing

Depois de compilada a versão traduzida da app, um especialista em localização faz um teste na versão local correspondente do sistema operativo. During linguistic testing, the tester takes screenshots of problem areas (untranslated text, strings that go off-screen, wrong encoding or text direction, wrong context) and works with the developer to make changes to the resource files. If you have already translated your app yourself or through an outside provider, you can still use our linguistic testing service. Learn more about our localization testing services or request a quote.

Translation of small texts

Over time you will accumulate new articles, case studies, news, and press releases, and these too will need to be translated. For translating this kind of textual content, try Nitro — an online professional translation service. This service can also be useful for technical support, when clients need a response in their native language. We designed Nitro especially for text translation online within just a few hours, without the need for managers or excessive correspondence. Just register with Nitro, so that you’ll be able to place an order in minutes when the need arises.

Localization of audio and video

Alconost Video creates videos about software, online services, and websites — but we do more than that. Our team localizes video and audio content as well. If your project needs voice-overs in a new language — or you need to localize — we know exactly how to get it done.

Localization languages and rates

Traduzimos para mais de 100 idiomas, incluindo os mais populares (Inglês, Chinês, Japonês, Alemão, Francês, Espanhol), para os mais raros, e até mesmo para dialectos.

Podemos encontrar um tradutor para quase todos os idiomas necessários para o cliente, consoante o produto e os objetivos. Às vezes, a localização em idiomas de nicho pode oferecer melhores perspetivas do que a localização em idiomas convencionais. Please, request a quote to get an estimate of your project.

Caso algum idioma raro não esteja na lista, podemos ajudar na procura e na contratação de linguistas.

Choose the most convenient way to get your professional translation


Localization: full-cycle service

We recommend choosing this option if you have a large project, and possibly plan to regularly update it.

  • Native speaking professional linguists only
  • Cloud-based localization process
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Custom integrations on demand
Get a quote

Nitro: fast quality translation

Nitro, our online translation platform, is the perfect match for you if you need translation or proofreading done within hours, and prefer a self-service option.

  • Native speaking professional linguists only
  • Self-service platform
  • Fast turnaround: 2-24 hours
  • No monthly fee — pay as you go
Translate via Nitro

Nitro API: speed up updates

Automate the whole content localization process and get your translations delivered directly to your CMS via our Nitro API. We also work with other translation APIs on request.

  • Native speaking professional linguists only
  • Fast turnaround: 2-24 hours
  • Automated translation delivery
  • No monthly fee — pay as you go
Get translation API

Professional software localization tools and translation management platforms (TMSs)

Crowdin — our first-choice localization platform

Cloud-based translation platform Crowdin allows localization projects to be managed in real time. You can:

  • Upload string resources in any format (.resx, .po, .strings, etc.) either manually or through the API
  • Appoint translators and editors
  • Track the translation and editing process for your project
  • Leave comments and discuss questions directly with the translators and editors
  • Create glossaries
  • Manage the translation memory
  • Export string resources once the translation is complete

We also work on other localization platforms, such as GitLocalize, Phrase, Lokalise, Memsource, Memoq, Smartcat, Webtranslateit, Transifex, OneSky, POEditor, Trados, and many more.

How our software localization management works

With Alconost, your localization project will be run by a dedicated project manager, who:

  • Studies your material and the specific features of the text in depth
  • Agrees on the price, taking repetitions into consideration
  • Chooses a team of translators and editors with the necessary specialisms
  • Controls deadlines
  • Takes care of quality, formatting and consistency of the completed translations
  • Maintains the glossary and translation memory
  • Organizes linguistic testing
  • Prepares all the accompanying documents required (agreement, invoice, PO)
  • Is available practically 24/7 to answer any of your questions

Your Project Manager is your “single point of contact”, who you can resolve all your questions with regarding the project. If your Project Manager becomes unavailable for some reason, another Manager will replace them straight away at the same address.

We have approximately 700 professional native-speaker translators in our team, with a broad range of specialisms. We always try to assign one or several dedicated translators to your project and work specifically with these translators on a continuous basis. This is useful if you have a large project that is periodically updated, you need to use consistent terminology, or you simply like a particular translator's style. If the translator changes for some reason, they will hand over the glossary and translation memory to the new translator to ensure consistency of terminology and style in future updates.

Translation memories and glossary

Translation memory is a database that stores the translation of each segment of text. It allows you to automatically translate repeated words, phrases and sentences.

Translation memory allows you to:

  • Increase the performance of the translation team
  • Ensure consistency of terminology across a whole project
  • Improve the quality of translation
  • Change translators partway through
  • Save time translating repetitions

Each client’s account has its own, confidential translation memory. All data is stored completely securely. A glossary is a special dictionary with definitions, translations and usage examples for terms used in a text. This dictionary can be imported into an automatic translation tool to expedite the translation process and ensure consistency of terminology across one or more texts. A glossary makes it possible to assign several translators to a project and change translators around during the process if necessary.


Do you need help with localizing your software?

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Estudos de caso

Localizámos mais de 1500 projetos e produzimos mais de 1000 vídeos. Vamos fazer algo especial para si também!

tik-tok Localization of the TikTok app
  • Client: TikTok
  • Serviços: Localization and reviewing by the second linguist
  • Idiomas: AR, NL, FI, FR, EL and 10 more
  • Volume: about 150 000 words
bandsintown Localization of Bandsintown app
  • Client: Bandsintown
  • Serviços: localização
  • Idiomas: FR, DE, IT, JA, PT, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 27 000 words
dacadoo Localization of Dacadoo
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer/Publisher: dacadoo
  • Idiomas: English → Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Thai, French (Canada)
  • Volume: 100 000+ words
discourse Discourse
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc
  • Idiomas: PT, FR, SP, IT, JA, AR, DE, ZH-CN, FI
  • Volume: 55 000 words
github Translation of GitHub guides and materials
  • Client: GitHub
  • Serviços: Translation, proofreading
  • Idiomas: Japonês
  • Volume: 80 000 words and counting
harvest-land-paris-city-adventure Harvest Land, Paris: City Adventure
  • Serviços: Localization, Editing
  • Developer/Publisher: MysteryTag
  • Idiomas: EN, FR, ZH, DE, JA, KO, PT, ES
  • Volume: 100 000+ words
hotel-life Hotel Life
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: Eidolon LLC
  • Idiomas: EN, PL, KO, IT, JA, FR, ES-ES, PT-BR, DE, LV
  • Volume: 12 000 words
jooble Localization of Jooble
  • Client: Jooble
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Idiomas: ES, PT, KO, JA and 11 more
  • Volume: 10 000 words
killshotbravo Localization of Kill Shot Bravo
  • Serviços: Localização contínua
  • Developer / Publisher: HotHead Games
  • Idiomas: JA, FR, ES, zh-CN and 10 more
  • Volume: 10 000 words and counting
klondike-the-lost-expedition Localization of Klondike: The Lost Expedition
  • Serviços: Localização contínua
  • Developer / Publisher: Vizor Interactive
  • Idiomas: FR, ES, ZH-CN, JA and 7 more
makecode Localization of Microsoft MakeCode
  • Client: Microsoft Corporation
  • Serviços: Localization and linguistic QA
  • Idiomas: FR, JA, PT-PT, ZH-CN and 21 more
  • Volume: 48 000 words and counting
my-cafe Localization of MyCafe
  • Serviços: Continuous localization, linguistic QA, translation of marketing materials
  • Developer / Publisher: Melsoft / Wargaming
  • Idiomas: FR, ES, PT-BR, KO and 6 more
  • Volume: 400 000 words and counting
zombie-castaways Localization of the Zombie Castaways game
  • Serviços: Countinuous localization
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Idiomas: DE, IT, FR, ES
  • Volume: 100 000 words
viber Localization of Viber messenger
  • Serviços: Product localization, marketing translation
  • Developer/Publisher: Viber
  • Idiomas: RU
xsolla Localization of Xsolla products
  • Client: Xsolla
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Idiomas: FR, ES, JA, KO and 14 more
movavi Movavi
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading, Editing
  • Developer / Publisher: Movavi Software Limited
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, JA, KO, TR, PL, DE, IT, ES-ES, FR, IN, PT-BR, NL, SV, DA, EL, NO, RO, HE, HU, TH, AR, CS, PT-PT
  • Volume: 100 000+ words
parimatch Parimatch
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: Parimatch
  • Idiomas: FR-FR, FR-CA, DE, HI, IT, JA, PL, PT-BR, PT-PT, ES-MX, ES-ES, TR
  • Volume: 200 000+ words
petcube Petcube site localization
  • Client: Petcube
  • Serviços: localização
  • Idiomas: KO, FR, HE, RO, Pt, NL
planner-5d Planner 5D
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: Planner 5D
  • Idiomas: AR, FR, JA, RU, ZH-TW, ZH-CN, DE, PT-BR, PT-PT, ES-ES, ES-MX, IT, DA, ID, KO, NO, TR, NL, LT, PL, SV, VI, EL, MS, TH
  • Volume: 20 000 words
sum-and-substance Sum & Substance
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Sum & Substance Ltd.
  • Idiomas: AR, BN, MY, ZH-TW, ZH-CN, CS, FL, FR, DE, HI, HU, ID, IT, JA, KM, KO, LO, MS, PT-BR, PT-PT, RO, RU, SK, ES-ES, TH, UK, UR, VI
  • Volume: 7 000 words
swoo Swoo
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: CARDSMOBILE B.V.
  • Idiomas: ES, IT, PT
  • Volume: 30 000 words
airalo Airalo
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: Airalo
  • Idiomas: AR, ZH-CN, FR, DE, EL, HE, HI, IT, JA, CS, KO, PL, PT-BR, RU, ES, TH, TR, UK, FIL
  • Volume: 20 000 words
appewa Appewa
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer / Publisher: Lithium Lab Pte LTD.
  • Idiomas: NO, ES-ES, ES-MX, SV, HU, RO, DE, FR, IT, TH, VI, AR, CS, HE, KO, PL, SK, ZH-CN, PT-BR
  • Volume: 100+
apptweak Apptweak
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer / Publisher: Apptweak
  • Idiomas: JA, KO, ZH-CN, FR
  • Volume: 100 000 words
battletech Localization of the Battletech game
  • Serviços: Linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Idiomas: RU, FR, ES, PT-BR, IT, ZH-CN, DE, PL
charm-farm Localization of Charm Farm Game
  • Serviços: localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Nevosoft
  • Idiomas: PT-BR, NL, FR, DE, JA, PL, ES
  • Volume: 100 000 words
clash-of-kings Proofreading of in-game text for Clash of Kings
  • Serviços: Proofreading, editing
  • Developer / Publisher: Elex Tech
  • Idiomas: Inglês
  • Volume: 25 000 words
clue Localization of Clue mobile app
  • Client: Clue
  • Serviços: localização contínua
  • Idiomas: AR, FR, DA, DE, ES, HI, IT, JA, KO, PL, PT-BR, RU, TR, ZH-CN, ZH-TW
  • Volume: 70 000 words
darklings Localization of Darklings
  • Serviços: localization, LQA
  • Developer/Publisher: MildMania
  • Idiomas: JA, ZH, ES, RU, IT, FR, DE, PT, KO
  • Volume: 1 000 words
dreamcommerce Localization of DreamCommerce Platform
  • Client: DreamCommerce
  • Serviços: localização
  • Idiomas: NL, TR
ecocity Localization of the EcoCity game
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Nevosoft
  • Idiomas: EN, FR, DE, PT-BR, ES, JA, NL,PL
  • Volume: 100 words
forced-showdown Localization of the Forced Showdown game
  • Serviços: Countinuous localization
  • Developer/Publisher: BetaDwarf
  • Idiomas: ES, IT, FR, RU, DE
  • Volume: 10 000 words
goat-simulator Localization of the Goat Simulator game
  • Serviços: Countinuous localization, proofreading, linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT and 8 more
  • Volume: 35 000 words
grand-hotel-mania Grand Hotel Mania
  • Serviços: Localization, Continuous localization, Proofreading, Editing
  • Developer / Publisher: Deuscraft
  • Idiomas: EN, AR, DA, NI, FI, FR, DE, TH, HI, ID, IT, JA, KO, NO, RU, PL, PT, IS, SV, ZH-CN, ZH-TW
  • Volume: 100 000 words
harvardcs50 Localization of online courses for Harvard University
  • Client: Harvard University
  • Serviços: Translation of course materials and subtitles
  • Idiomas: Arabic, Spanish
  • Volume: 200 000 words and counting
idle-simulator Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer/Publisher: Black Caviar Games
  • Idiomas: En, FR, IT, DE, PT-BR, ES-MX, ES-EU
  • Volume: 2 000 words
jetbrains Localization of Jetbrains' products Youtrack and Hub
  • Client: Jetbrains
  • Serviços: Localization and translation of marketing materials
  • Idiomas: JA, FR, ES, TH, PT-BR, ZH-CN
  • Volume: 20 000 words and counting
klondike Klondike mobile
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: VIZOR APPS LTD.
  • Idiomas: DE, ES, IT, FR, PL, NL, JA, KO, ZH, PT
  • Volume: 50 000 words
liferay Localization of Liferay Platform
  • Client: Liferay Inc.
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, JA, PT-BR, ES and 9 more
  • Volume: 50 000 words and counting
nextstop Localization of Next Stop
  • Serviços: localization, proofreading
  • Developer/Publisher: Ladia Group
  • Idiomas: FR, DE, EN, JA
  • Volume: 7 500 words
smarty-crm Localization of Smarty CRM platform
  • Client: Clouds Technologies
  • Serviços: localização
  • Idiomas: ES, PT-BR
  • Volume: 9 000 words
targetprocess Localization of Targetprocess platform
  • Client: Targetprocess
  • Serviços: localização
  • Idiomas: EN, FR, DE, ES, PT-BR, RU
  • Volume: 17 000 words
mahjong-treasure-quest Localization of the Mahjong Treasure Quest game
  • Serviços: Countinuous localization, linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT and 5 more
  • Volume: 100 000 words
minion-masters Localization of the Minion Masters game
  • Serviços: Countinuous localization
  • Developer/Publisher: BetaDwarf
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, FR, DE, IT, RU, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 20 000 words
outpost-zero Localization of the Outpost Zero game
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, FR, DE, JA, KO, RU, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 8 000 words
party-hard Localization of the Party Hard game
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, KO, JA, FR, DE, RU and 3 more
  • Volume: 12 000 words
stellaris Localization of the Stellaris game
  • Serviços: Linguistic quality assurance
  • Developer/Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Idiomas: FR, DE, RU
street-of-rogue Localization of the Streets of Rogue game
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: tinyBuild Games
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, FR, DE, KO, RU, PT-BR, ES
  • Volume: 8 000 words
tamadog Localization of the Tamadog game
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Vizor Games
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, HI
valentinesday Localization of Valetines Day
  • Serviços: localização
  • Developer/Publisher: MyPlayCity
  • Idiomas: DE, FR, IT, ES, PT-BR
meisterplan Meisterplan
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer/Publisher: itdesign
  • Idiomas: ES, FR, DE
  • Volume: 74 500 words
pillow Pillow
  • Serviços: Localization, Proofreading
  • Developer / Publisher: Neybox
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, ZH-TW, CZ, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, PT-BR, RU, ES, TR, PL
  • Volume: 100 000+ words
prequel-app Prequel App
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Prequel Inc.
  • Idiomas: ID, ZH, PT, ES, KO, TR, FR, JA, DE, IT, AR
  • Volume: 20 000+ words
punch-club Punch Club localization
  • Serviços: localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Tiny Build
  • Idiomas: ZH-CN, PL
  • Volume: 20 000 words
soundiiz Soundiiz
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer / Publisher: BRICKOFT
  • Idiomas: AR, ZH-CN, DA, NL, DE, IT, JA, NO, PL, PT-BR, RU, ES, SV, TR
  • Volume: 15 000+ words
the-hotel-project-merge-game The Hotel Project: Merge Game
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Developer/Publisher: Next Epic
  • Idiomas: PT-BR
  • Volume: 5 012 words
aviasales Localization of Aviasales, Jetradar и Hotellook's websites
  • Client: Jetradar
  • Serviços: localization, LQA
  • Idiomas: FR, ES, DE
  • Volume: 100 000 words
bitrix24site Localization of Bitrix24 website
  • Client: Bitrix24
  • Serviços: Localização
  • Idiomas: ES, PT-BR, JA, ZH-CN and 11 more
  • Volume: 100 000 words and counting

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