Localization of Dr.Explain into eight European languages and updating the help system

Indigo Byte Systems, LLC is a Russian developer of software and technology for the automated documentation of software products.

The company's best-known product is the Dr.Explain application. This program helps to automate the time-consuming process of creating help documentation, simplifies the export of documentation into the most popular help system formats, and offers advanced capabilities for working with graphical elements.


  • Localization of the software interface into major European languages
  • Creation of multilingual pages describing the application on the product's website
  • Processing and updating the large body of help documentation for Dr.Explain.

Nature of the project

The help system documentation was translated and edited directly in the Dr.Explain editor, which required translators to know how to use the program. The Alconost project manager not only took responsibility for communications and submitted materials, but he also helped the translators to learn the basic skills that are needed to work with Dr.Explain.

Professional translators who are native speakers of the language worked on the translation of the software interface. It was a key requirement that translators know XML/HTML markup.

Projects to translate the interface into eight languages were conducted simultaneously. The customer was freed from having to constantly monitor the progress of work, and he remained minimally involved.

One of the main criteria for assessing the quality of the work was the cohesiveness of the entire structure and formatting of the resulting documentation.


  • Complete localization of Dr.Explain into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Dutch
  • The structure of the help documentation was simplified and made more comprehensible, and new sections and important topics were added
  • The amount of foreign traffic was increased. The conversion rate from these countries (Italy, Germany, France, and Latin America) increased as a result, and the client was able to recoup the cost of product localization very quickly;
  • Additional work to translate help documentation into the main European languages.

Denis Zhuravlev, CEO of Indigo Byte Systems:

"The main reason why we have chosen to work with Alconost over the last several years is the peace of mind that they give us. When we work on new versions of a product, we no longer even think about localization and translation issues. We just send them our string resources or documents for translation, and we get back excellent-quality translations into eight languages with a quick turnaround.

We do not need to waste time seeking out and selecting individual translators, testing them, rechecking the quality of their work, describing the product to them, trying to fit our project into their busy schedule, and worrying about whether they are on vacation, sick or suffering from a hangover. We do not have to concern ourselves with any of that!

Alconost handles all the fuss themselves. They then send us the desired result on request. This saves a lot of time and nerves. It helps us to focus on the development of our product. They are such nice and smart guys who have given us many ideas for how to develop our business!"

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