Copywriting and translation of the app description, articles, and press release for the Helper app

Helper is an application where each user can seek advice from experienced and knowledgeable people, and each consultant is allowed to help others and make money in the process. The service provides a special affiliate network where users can find answers to questions in their personal and professional lives, including in cooking, fashion, repair, education, and many other areas.

As a result, the user can receive prompt personal assistance, and the consultant receives a financial reward for their work.

The developer of Helper, Helper Advisors, contacted Alconost, which they asked to write a description of the application, articles, and a press release in Russian, English, and Brazilian Portuguese.

In order to correctly describe the specific functionality of the application, the copywriter and translators actively communicated with the customer. The customer wanted to address users of the product in as simple and clear terms as possible, so the texts focused on situations where Helper could prove useful.

In the developer's estimation, the main users of the application are most probably housewives who need to contact various professionals about dozens of household issues. It was also necessary to attract the interest of potential consultants who could help users. Alconost prepared several articles that were addressed to each target audience as well as a general press release for the media. A professional copywriter together with native speaker translators prepared the texts.

We hope that Helper, which we have tried to spread the word about, will help many users save time on finding specialists as well as allow professionals to receive a decent reward for their work.

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